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  1. I've got my eye on that Easter Diadema cruise which is pretty reasonable for 14 nights. Worth looking at those Diadema fortnight cruise starting early next year?
  2. We had heard there were big discounts on excursions, something like 3 excursions for 100 euros. From what you are saying these may be restricted to walking tours or panoramic bus tours? I'm also surprised to see some of the regular excursions in there as I thought there would be limited options - good to see.
  3. Thanks Petra - I think this thread will be very avidly read over the next few months. Great to hear a direct experience, like others I'm interested in hearing more about the excursions. As someone from the UK, we can't book any of the MSC cruises just yet but am curious about their excursion offers and prices - as the itinerary is (usually) the main reason we chose a cruise.
  4. Massive kudos for MSC. Providing a reasonable cruise experience with that innovative excursion approach ( far preferable to the stay on the ship approach taken by TUI) and being strict with their protocols. Great marketing for them - I'm sure there are many considering MSC now, that wouldn't have done so before.
  5. I suspect they are as avidly watching what happens with MSC and Costa, as much as we are. Just depends how quick they can move, if the MSC and Costa cruises go well ( and by that, I mean they effectively handle any cases on board, rather than that they have no cases whatsoever). As you say, they won't want to miss an opportunity to generate revenue - if others have done it successfully.
  6. Dipping my toe in the P&O water here😃. Although I've only sailed P&O once before, I'd be really up for a short UK based cruise, if P&O went that route. It would be good to see the UK's main line, follow where the Germany and Italian lines have lead. What do you think is the main thing holding them back? Current FCO guidance about cruising, complexity of protocols, concern that there would be little demand during winter?
  7. so happy that all is going well and a big thumbs up for those considerate travellers who are posting videos on youtube ( thanks to those of you who put in links above). I don't think any MSC has been so avidly followed. Think it's just a sea day tomorrow and back to Genoa on Sunday. Well done to MSC for dipping their toe in the water. Such a shame that we are moving towards the end of the standard Med season by the time UK cruisers can book ( Nov) but bodes well, so far, for the future.
  8. Interesting that MSC say the only thing stopping UK travellers is the FCO current advisory and that this is the only blocker. I assume there must be some similar govt advisory in place in Ireland then? The Schengen Zone only thing would be a red herring - as neither country was even in the Schengen Zone.
  9. What a great trip! Have to admit that I've not looked at itineraries for next summer at this stage. We tend to do Med cruises, being based in UK. Croatia is really opening up to cruises so it's great to have a few new/unusual ports to explore. I think the gap in Rome will be good, despite the annoyance of going back and forth from Civitavecchia - I wonder if there is a way for you to store most of your luggage somewhere handy in Civitavecchia and just take a small suitcase to Rome.
  10. Great to hear regarding the world cruise. I'm some years away from doing a world cruise but would definitely consider MSC and Costa - it's a great cost and they often have more interesting itineraries. One area that would put me off is that I get a little tired of the entertainment shows being heavily dependant on circus type performers - I'd miss some comedy. But don't think it would be a deal breaker. I read a great kindle self published book via Amazon of an American who did a Costa world cruise - gave great insight.
  11. REally interesting article and the detail included in the 5 phases makes it seem more authentic than the previous generic monthly extensions. As a UK citizen I expect we would be treated the same as EU residents given we are still in transition, so looks like the earliest start would be November. To late for a half term break. Given that I'm still waiting for a refund since March, I wonder if I can contact Costa and request a change to FCC? Not sure if anyone else has tried that. An Easter cruise is tempting.
  12. I decided to just park the idea of a Med cruise in October this year. My girl and me had an Easter Costa cruise with Easyjet flights cancelled back in April, so we were hoping to do a Halloween cruise with MSC during October half term. Shifting the old Easyjet flight booking to October. But I just don't think it's going to happen and if it does, there won't be ports - we tend to sail for itinerary rather than for sea days. After a few tweaks to the flights, we're doing a two stopper in Rome and Naples instead. But I guess never say never but I think the earliest I can see a 7 day Med cruise is October - if it's earlier I may hop back over.
  13. dritan

    MSC Med Return

    Yes - just got my cancellation notice for my mini North European cruise at the end of August. This is interesting news as there is no mention of Mediterranean cruises in this round up.
  14. dritan

    MSC Med Return

    Yes - just got my cancellation notice for my mini North European cruise at the end of August. This is interesting news as there is no mention of Mediterranean cruises in this round up.
  15. dritan

    MSC Med Return

    At this stage I'm hoping that August is a no. I've now booked a Eurostar based break in France/Belgium as I am assuming the 3 night cruise from Hamburg won't happen. It's just a waiting game now.
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