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  1. Having been on both Indy and Navigator in bad weather, we found Indy more crowded.
  2. Maybe trade her in for a younger model that likes to hit the bottle 😎
  3. IMO the baltic itineraries aren’t suited to Indy. Not enough public indoor space for the number of people onboard. We did the Baltic route in June a few years ago and only one day was warm enough to use the pool and a lot of the days you wouldn’t sit outside.
  4. Seems strange. I’d imagine lots of people don’t use TAs so how are they going to know this? ( that’s a rhetorical question since I know you’re just the messenger).
  5. I thought I was doing something wrong when that’s all I could see.
  6. I love threads which bring out the camaraderie on CC. So often it’s hidden beneath the squabbling but it’s always under the surface 👏🏻 I hope Santa is able to find what he needs!!
  7. Wow. In Ireland the legal minimum wage is 9.80euro per hour. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing but it stops employers shafting their employees and expecting tipping to cover the difference.
  8. If the base salary is fair then the criteria for gratuities should be exceptional service. I don’t work in the service industry but, like the vast majority of people, I get paid to perform a job. However my bonus is based on achieving targets which are above and beyond the norm. This is where prepaying gratuities doesn’t seem right to me. That said I don’t judge people on what they decide to do. It’s a cultural thing and we have lots of different nationalities here.
  9. Can anyone here definitively say if the gratuity is a core part of the staffs pay or a bonus for exceptional service? The answer to that casts a different light on the issue and potentially the morals of the RC business model.
  10. No, stay up and fight until dawn 😉 Congratulations to the new husband and wife 🎉
  11. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just highlighting where one set of diamonds (adults) believe they are more entitled to seats in the DL than another group of diamonds (children). I do hope we cross paths so I can introduce you to my three children, sitting in the DL being well behaved and mannerly.
  12. I agree with you on the correct behaviour of children in all situations. Similarly, there is a correct way for adults to behave, which isn’t always demonstrated on cruise ships (or other aspects of life). However, as someone pointed out earlier in this thread, children are permitted in the DL. It’s clear from this thread and others on CC that some people resent that children would take up a seat. That’s what I consider the privileged mentality. The solarium is intended as an adult space. I think it’s large enough for people who want to avoid small people.
  13. I read it as he’s waiting for the exterminator to arrive and clear the area of the vermin. Imagine people having the audacity to bring children into the most sacred place of the privileged 🤭😏
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