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  1. Jin there is always one. On one TA we did we had to turn in our passports and this couple argued with the rep they were not going g to do it, never heard MF of such a thing. People were hollering just give them your passports!!! I was finally able to move to another line. Afffogato You are killing me, my favorite especially after dinner. Love the pics, last time we were in Catalina years and years ago we rented a golf cart and went round the island, actually quite fun.
  2. Jim, loved all the pictures of the city. Glad you were able toget home to get some warmer clothes. Norma
  3. You are sitting at the airport waiting to go on a cruise. I am sitting at Panera curbside waiting for a loaf of bread. Just doesn’t quite feel the same. Norma
  4. Jim and Lain, safe travels tomorrow, you will be in San Diego in a blink of an eye. Cant wait to here your reports on the Millie. I am sure you have those passports packed ha ha, at least your home is much closer to the airport than last time. Norma
  5. Jim so excited you started a week early. Love that 175 plane, I especially like the single first class seats, you and Liam probably want to sit together, but I had many business trips alone and loved that single seat. Are you flying in the same day the cruise departs? I looked at the move up, last time I used I thought you could apply 30 days prior, now for my cruise says 21 days prior. I did the TP and then stayed on to do a 7 night Alaska cruise. Well I guess you have to subject yourselves to more COVID testing. Ha Ha Ha. Norma
  6. Now I am really jelly, but I have to confess, I truly miss you daily review and all your comments, makes me feel like I’m on the ship. I leave for Ft Lauderdale on Oct 26 staying with friends for a few days then we all leave on the Equinox on the 29th for 9 nights ABC, which is just what you completed. Did you hear anything about when and if the are getting rid of the glass blowing show. First time it was interesting, 2nd time like watching grass grow, would rather have the Lawn Club Grill. I will be cho ping at the bit to follow this next BTB. Norma
  7. Does anyone have the link the the you tube video on taking the test. I came across it the other day now I cant find it. Thanks
  8. Oh Jim this brought a tear to my eye that this magical journey will be over when I wake up in the morning. Have loved every minute of this. Not sure what I am going to do now while waiting for my cruise Equinox Oct 29. You and Lian are so handsome, you look like the James Bond twins. Have loved every picture and word. I am not the only one who has enjoyed this trip 85 pages and counting says alot about how people enjoy following you. Enjoy your last day and prepare for your trip home. Norma
  9. Excited to follow along, safe travels, have a great cruise. Norma
  10. Hi Jim, is this the test kit you bought through Celebrity or is this from Emed?
  11. We’ll rain turned out to be a figment of my imagination, no rain not one drop. Now great weather next 10 days.
  12. Thanks so much. Still no rain, now gives some percentages for tonight. Certainly not holding my breath for any rain
  13. Looked at the forcast again, shows no rain now, at least they could have given us our .10 ha ha.
  14. Hcat we have all used different TA's, so are you saying one of the TA'S can link even though the other 2 cabins are booked by different TA's? Thanks.
  15. Jim I was wondering if you could check the prices for a 5 and 6 night package for speciality restaurants. Of course we could book on line at $182.00 and $204.00 respectively, however at this point it is requiring us to pick a date and time for each reservation which we don’t want to do. We have 3 cabins involved and to be frank it’s a pain in the a** to try and link them. Much easier to speak to someone once we get on board. We are curious if prices are the same. If you don’t have time it’s okay, don’t worry about it. I have enjoyed your live blog and looked forward every night to reading all that’s happened for the day, looking forward to the Sept 17 blog. Norma
  16. Same as us in the North bay. To get the rapid test actually have to go into the city. Not my cup of tea, not doing anymore investigation until 2 weeks prior to our sail date 10/29. Can’t wait to follow along. United has changed my flight going to FLL twice, not real happy with them. My return trip is non stop in Polaris, very happy about that.
  17. Jim, anything you can pass on of do's and dont's I will be sailing on the Equinox 10/29/21. Traveling with friends, probably going with the speciality dining package for all 9 nights. Any pic you could provide of Martin Bar or World class bar would be appreciated, my 2 favorite night time hangouts while during daylight hours I hang at Cafe Al Bacio. 61 days for me and counting. I would have liked to sail sooner, but still recovering from my hip replacement.Tomorrow will be the first day I drive to PT since my surgery , watch out all you drivers on 101,ha ha. Norma H20cruzer
  18. My flight leaves 7:30 am on the 26th of Oct, ship sails Oct 29. I would probably have to get the test on the 25th and I think that exceeds the 72 hours. However look what I found on the Celebrity website “ For sailings that require a pre-cruise test, you will be asked to take the test no more than three days before your sail date. How to calculate “three days before”: The day you set sail is not included as one of the days. So for example, if you are setting sail on a Saturday, you can take your test on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before. so looks like I could take the test on Tuesday. I guess I would need rapid test so I would have results prior to hopping on the plane.
  19. Jim nice to see you posting, I have missed all your posts, still counting the days till I leave on a cruise. Trying not to get too excited, certainly don't want another cancelled cruise. Norma PS It's been so long since I have been to SFO I forgot what it looked like ha ha ha
  20. Hope you can answer this question. If not no worries. I will be flying in 3 days plus to Ft Lauderdale for my cruise. I doubt I could get my COVID test and be within 72 hrs at home. Do all CVS’s do the Quick results? Sounds like you need to make an appt and not just walk in? Any info you could provide would be helpful. loving your review and pictures. Norma
  21. Stumbled on this show by accident, fell in love with it in a heart beat. Does anyone know the name of the restaurant on the Amalfi coast that had the storm, for some reason the whole show didn’t record. we are staying very near the AlPantheon restaurant in Rome,Alberto Del Senato Hotel.
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