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  1. No, you're not interpreting what I said correctly, I'm for freedom and choice. People that chose to wear masks, even if its not required, that's totally fine for me. What's not fine is if those same people insist that I wear the mask in situations where its not required just so they feel safe. I'm not going to do it just to please them. Where I live most stores require I wear a mask to shop there, so I do, not a problem. When I walk around I don't , where I live its not required. And you don't have to worry about me flaunting the "regulations" should Regent or any other cruise line require people to walk around with masks . In that case I will not be cruising, and I suspect anybody that thinks like me will not cruise either. I doubt anybody would pay for an expensive cruise just to start quarreling about regulations once they board
  2. My gosh, this is still being debated?? Of course its excessive! No company Ive ever dealt with for a refund, large or small, could tell me with a straight face that it'll be 90 days for my credit, and expect me to take it. I understand with Regent at this point "it is what it is", but its not "bashing" anybody, be the company or the employees, to state the obvious. When a couple of months ago I asked for a refund of my deposits for two cruises, they never asserted such a ridiculous timetable. I received it in less than two weeks.
  3. Well, you may want that to be the case, but its not a realistic expectation for the long term, especially now that summer is coming and people want to be out and about . So really, the burden will be on people that are fearful,to either stay home, or put up with the infractions to this "law/ regulation". Just the other day I heard about some study that claimed 6 ft distancing is not remotely adequate, that it should be more like 20-30 ft! LOL! See how quickly this can get ridiculous? Have you seen the "protests" we're having these days? See much "social distancing" there?
  4. Maybe having the highest number of cases has to do with our population, how much we're testing , and the transparency of our numbers? No, its not time to enforce any masks, many studies that indicate they are useless. people that are afraid or high risk should stay home. You're welcome to keep using it, I certainly wont unless its forced on me, at which time I'll look to move to where I can be free. Editing to add , since you mention the WHO, according to them only a sick person, or someone caring for an infected person needs to wear a mask https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/when-and-how-to-use-masks
  5. Sorry Sheila but, was it hot?? Even in 70 degrees temperature I cannot stand that mask if I'm going out for a walk, I start getting dizzy. I wear it (because I have no choice) when I go into grocery store. There're many studies about masks that show they dont really protect you.
  6. "Frustrating"??? LOL!!! Try, infuriating. The least of my concerns is that these so called "protesters" catch the virus or bring it back to their "communities". My neighborhood has been vandalized, and as I speak the fumes from the burning reaches my apartment and stings my eyes. I have no sympathy for this people.
  7. My city of Philadelphia has been the subject of riots, looting, mayhem and fires today. Seems as if the virus, social distancing is not the rage anymore, "protests" are. I cant go to bed because the fumes from a nearby fire is still seeping into my apartment. Other than that , all is well. Just yesterday my main concern was when would my hairdresser open? Oh well!
  8. Regardless of the Organization Chart, FDR is the top person at NCLH, which in turn owns these three companies, so obviously, he has a bit of saying on how things are run, don't you think? And FDR was the person interviewed for this article. Surprising he would agree to be interviewed by such an unprofessional , hit and run person, you would think FDR has better things to do with his time.
  9. Isnt he the Chairman of NCL? The ships where the parties occurred are Norwegian cruise line ships, not Regent. Anyways, that's not the point of my comment
  10. No, its not OK. For whatever its worth, Ive been on Regent multiple times, and for the most part I like the product. However, that doesnt mean that I would try to rationalize what has happened to you as being fine. I hope you contact your credit card , this is not right. Oh, and also, light a fire under your TA, what's with her?? Is she doing anything to push the issue?
  11. Hi Sheila! So nice that you live in a free area! I do understand your hesitation, I will never try to convince anyone that there's no risk, is very personal. But at least you have options I live in a total lockdown area, well except going to grocery stores, pick up food, the usual. As soon as I walk into the lobby of my building the mask has to go up, actually I was told even to go to the trash room! So sad the way people avoid looking into each other's eyes. My act of rebellion is to go to the park near my apartment with my beach chair and take my mask off. And then I look around, and I see most people are doing the same, LOL! I'm planning a trip soon to a free state, Georgia, to the coast. I can't wait!
  12. Just another observation from this interesting article (thanks Marc for posting). The writer is clearly not sympathetic to FDR or NCL He writes as follows: "Ironically, NCL permitted its crew members to crowd together without masks during several parties earlier this month on the Norwegian Escape(above right) and Norwegian Epic (left) at the port of Miami. In an article titled “Ridiculously Overcrowded” Norwegian Escape Sails to Miami, we noted that after NCL assembled employees from several different NCL ships aboard the Norwegian Escape which sailed to Miami, the cruise line scheduled a series of parties on the pool decks of several of its ships. It made no effort to enforce social distancing or the wearing of masks." LOL!!! These crew members have been for two months without outside contact, in essence in a forced quarantine . Why the heck should they be wearing masks or social distancing??? This is the lunacy we're living these days. Well, maybe I'm a contrarian, but if Mr FDR approved this party ( which I assume he had to), he's OK in my book!
  13. I have to say I like his attitude as described here (from the article) : Remarkably Del Rio stated that “people are rushing to bars and restaurants as they reopen, they want to get back to their normal lives, and cruising is a part of their normal lives.” Del Rio seems to believe that disregarding the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and the wearing of masks is a good thing rather than a major problem that needs to be discouraged. Editing to add: It sounds as if he recognizes that a cruising model centered on people wearing masks and shuddering in fear is not a winning one. But, who knows what they'll allow him to get away with
  14. Its not a matter of what Del Rio and Montague feel its appropriate, It'll be what the market will bear. The proof will be in the proverbial pudding, lets see how many people flock to cruises when they start operating. You can't judge by the small sample on this board, these are, for the most part, people that cruise frequently and are very pro Regent
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