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  1. harry0

    Chankanaab Update

    Yes I mean the dolphin Package-I didnt know if there was a zipline package too Apparently the pool is no longer included with the park entrance fee
  2. harry0

    Chankanaab Update

    Yes it is the last day of our cruise boo hoo and actually we still enjoyed our stay at Chakanabb it was just different
  3. harry0

    Chankanaab Update

    We have been here several times and the last visit on Tuesday was different. First off we noticed extensive damage to the dolphin area from a storm earlier in the week. there was some shows but I am sure there were cancellations. The snorkel area had a ton of seaweed probably from same storm. We were disappointed when we were told that we were not able to use the pool with our $23 general admission. The pool is only included with dolphin and other packages. In December we were able to use the pool so this must be a recent change
  4. Hotwire-4* Coral Gables- 1/25-one night Hotel Colonnade-$87 plus $20 fees. Never stayed in this area but looks great!
  5. harry0

    Carnival tipping to Bag Porters

    If anyone deserves a tip its the crew member who unloads your luggage off the cart and then drags it down the hall-much more work than at the pier-Reminder to self-Do not tip at pier-DO TIP CREW MEMBERS DELIVERING LUGGAGE TO CABIN
  6. harry0

    Carnival tipping to Bag Porters

    I should carry my own bags because I do not feel I should HAVE TO tip a guy making 6 figures for doing the job he is getting paid for-If I dont tip I might see my bags floating down the canal. And this seems right to you? The whole "tipping" culture is a very mysterious concept anyway- Do I tip the mailman-trash men-how much do I tip in the jar where I get my $2 coffee? How about the bagger at the super market? The cashier at Walmart? Do I tip cash or put it on my credit Card? Should I use the recommended rate on the reciept? 18 or 20%? maybe I should move to a non tipping country like Australia-JUST KIDDING We tip $2 a bag
  7. harry0

    Carnival tipping to Bag Porters

    I tip waitresses and the like very well- knowing they are making crumbs per hour-long shoreman making $147000-do not need my tip-I will save for the guys on the ship.
  8. harry0

    Carnival vs. Royal Caribbean Perks

    To all those who state "I dont sail for perks". Maybe not but I find it hard not to cruise with Royal with the Diamond plus perks. Free specialty coffee 24 hours-Love my cappuccinos! Open bar 3 hours a night and 3 drinks any place on the ship. $250 Balcony discount free internet free laundry priority embarkation-FTTF is rip-off IMO Free gift-I get a cheap beach towell and waters Going on Carnival soon with family and I will have a great time.
  9. More waitstaff. Have head waiters assist the waitstaff as needed. Last Allure cruise the HW was great-and actually helped our MDR go smooth.
  10. harry0

    Blue Hole from Falmouth- Safe?

    I went with my 11 year old grands0n He was fine. I was a little nervous because there is a risk involved as mentioned. This tour would never be acceptable in the US because of liability issues. It was a great time-just use common sense. Safety is not as big of an issue in most Caribbean/Central American countries like it is here.
  11. I was on the Allure last week. Many crew members were allowed to have family members stay on board. Our waiter had his wife and 2 kids there and they stayed in a suite. He was excited. I think they had to pay too-which I thought was Royal being a tightwad-maybe they could have gave it to workers on merit or lottery. I also remember crew were able to get free hair cuts at the spa-not anymore according to my waiter. They go to Ft Lauderdale or other stops or they cut each others. Waiter was not happy taking drink orders either-I dont blame him. His name is Alberto from Domonican Republic and John his assistant from Bali-great team-if you get them you are in for a treat. Had a awesome cruise!
  12. harry0

    Things to do in Cozumel

    Chakanaab State Park cab it- did it last week- it was a blast
  13. harry0

    Eagles/Vikings game

    That video from Valley News sounds like a bunch of fans that are very upset and looking to blame the fans of Philly for the loss Yes out of 10s of thousands of fans there are 1% jerks-Philly fans are very passionate and used to disappointment like Viking fans-but this year seems different-This game is also the changing of the dynasty-Eagles win and are are in the super bowl for many years to come. Viking fans-we know your pain! We both have good-young QBS and will be seeing each other in the play-offs for many years to come
  14. On the Allure now with dividers open.
  15. I totally agree-car rentals are cheap too.