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  1. I never stopped smoking on my balconie🤭
  2. You really need to get a life!much more to life then politics.
  3. Dude it's not that bad,I wear a mask 12 hrs a day with no problem.
  4. I don't have a cruise booked,So i don't care.
  5. No way they will be sailing any time this year.
  6. we would cruise if we had to wear a mask!
  7. I find Fox news to be way more misleading!
  8. I guess you don't,And i don't know where you were going with that?But i do know where you will not be going lol😜
  9. you don't need a link,just a little common sense.
  10. Do you really think they care if your diamond?LOL
  11. This is a joke right?Hoax?well we know what news you watch.
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