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  1. Awesome!!! We were also surprised when we got our cabin assignment 45 days out :)
  2. Some offers do include it (we booked 2 recently that includes Drinks while playing) it says on the offer.
  3. Well that was fast - booked the cruise yesterday OV Gty (45 days out) and have my cabin assignment this morning :) Not bad at all category 6C. Now I cross my fingers for an upsell offer and see what happens.
  4. Thanks everyone - we decided to bite the bullet and booked OV guarantee. Keeping our fingers crossed we get an early assignment so we know and maybe an upsell offer lol. Any which way will be all good - just happy to be going!!!!
  5. Hubby and I are sneaking away for a weekend without kids. I know there are lots of upgrade/sell posts, but my question is slightly different. I am curious if anyone has any thoughts/experience around booking a guarantee OV or assigned OV if we hope to receive an upsell offer for a suite (no balcony cabins on Inspiration unless suite). Would be happy with OV but would entertain an offer if it was provided and would like to set myself up for the most options. Thanks in advance :)
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