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  1. If you want an active trip then look at GAdventures and their ship Expedition. We took this in 2019 starting in Bergen and ending in Longyearbyen. All excursions were included and most days there was a choice. Some were very strenuous but there were always alternatives. This included the Flam railway and trips into several fjords. We had a bus tour of the Lofotens while the ship sailed. The ship is small (130 passengers.) The food is decent and the ambiance is wonderful. We also took this shop to Antarctica. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BRKwN8VuTzvSHn-wcnnxdGnSdzlnhCNuorbQle9q4IM/edit?usp=sharing
  2. If you rent a car in Halifax you can see a couple other lighthouses besides the one at Peggy's Cove. Check out the ones at Sambro Harbour Chebucto Head This article includes a map. Here are some more though some are too far away. Nova Scotia Lighthouse drone project For Sydney check out the lighthouse at Louisbourg and perhaps others on the map in the first link. Here is more information about these two ports including car rental information: Halifax Sydney
  3. I have never heard of tea at the Citadel and googling it turns up nothing but cruise excursions. There is lots in Halifax of interest to kids, including the Citadel. Here is a link for more information about Halifax. There is no need for an expensive ships tour.
  4. Yes, moose are almost gone from mainland Nova Scotia. They are still in Cape Breton but not close to where you can get from Sydney. Newfoundland would be a better bet.
  5. I have lived in Nova Scotia for seven+ decades and never seen a moose in the wild. Perhaps visit the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park outside of Halifax. You would need to rent a car. Halifax information
  6. What excursion is this? A ship's excursion? Check out these sites for more information for Halifax: Halifax cruise information https://www.novascotia.com/see-do/tours/blue-shark-fishing-charters/2329 https://www.novascotia.com/see-do/tours/a-m-sea-charters/2317 The two companies above operate from the other side of Halifax Harbour. You could possibly take a taxi there or take the Woodside ferry and a taxi. Contact the companies for more information. There are some boat tours available at Peggy's Cove but they may not include fishing. Here is a general list for the whole of Nova Scotia: https://www.novascotia.com/see-do/tours#Region=0&Community=0&Filters=BoatsToursCharters&View=Grid&Page=1&IncludeArea=1
  7. Here is some information for Sydney. In late May, Louisbourg will not be fully animated so consider going there the next time. (I know you will fall in love with Cape Breton and want to return!)
  8. In case you decide not to take a ship's cruise here is some information for Sydney, Halifax, and a bit of information for PEI.
  9. You can pretty well judge the suitability of the timing of a cruise by the cost compared to the same cruise at different times. June can be fine but be prepared for fog when close to the water as the air is warmer than the ocean.
  10. That is a bit late but there should be some leaves left. Further south than Nova Scotia you may be too late.
  11. The best bet for fall colours is the second week of October. Hurricane Dorian ripped off many leaves but the second week of October (and into the third) was still the best.
  12. Here is some information for cruise visitors to Halifax and Sydney Nova Scotia: Halifax Sydney And for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Quebec City is a very popular port and many ships stay there overnight.
  13. This year, as is typical, the second week of October was good for fall colours in Nova Scotia (Halifax, Sydney.) Some lingered into the third week. September is too early for that.
  14. I am not a New Brunswick expert but with an overnight in Saint John I would rent a car and explore the Bay of Fundy. Try posting on the Trip Advisor forum for New Brunswick.
  15. A prime consideration could be how much time you have in port. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
  16. Thanks for this, DragonOfTheSeas. It is now added to our compilation document of information for Sydney Cruise Visitors.
  17. Yes it has been mentioned quite a few times: See towards the end of this document with information for cruise visitors to Halifax.
  18. For sure visit Montreal before or after your cruise. Meanwhile if you have nothing further to see in Quebec, rent a car and tour around Ile D'orleans. If you have done that drive further north into the Charlevoix area including the lovely town of Baie Saint Paul. Go on the Quebec forum on Trip Advisor for more help. Map Baie Saint Paul has a lot of artists and galleries and some good bistros, microbreweries, etc.
  19. You want to be around the Bay of Fundy, near its mouth, so Saint John and Bar Harbor would be closest. I think for Saint John the excursions go out of St. Andrews. New Brunswick tourism site Bay of Fundy whale watching information Some reviews
  20. Here is some information for Halifax and Sydney .
  21. Another company often mentioned is Enterprise. This document for cruise visitors to Sydney should give you more information.
  22. Saint John is in New Brunswick. St. John's is in Newfoundland. Toms Port Guides (google them) have a guide for Saint John but not St. John's.
  23. The Westin is the closest hotel. You can read about getting to the airport here: The hotel should also help you with this.
  24. This document has ideas for Halifax where you can stay walk around on your own with plenty to see and do.
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