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  1. Will come in handy for confining people to cabins, if there’s a positive test onboard.
  2. I think it was me last year too. I would start the thread next year, around Nov/Dec, when booking season begins but someone will have started it already in August 2021 when the port booking start 😎.
  3. This would be more accurate if it was ‘... port booking season...’. None of the cruises which would cover the above port stops are available for booking. If RC follow their usual schedule, they won’t be bookable for months.
  4. All that’s missing from this thread is name calling, some hair pulling and a bit of scratching ... and it would complete the school yard feel that it has. Why do people have to be argumentative over topics like this? Live and let live.
  5. Maybe this is a one for a specific thread of its own .... so the adults can talk in peace.
  6. The passenger controls could be improved on but what of the 33 infected crew? Was there some failing in the controls there or just a case of the virus being better than the controls?
  7. Sadly you’re right. As I write this there are 24 pages of preening on the ‘Please stop the Suite/Tier Negativity’ thread. At the same time, the outcome of one of the few cruises in the last 4 months goes unnoticed 🤷‍♂️
  8. IMO the facilities are worthless. Even if you could have a full hospital constantly alongside the ship, the vast majority of people aren’t going to care. It’s just too easy to have one person infected and, due to the close quarters, the virus will spread. I’d love to cruise but I’m not paying good money on the basis there is a quarantine bed available.
  9. I’m surprised this thread is so quiet. This is a ship with a small number of passengers (177 with a capacity of 550) and crew. Presumably they used all the current controls. The virus spread like wildfire. I can’t see how any large ships can resume cruising. For me, the main hope is that an existing drug will be found to be successful in treating the symptoms. Getting a vaccine developed, tested, manufactured and administrated to billions of people will take longer than existing cruise lines have.
  10. I don’t disagree with the likely cancellation but there is some life that exists outside of the US.
  11. I don’t see any reason for the cancellations to stop. We have cruises booked for June 2021 and sept 2021 and I’m trying to stay optimistic about those but I don’t see what will change in that time frame 😏
  12. This sums it up perfectly. People have views and other people have views on their views. When those views and the other views differ you get more views put more frankly than the first or second view. My personal favs are people’s views on what other people should pay in gratuities and peoples views on what other people should wear to dinner 😂😂
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