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  1. Stumbled on this show by accident, fell in love with it in a heart beat. Does anyone know the name of the restaurant on the Amalfi coast that had the storm, for some reason the whole show didn’t record. we are staying very near the AlPantheon restaurant in Rome,Alberto Del Senato Hotel.
  2. Any chance you have any photos of the cabin you could post?
  3. Loving your review. Any chance of a picture of the 4 of you? With the news that Celebrity has cancelled all cruises through 12/31/2020 I know its brought a lot of disappointment to many. My next cruise is on the Solstice Sep 10, 2021 Trans Pacific, just hope it happens. Norma
  4. Appreciate all the responses. Have used Rome Cabs and Rome in Limo several times. Very satisfied with their services. Good idea to check the Italian ports board as well. Thanks Norma
  5. Would appreciate if someone has experience or could give me advise on how to make reservations with private transportations companies that can accommodate my scooter. It does break down to 5 pieces. My daughter and I will each have one large suitcase and 1 carry on each plus 1 scooter. I am an experienced cruiser but a first time scooter user. Appreciate any information. Norma
  6. I have hopes you might read this even though some time has passed. Was there a sofa in the room? Looks like maybe just 2 chairs? We have just booked this cabin, cabin looks comfortable and looks like plenty of room for my scooter. Thanks Norma
  7. Booked the TA on the Reflection Oct 2020 which is cancelled, wanted to move to the TA Reflection 2021, Celebrity says no not the same itinerary, even though both cruises start in Rome and end in FLL. Any suggestions on how I could use the lift and shift benefit? 2021 is way more expensive. Thanks Norma
  8. Jim, I am with you on so many negative posts. Please don't let that stop you from posting. I enjoy everything you write about. It's not like Celebrity or any of the cruise lines planned for covid19. I was really looking forward to your live review especially when my TA on the Reflection was cancelled. I started sheltering in March 3 because of my age and underlying medical conditions. I have gone in the car twice to the grocery store with my daughter and waited in the car. I have been to the lab for blood work 3 times. Good news I don't have to go back for a month. My grandkids are
  9. Thanks so much for your review and pics. It's just what I needed. My cruise is cancelled as well as many others. Reflection looks good. Norma
  10. Glad to see you guys made it home safely. I am sure you are disappointed that your cruises were cancelled. I am certainly having cruise withdrawal and have no idea when any of us will be able to cruise again. Norma
  11. Oh my, so sorry to hear especially when you are in route. I guess it’s a new adventure what you do next. You could always rent a car and spend a few days in the Keys. I was on the Reflection TA APR 24 and cancelled. Over 70 underlying health conditions. I was so looking forward to that TA. Let’s hope,this doesn’t hang around to long and we can all get back to cruising. Self quarantining in Marin. Norma
  12. I hope you will be doing a live review as well. Looking forward to it. Norma
  13. Leaving on the Reflection TA April 24. I know this is a serious issue and if Celebrity cancels then I guess we will stay home. Otherwise I will look at this cruise as an adventure. The one thing I will do is bring my own wipes and at least one month of extra medications. I am glad Celebrity put the new guidelines in place that you can now cancel up to 48 hrs prior with no penalties.
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