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  1. Finally received our refund today for March cruise (NCL cancelled), "only" took 108 days and lots of stressful phone calls. Very relieved to have that over with, now to figure out what to do with our worthless cruise next certs!
  2. Our credit card (which we don't use right now) expired in the middle of all of this; finally reached the right people that could help fix it; as of yesteday the very helpful (for once) NCL rep stated we went from "pending" to "OK" so should be getting it soon; I feel hopeful but who knows! We did book with a TA that is very difficult to communicate with right now so don't know if that slowed things up, we applied for refund on 3/23 (cruise paid for Nov 2019). We have friends that applied for refund in April and received theirs last week.
  3. Thanks! Trying to talk to a supervisor, so messed up
  4. Yes got the confirmation email long ago but when I saw that weird email I mentioned above I have had a bad feeling that something was messed up; I did file a credit card dispute but haven't heard anything on that, we paid so long ago (in November) not sure if that will work out. 😧
  5. Wow thanks so much for posting this VERY glad you got your refund; this info shows me I have to fight harder with NCL; we applied for refund on 3/23, cancelled cruise date was 3/22. Guess their refund "system" is more messed up than I thought.
  6. Day 90 surprise no refund but did receive email that they refunded 21.52 to a charge account that is not even ours, 1st phone call our full refund to correct card is being processed (that was about a week ago); second phone call yesterday no help at all but agent read from the "script" 3 times that 90 days doesn't include weekends and holidays (no one said that in the beginning), so sick of NCL, no one can answer the $21.52 mystery. So sorry we still have 2 cruise next in our account probably never to be used. Very frustrated with NCL right now. We received our refund from Celebrity in 5 weeks.
  7. We booked through a travel agent (VERY hard to reach the agency right now); finally heard from someone but were only able to get extension (for September cruise) to June 30th; thanks for posting more positive experiences, think I will try to push it further!
  8. Requested refund from NCL on 3/23 for 3/22 Dawn, still nothing, requested refund from Celebrity on 3/25 for April cruise refund received on 5/6 so yes definitely feel that other lines are doing better.
  9. Received refund yesterday 5/6 from Celebrity for cancelled 4/12 Edge sailing, requested refund on 3/25; since we had not paid the charge bill yet seemed crazy to make payment then have the credit so filed a dispute to have more time before payment due (not sure if that made a difference); very happy with outcome from Celebrity, not so much with NCL they say will take 90 days. Mostly just very sad to not be cruising (especially the Edge). Good luck to all with the refund challenges!
  10. Hello all, looking for opinions/experiences staying on deck 6 on the edge; right now looking at OV 6224 or 6138; main concern is noise from public areas on deck 5 (especially night after 10 pm) we currently have midship inside on deck 9 but may be able to upgrade due to price change, thanks!
  11. Wondering from those that have recently sailed on Edge if the early dining time changes from trip to trip; website shows time as 6:00 pm; recent daily planners posted from this month show time as 5:30. Also anyone have success changing to select once onboard? Thanks!
  12. Pricing is for 7 day cruise, may not be able to use voucher on thermal suite; some ships can only use the coupons on regular non discounted services.
  13. Just off N. Statendam, no first night 25% off discounts at any specialty restaurants (they did have some packages with small discounts available); main dining room dinners were very good!
  14. Just returned from N. Statendam, thermal suite pricing as follows: Pre cruise single - $139 (sorry don't know couples price) Onboard pricing Single - $199 Couples $299 I was surprised how much of a difference there was
  15. They made announcement that they had to move ship into a slightly different position at the dock (think it was only 12 meters; things seemed to move pretty fast once they started after the delay. Also no customs since it was done in Key West!
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