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  1. In April we were in 8103. Loved the height for the balcony view but it is under the Lido. Normally this is not a problem but 8103 has a fire door in the passageway between it and the next cabin forward. This means there is also a fire door above in the Lido. The fire door has a pronounced threshold. Every time a crew member pushed a cart across it in the Lido, the noise was quite loud in the cabin. If you are a light sleeper, I would avoid 8103. We were in it for 28 days.
  2. Looking forward to it! On our last cruise, the two piano guys played "Highway to ...". I was shocked, the crowd loved it. A few nights later they played " Shook me all night long". Never thought we would hear AC/DC on a HAL cruise. The only thing constant is change. Can't wait for our next cruise. Hopefully, they will bring this in fleet wide.
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