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  1. It was the deposit refunded. I had only paid £600 deposit. Royal cancelled the cruise, so I had the option of a refund or a FCC.
  2. Did royal cancel or did you cancel?
  3. Requested a refund on May 23rd, and my card was credited on May 30th.
  4. The walk from the cruise port to the train station is about 35 - 45 mins.
  5. When a storm is brewing, Cruise ships head out to sea. Less chance of damage to the vessel.
  6. Been there a few times with MSC and Royal, both had shuttles, However with MSC, the shuttle had to be booked with them. So for 4 people it was cheaper to take a taxi.
  7. Cancel, and if the cruise does go ahead, just book again. Will probably cost a lot less .
  8. If you paid by credit card, contact the card company and see if they can do anything.( You are not receiving what you paid for)
  9. Personally I think his vlog shows the cruise line in a good way
  10. She will probably lay up in Southampton till they decide what to do next. Most of the ports in Europe are closed now, so not many options to dock a ship of that size. That may give some hope that she will sail in the Med this year.
  11. She is currently moving at 17 Knots, So I would think she is going somewhere else.
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