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  1. The problem may not be solved; what if they get away with these extra charges at Cagney's and decide to do the same with La Cucina, Tepanyaki and Le Bistro? Seems to me if customers continue to pay the extra charges without giving them feedback, they will continue in other venues. Just sayin'.
  2. IMHO, I just think it's insane for them to give people all the alcohol they can drink, and then make it difficult to get water.
  3. I spoke to a customer service rep today. She denied there were any up-charges to the dining package at any specialty restaurant. When I assured her there was, she said that I would have to talk to the people on the ship, despite the fact that it appears to be fleet-wide. Of course it would do no good to talk to anyone on the ship if it is rolled out fleet-wide, it is corporate. Of course this CSR also said that there was no new drink package, that the super plus plus package (sorry, whatever it is called) had been around as long as the UBP. I really dislike speaking with reps that have no idea
  4. When I asked my room stewards, they said I would have to order from room service.
  5. Whenever I have requested pitchers of ice water for my cabin from my stewards, they told me to call room service. Room service then told me (on several NCL ships), that it would be a $7.95 charge for each pitcher. I even talked to a room service manager, and they said the same thing. I do not sail in a suite. I gave up the fight and get a glass of ice water to take back with me to the cabin at night.
  6. I have requested a pitcher of ice water for my cabin on several NCL ships and was told by room service and manager that I would be charged $7.95 for it. However, since then I have simply taken a glass of ice water from the closest bar to my room.
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