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  1. Nice review, thanks for taking the time. Norma
  2. Ready to follow your adventure. I can attest it can get a little overwhelming doing a live review. Don't give up though. My first live review I could never get the daily's to post just kept timing out. So I went on with the review without daily's. Looks like a great itinerary. Good luck and safe travels. Norma
  3. Loving your review and pictures. Helping me pass the time till my next cruise. Hope drink service improves. The rules for ordering and delivering drinks seems a little crazy. Who the heck makes these rules, did they forget about the customer? Norma
  4. So sad your review is almost done, it feels like a blink of the eye and your cruise was over. Enjoyed everything, including all the pictures. I know its a lot of work to do a live review, (I have done a couple). I grew up in Seattle it's a lovely town. Safe travel home. Norma
  5. My kind of girl, no cooking on a honeymoon, or vacation. I have enjoyed your past reviews. Looking forward to this one too!! if you get a chance to try Tracy’s Crab Shack in Juneau, they have wild king crab, to die for if you love crab. norma
  6. ty, I finally found it, i have followed others, not sure why it was so difficult to find this time. Norma
  7. did you book directly with the cruise line
  8. quick question. I have jumped on several of the bargins people have post here. My question is how do you find these good deals? Do you look through every saling on every ship? if someone could give me some tips I would appreciate it. Norma
  9. For your first cruise, nothing wrong with going inside or ocean view. Personally I spend very little time in the cabin except to sleep and change clothes. Then you can see if cruising is for you or not and then you can make a decision on what type of cabin you would want on a future cruise. Norma
  10. Jim, so enjoy your live reviews, makes me feel like I am cruising... I wanted to look at all your pics again. Do you have all your pics posted in one place, so I would not have to scroll through all the chit chat, even though some of it is mine:):) Norma
  11. Would anyone by chance have any photos of either of these cabins and balcony's? Indications a wheelchair can't fit out the door to the balcony, so I am curious how big the balcony is? Is it a sliding door or a normal door like you enter the cabin? Thanks
  12. Very much enjoying your Live report, especially the pictures. Thanks for taking the time. Norma
  13. Recipe is too complicated for me, guess I will just have to take another cruise.
  14. I loved al the mansion photos. I would have loved to live in the Breakers or the Marble house in their hay-days. Norma
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