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  1. If you have a specific stateroom in mind, SkierPete might be able to help. Ken
  2. We have had difficulty getting Premium list wines in the MDR. Also, if the bar you're at does not have the specific brand you want, they are not inclined to go to another bar to get it although your experience may vary. Once, on Fantasia, the decktop bar did not have the basic whiskey I wanted so we had a bit of a standoff until they eventually gave me a higher brand. In the MDR, on Meraviglia, they frequently did not have the Premium wine or it took ages to go get it. Ken
  3. On the long leg from Valletta to Barcelona, you could well experience a fair bit of movement. This will be amplified being up front and high up. The other legs hug the coast so shouldn't be too uncomfortable unless you get a storm. Ken
  4. Hi. Both US and European sockets in the staterooms. You can bring hair straighteners on-board. There are a few threads on this but, long story short, you can bring them. Might be useful to bring a power cord(extension lead) but not one with surge protection built in. Ken
  5. Really sorry to learn of that diagnosis. Life can be so cruel. Thoughts and blessings to Toby and you all.💞
  6. At breakfast, tea, coffee, water and diluted juices available for free. At lunch and dinner, just water, tea and coffee. This is in the Buffet only. In the MDR, hot drinks and water is now usually included. This is set out as an additional perk when you book. There is a kids area at the back of the buffet. Definitely has nuggets, mashed potatoes and other offerings that appeal to kids and adults alike.
  7. I suppose it doesn't! At least they know where their Assembly Station is! 😊
  8. As I understand it, they have to go to the station, afrer atching the safety video, and have their cards scanned. Proves they have (a) watched the video and (b) know where the assembly station is.
  9. I think that they are like apples and oranges. Whilst I sailed on and enjoyed Fantasia, the Grandiosa is newer and fancier with bigger ship features that are really in a different league. Newer ship would be my choice in this case. Ken
  10. 1. What are the pros and cons of each ? Seaside has more outside space and has an atrium rather than a promenade through the centre of the ship. For warmer climes, Seaside is better because of the outside space. The hi-tech promenade on Meraviglia class ships, e.g. Grandiosa, has the main lounge near the MDRs which causes a bottleneck after dinner service. 2. Which one has got better shows entertainment and activities? Much the same as far as I know. 3. Which one is better overall? I would think the itinerary would be the important issue. If not, I would choose on price. 4. Whi
  11. We upgraded to Premium when we sailed Aurea class on Seaside in the Caribbean and the included wines were much nicer and we could use the package in the speciality restaurants. On Meraviglia on a Norwegian fjords cruise, we were in Fantastica with Premium included, but dining in MDR. it was a total pain to get wines from the Premium selection in the MDR. On the Easy package, they would leave the bottle on the table. Not so the Premium, sighing and long wait for a single glass to be delivered. Struggled to get a second glass. Overall, it made little difference to bar drinks but I would perhaps
  12. Hi. Aurea comes with the Easy package included. We upgraded to Premium but it was a struggle most nights to get the Premium wines in the MDR. Ken
  13. That's an amazing price. Just checked both MSC and a travel agent and emailed in a query with a view to booking. Thanks for the pointer.
  14. While I would love to sail in YC, my DW would not give up her balcony and neither would I. We've sailed 8 times with MSC and the food in MDR on our Caribbean cruise was excellent. Combined with Aurea 'anytime dining', we felt no need for speciality dining. If you want the fawning service if YC, perhaps but we wouldn't sacrifice a balcony for inside YC.
  15. Did a similar trip a couple of years ago from Dublin. Arrived in Dubai around the time you will. Rooms not ready until about 12.30pm. Only had hand luggage until later. Keep your docs showing your drinks package with you so you can at least have a drink or specialty coffee while you wait. Disembarkation was at about 1.00am. If going again I would book own flights so as to have a full last night on the ship. Ken
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