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  1. Thinking of a P and O cruise visiting various ports in Croatia. How easy are the main ports using a manual wheelchair.
  2. Which ship would be best for a wheelchair user? Preferably a balcony cabin.
  3. Thank you EM, found it.
  4. What happens to your travel insurance if you have booked single trip? We haven’t booked an Oceana cruise but if we had our insurance would have been over £600. Do P and O compensate you for this?
  5. I have booked one of these cabins for our next cruise but can’t find out anything about these. Also how accessible is the rest of the ship. The veranda does not seem to have any way of getting to the different levels apart from steps, which I can’t manage. Are there any other areas which may present difficulties? The theatre also appears to have their seats steeply racked. Are there wheelchair accessible areas here? Our cruise includes one tender port. Will this be accessible to me? Thank you for any information that could help me.
  6. Thanks chaps. John, we prefer our breakfast in the MDR, but I didn’t know they started earlier on port days. you have to allow lots of time as waiting to get a wheelchair in a lift can take some time.
  7. Do P and O have designated areas in buffet for people in wheelchairs? We find buffets difficult enough without hunting for a table. We use them as little as possible, but sometimes with early excursions we need to use them for breakfast. Room service is not an option as we don’t like the panini and the other offerings aren’t really substantial enough to start the day.
  8. Thank you for your help chaps. I found the example excursions using giraffe’s instructions.
  9. When browsing cruises with a view to booking, you used to be able to see a selection of excursions for each port (not prices). I can’t find that on the new website. As the excursions are important to us it makes it difficult to choose a cruise.
  10. They take you to the luggage hall to collect your cases then out to the car park and help you put your luggage in the car. Really good and friendly service.
  11. Don’t forget if you are travelling on a UK cruise line you will have to book an accessible cabin. They will only let you use an ordinary cabin if you have a manual folding wheelchair. Even folding scooters are banned.
  12. I’ve had this problem for a few weeks now on my I pad. E mailed P and O and received the reply “This is a technical problem, please try another device” This is not a lot of help if you don’t have another device. P and O please get some new IT people who are in the 21st century and know what they are doing.
  13. Good morning Happy. I have received a reply from the excursion company. They usually use a 19 seater mini bus and you need to be able to get into the vehicle and use a folding wheelchair. They have assured me that most of the tour is accessible, though not all. Hope that helps.
  14. Hello Happy. I don’t know how to do a link, it is Saga Travel Iceland. I don’t think they have accessible transport as such. I’m lucky and can get on a coach with a little help, but it seems as if they use mini vans.Could you manage that or are you a full time wheelchair user? I have emailed them to try and find out for you. Fully accessible excursions are a ridiculous price, I do think it’s wrong to penalise people for being disabled. It’s not just a few pounds but hundreds.
  15. Faroes, Iceland, Glasgow and Belfast. already done some research and found something that looks good in Iceland, the Golden Circle tour, but wondered if P and O was cheaper. The company I have found cater well for my wheelchair. We are sorted in Glasgow and Belfast with DIY.
  16. When are excursions shown on cruise personaliser? We travel in June.
  17. Just seen your post Mark. One useful tip, go to your muster station at least half an hour before the drill. We waited until called and waited half an hour as all the lifts were full. We weren’t very popular when we turned up so late for our Muster. If you are doing excursions be aware that most places have cobbled streets and pavements making it hard work for the pusher and uncomfortable for the sitter. I’ve hired a power chair this time. Don’t t know how I’ll get on as I’ve never used one before, only a manual.
  18. I have COPD and osteoarthriris and am a Part time wheelchair user. P and O (UK) insist that we tell them our difficulties and take out proper travel insurance. No Medicare for British passengers. A good NHS, but that doesn’t cover us on board ship. Having said that I am sure a lot of British passengers don’t have proper insurance and many seem unaware that they need it.
  19. Hope this doesn’t sound critical, but why not put this on the reviews instead of general forum? I found it interesting though. Thanks.
  20. Just an update re using electric wheelchair in standard balcony cabin. I emailed P and O medical team. They answered requesting details of chair that I am hiring, to which I replied. They then replied within a day saying it was fine but we would have to fold it to get through the cabin door So the P and O man I spoke to originally gave me the wrong information. All sorted now though. I am so grateful for the help all you lovely people have given me.
  21. From your replies I understand it is some form of questionaire. But what does PSQ actually stand for. On our last cruise we were given a form after each dinner to rate service. Very annoying when you just want to get to the theatre.
  22. Yes sunnyjean, very useful. I would send you a private message but can’t work out how to do it so my questions will have to be public. Sorry if this is boring for others. Were you escorted on to the ship by MatS or PandO staff or do you just make your own way onboard? Did you have to fold the chair to get it through the cabin door? Do MatS provide all the plugs and leads for charging and do you remove the batteries to charge the wheelchair? Did you use the chair on cobbles and inclines as if so how did it perform? What type of cabin did you have? We have a standard balcony and on phoning PandO this morning they thought I could only use it in an accessible cabin or suite, when I questioned this they said to contact the medical team at Carnival by e mail as they don’t have a phone number. I have done this as I am now having a panic. I filled in the medical questionaire saying I was going to be using an electric wheelchair. Mobility at Sea were helpful when I called them, but couldn’t confirm or deny this. They are going to e mail Carnival as well. Sorry that this post is so long.
  23. There is often strobe lighting in shows which may be a problem. I would check before attending.
  24. You have all been so helpful with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.
  25. Exactly Selbourne. I will ask on board. If not I will just have to hold my partners arm and the luggage trolley and go very slowly. I’m sure we will manage somehow.
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