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  1. Oh no😓 I'd just contacted MSC UK and they said just ask in the Sports Bar and they will put it on. I hope that's not just a case of telling me what I want to hear.
  2. Enjoying this thread - I'm thinking of taking this itinerary with the kids next year. - but not in YC 😊
  3. I wonder if anyone has an update on this one? We are sailing from Venice next Sat when Ireland is playing. I'd prefer to get on the ship and watch rather than risk it in an Irish pub and rush to get on board for 2.30. We'll be on the MSC Sinfonia so dont' know if anyone has recent experience? I've emailed MSC to ask.
  4. Hi Is that Andi? The assistant cruise director? Enquiring as my kids loved him on our first Princess cruise and would be super excited to find out he is on Caribbean Princess in a few months time 😉
  5. Thanks - I've got it bookmarked with the rest now. Really appreciate it.
  6. Hi I'm also enjoying the thread but wondered where to find this travel blog you refernence? I'm following several at the moment with all the world cruises happening, so another one would be great 😉 Thanks
  7. Me too! Came on to check that it was indeed the Insignia! Looking good and a little drier as well 😉
  8. Cartagena looks amazing. Thoroughly enjoying this thread. Comfortably predict a part 2 will be required. Looking forward to all the others joining at different stages but you're all doing a sterling and selfless job so far.
  9. Thanks - I spotted that this evening and have got it bookmarked. See the Insignia arrived in NYC for the start of the world cruise. Most of the blogs as well seem to be up and running - even the ones that are still in prep mode.
  10. Already enjoying Scrapnana's South American blog and Keith's pre world cruise cruises. Looking forward to more starting up shortly along with Live threads. With the uncertain Brexit landscape I've almost got hubby convinced to ditch the Med in favour of a US based summer cruise. But that will mean no sneaky little trips in the meantime. So these blogs will get me through a wet cold (and stress ridden) London winter.😁👍
  11. Fab! Thanks for the links everyone and the tips - excited about that Insignia 2019 world cruise - maybe they will do a similar itinerary in 15 years time - best get saving now 😉
  12. Thanks Heidi13 - I'll definitely read your previous world cruise blog entries. And Scrapnana, your trip sounds intriguing - I've enjoyed your previous blogs - particularly like the trivia questions you add 😉 I've book marked both your blogs.
  13. Hi With most world cruises starting in Jan, I thought now would be a good time to ask if anyone is blogging their upcoming journey? Would love to do a world cruise but thats likely to be at least 15 years away. So in the meantime...... 😁
  14. Not sure if your trip is still in the future but thought it best to mention that you shouldn't need to worry about left luggage at Termini. I've never come across a hotel in Rome that didn't allow you to store your luggage until check in time, in their luggage store. And we've done the train trip with two kids multiple times. We tend to grab a taxi from Civitavecchia station direct to the ship which costs between 15 and 20 euros.
  15. Hi I've done similar when visiting Rome. I'd suggest booking the train tickets on line as that will save time at Civitavecchia station. It's a bit of a trek to get from the ship to the station now that the port bus takes you to a different exit further from the train station. But there is plenty of info on that in this subforum. Good luck
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