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  1. maryann ns

    Best shopping in Canadian ports?

    I live near the former home for Seagull Pewter. It was sold to a company from Asia and it no longer makes pewter here. However, the former owner of Seagull is the owner of Basic Spirit which you may see at the shops at or near the cruise port.
  2. maryann ns

    Prince Edward Island port

    PEI information The above gives you some information I have gathered over the years. The ship docks in Charlottetown which is a considerable distance from Green Gables and the park but it is an easy drive. Here is one of so many possible routes you could take: route
  3. maryann ns

    How is KLM airlines economy flights ?

    We actually did not connect, but stayed over in Amsterdam. But Schiphol Airport is very well organized.
  4. maryann ns

    Anyone sailed with Southern Explorations?

    The best place for information for Antarctica is the forum on Trip Advisor. Check the FAQs on the top right of the main page. Antarctic Adventures forum
  5. maryann ns

    Pandaw Vietnam & Cambodia

    I totally agree about the land tour, especially for Cambodia. It is very easy to organize yourself. Prices are low and there are lots of hotels and restaurants. Check on Trip Advisor. On our own we visited Siem Reap (5 nights - could have been more), Phnom Penh (2); Myanmar (13 nights in Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Hsipaw); and Vietnam (16 nights in Hanoi (3), on a junk in Halong Bay (2), Hue (3), Hoi An (6)) and I bet we spent no than on a river cruise. If you can find me on Trip Advisor (same name and Avatar) send me a message with your email address and I will send you our itinerary.
  6. maryann ns

    How is KLM airlines economy flights ?

    We flew KLM from Toronto to Amsterdam, then to Tanzania, from Cape Town to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam back to Toronto. All were fine except the first one (Toronto to Amsterdam) which was on a 747 with less legroom than the usual if you can believe that. Connecting in Amsterdam is easy.
  7. maryann ns

    One day in Halifax

    If you wish a plain steamed or boiled lobster then any place is good. Murphy's is a restaurant for tourists right on the waterfront, but since it has a large volume the lobster should be fresh (not hanging around in the tank for days.) For Peggy's Cove there is a take out truck which cooks fresh lobster to order. That is a great way to have it rather than at the huge, touristy Sou'wester Restaurant.
  8. Check out repositioning cruises on ships which spend the southern summer in Antarctica and the northern summer in the high arctic. This year we are going on G Adventures ship Expedition which has a trip starting in Bergen and going in and out the coast all the way up to Longyearbyen. All excursions, including the Flam railway, are included. https://www.gadventures.com/trips/norwegian-fjords-arctic-discovery/XVBLNX/ http://www.traveltothepoles.com/arc-ships.html
  9. maryann ns

    Get me excited!!

    You may find the information below helpful for Halifax, Sydney, and PEI. Halifax Sydney Prince Edward Island
  10. We are taking this trip. I think it goes to all the places mentioned. We have been on the same ship to the Antarctic and it was a top notch experience in every way. It costs more than some cruises, but it includes all excursions and because it is an expedition ship there is a wonderful professional staff to provide education and background to the experience. The excursions on zodiacs are special too. https://www.gadventures.com/trips/norwegian-fjords-arctic-discovery/XVBLNX/
  11. maryann ns

    One day in Halifax

    For some up to date Halifax information for cruisers check this out: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BjAtDscML-9Ce3VWUUsOrsVhPL7KIxb7Go_9SRi82dE/edit
  12. This doc outlines the route towards Cape Breton Highlands National Park: Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for Cruise Visitors I have added a map showing the drive to Keltic Lodge in Ingonish Beach which is at the entrance to the park. You would need to allow over four hours for this so you could barely do it with six hours in port.
  13. maryann ns

    20 September 2018 cruise

    Your walk to the cemetery where the Titanic victims are buried would have taken about an hour: https://goo.gl/maps/c3s47aTVKpA2 To help others here is a good resource for Halifax: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BjAtDscML-9Ce3VWUUsOrsVhPL7KIxb7Go_9SRi82dE/edit
  14. maryann ns

    donair: your fav place halifax/st john

    Be careful to heed the warnings at Peggy's Cove. The warning about wet rocks is about rogue waves hitting them. You do not want to be near the ocean and especially rocks wet by the sea.
  15. maryann ns

    donair: your fav place halifax/st john

    This is a list of the best donair places as decided by a poll by a local newspaper: https://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/best-donair/BestOf?oid=10344910 The particular sauce for our donair was developed in Halifax but there are now a few places elsewhere in Canada.