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  1. No, the decision today was to allow international cruises to depart from UK ports as opposed to UK cruisers being allowed on international MSC cruises ( which they aren't at the moment). Added to the fact that we are still waiting for the Italian govt to make a judgement on whether they will lift the mandatory quarantine for all UK travellers into the country, it was all getting too late in the dayy. We decided to bail and put the money into a UK cruise. Not ideal but rather that, than no cruise in August with MSC having £1000s of our money.
  2. I've sent an email back as I couldn't get through earlier - so will see what happens next. Have to say that a similar call a few weeks back to Costa to move a cruise with changes to the ship, date and people going was all sorted pleasantly and quickly without all the hassle of FCC. Was really impressed with them.
  3. LOL - it just seemed like an email response from a "time before Covid". The worrying aspect was that the responder's job title said " Senior MSC Agent".
  4. Had an evening of being bamboozled! I've recently had email exchanges with MSC regarding the deposit for our end of August Seaside cruise. In the last exchange, I'd said that as the UK is not allowed on MSC ships we had decided to use our deposit for a future cruise credit. ( although this fact is on the US website, someone posted it on another thread. The UK site still only refers to the decision to the end of July - frustrating as that is). I've also decided to cancel my end of Oct cruise which also has just the deposit paid. My ultimate ask was to have a FCC for the two deposits to us
  5. Thanks - I think I will hold fire until the early Autumn and see if anything changes. That said, the deposit is really low so we wouldn't be losing out on much.Argh - what to do!
  6. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I'm considering a Norwegian Jade cruise from Athens in April next year with my 2 kids ( 13 and 11). However, as things stand, we wouldn't be able to board as vaccinations are not given to children in the UK. The "mood music" in the UK at present indicates that government policy won't change anytime soon on this, although they may be offered to children with underlying health conditions ( my children wouldn't fall under this category). I'm assuming that if I put a deposit down and neither NCL nor the UK govt change their rules, I would
  7. Goodness! Their website hasn't even been updated with that info ( I checked the USA version as well as the UK one). I got fed up with the lack of clarity and decided to just drop MSC for the end of August and went with a UK based Anthem of the Seas cruise instead.
  8. Hi I would trust an MSC employee on the phone less than their website but remain hopeful that non Schengen will be allowed to sail from start of August. I think if there was really a change for US residents in 2 days time it would be on the website. I just hope that they don't wait until 30th/31st July to make the official announcement on non-Schengen passengers. From a UK perspective, we need Italy to raise it's 5 day quarantine rule for UK passengers ( the only main EU country that still has this type of restriction after Germany removed it last week) and for MSC to announce who
  9. Hi I'm booked on the 3 night London to Liverpool cruise on 31st July. I have previously had a specific cabin but in a reissue of my paper work via email today, this has changed to Interior but with no cabin. I've emailed for clarification but as that might take some time, I wonder if any other Virtuosa passengers had this? Of course I'm a bit worried that its a precursor to cancellation. Thanks
  10. Great - look forward to reading this - even though I suspect I won't be going on the MSC Seaside after all in August due to living on Plague Island ;-( I first read your blogs year ago when about to go on NCL - so great to see you blogging again!
  11. Great news- I may have to switch my summer cruise booking from MSC to Costa as they certainly seem to keep their countries list updated. MSC only seem to change theirs every few months. Feel really bad for Irish passengers who are still on the can't sail list for MSC where other non Schengen European countries are listed. Doesn't make sense.
  12. Yes mine is also a family one which means I only really have summer next year to try again ( as hubby won't holiday any other time of year - even if I do) And to be honest, I've always used MSC and Costa as my bonus bargain cruise rather than my main cruise. Assuming that things are more normal next summer, then I'd prefer my summer main holiday to be with Princess or similar.
  13. From the invoices on my Virtuosa and Seaside bookings it was definitely around the 60 day mark. I'll hold fire and see what happens.
  14. This isn't the case for UK customers who have paid deposit only - if they cancel it's just a 25% increase on your deposit.
  15. With my Aug 27th cruise, I will wait to make a decision only when MSC come demanding their final payment. I can see your rationale drsel but I also don't want to shell out thousands of pounds for a holiday that may get postponed until this time next year. I'd rather spend the money on something now. This is the fourth MSC cruise that has been impacted by CV, and still not convinced the Virtuosa cruise will happen until the July 19th restriction lift is set in stone. So depressing that the UK has found itself in Plague Island territory yet again.
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