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  1. Libel??? LOL!!! Since when its spouting opinions from anonymous posters actionable?
  2. The fact that I receive emails from my TA trying to entice me to book a Regent cruise is really beyond the pale, I would say this is malpractice. I dont understand how anybody of sound mind could make a final payment or a deposit on Regent ( or any cruise) right now.
  3. I cant believe people are still making final payment for 2020 cruises. I must live in an alternate universe
  4. Your crystal ball is probably much better than mine, but I canceled that cruise a few months ago
  5. I dont undertand. If your move is because you think there will be no cruising in 2021, why not take your deposit $$$ and wait to cruise on anything 2022.
  6. LOL, great! Wake me up when they're cruising again!
  7. Sheila, you're right , but really, with the expectations and security requirements for nobody to get sick ( unless theres a 100% vaccine effective and safe) it aint gonna happen.
  8. No, they wont help. At least that was my experience when I asked , an officer that patrolled the pool told me she couldnt do anything. Frankly, its such a ridiculous concern compared to what were dealing now
  9. Its so comforting seeing Jesuits brought up here. I went to a Spanish nuns school, our "sister" school (although they were all boys) was a Jesuit school down the street. not sure what this has to do with anything. I dont mind things evolving, but it would be nice to be given the so called "science" that was responsible for the change, that's all.
  10. The "new normal" and "quasi freedoms"... sound really Orwellian. Who dictates those new norms? You? The government? Sorry about your cruising desires, but Im not relinquishing my rights and become a sheep just so you can cruise Regent again
  11. See, this is a moving target. First it was wash your hands and social distancing and 15 days to slow the spread, then masks were added (although at the beginning we were told not to), now goggles and we need to keep at it until ... whats next?? I havent seen the science on masks ( please, dont just say the CDC/ Dr Fauci says so) , so I use them when I'm required to, that's it
  12. LOL!! Well, not from me, I wont be buying them. What's next? Wrap yourself in Saran Wrap?
  13. I have never gotten the flu vaccine, and never gotten the flu ( maybe I'm lucky). Dont feel like telling my age, but lets say is way into the recommended age. Too many stories of bad reactions from friends, and the fact that its less than 50% effective. I try to keep my immune system strong, and the rest I leave up to God. By the way, my parents, still alive, are 90 and 98, and have never had the vaccine, or the flu. Regarding a potential Covid vaccine, frankly dont know. Depends who's peddling it and how convincing it is
  14. I keep my sunglasses on when I go into the stores, not because of the virus, but because that way I wont lose them. Wonder if they're as effective as goggles... Wish Dr Fauci would expound on the subject, after all, he just briefly talked about it, just because he was asked, almost as an afterthought.
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