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  1. Just confirming-no more signing waivers in advance?
  2. I am bringing my grandkids on the Symphony in a couple weeks-they are very competitive and I thought I can turn this into a competition. For those who do not know what I am talking about-the Oasis has telescopic 3-d art work throughout the ship
  3. I am interested in this too-we would like to snorkel from the beach-is it an option?
  4. Do away with auto tipping-raise the wages of the employees- raise the cruise fare as needed and hand out envelopes and let us determine who gets tipped. Tipping has always been a bizarre mystery to me.
  5. Hoonah-is my favorite stop-it is a quiet town with great indigenous Americans-Do a tour with them and learn some of their culture. We used Gee Sta Hun for our land based wilderness tour-everyone calls it "a bear tour". We did see bear but the town and people are my highlights-the walk to town is great too-at least do it one way.
  6. I had a great outcome using that email. I received emails and a phone call in 2 days-problem that was lingering for months finally resolved It goes to the executive office. The woman who took my case was Tamika.
  7. UPDATE 😀 I wanted to let you guys know-Royal made good and reimbursed us all we spent during our quarantine. Alls well that ends well. Thank you Tamika from Executive office
  8. I wanted to update my experience with getting reimbursed for quarantining from February. After submitting all my receipts and many attempts to get reimbursed we were paid $400 out of $1400(rounded numbers). We stayed well below their spending limits and Royal is being very difficult. Has anyone else had this happen?
  9. No we got the prorated cost of the cruise returned I actually thought the way Royal handled everything was great up to now.
  10. While sailing on the Odyssey in January my wife tested positive the second to the last day of a 8 day cruise and I tested positive the last day of the cruise(not departure day). Both of us had mild cases. We were told to quarantine for 4 days and Royal would reimburse us for our lodging and meals on shore in Florida-they gave very generous limits-$100 a day each for food and $300 a night for lodging. We were given a choice to make our own plans or have them find us a room-but they encouraged us to find our own lodging, so we did. We stayed in Pompano Springs for the 4 nights and mailed in our receipts for the hotel and the Uber eats, Door dash and the like. Its been 2 months and we received about 25% of the amount we submitted. The amount we charged was nothing close to the limits they set forth and now getting the reimbursement is like pulling teeth. Has anyone else experienced this?
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