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  1. Gonna book the Mardi Gras when things get back to normal. I just don't feel like giving the cruise industry money right now with all of the unknowns!
  2. I hope it's not like the shingles vaccine. It made me sick for 3 days!
  3. I was also on the Rhapsody the last week of Feb. I never had a fever but had a terrible chest cold that lasted for two months after. My doctor wouldn't test me for covid because I didn't have a fever, but I'm betting I had it!
  4. Looks like Nassau will be closed until at least December 1. Was on the phone with the Atlantis and they are still not allowed to open.
  5. I wonder how they will fly you home if you test positive? airlines won't let you board so you are gonna be stuck someplace until you test negative. Good Blog though.
  6. Spoke to a rep at the Atlantis yesterday and he said they are hoping to open the end of December but it all depends on what the Bahamian government tells them. I have been trying to get a refund for a cancelled wedding stay due to the hotel being closed.
  7. Right now we are all only speculating! We each know what we hope will be open but until they are up and running and they try a few things, it will all be just a guess! I have several dates for comped cruises for next year, but I'm not even paying the port tax on those until They are up and running for a while. If I miss out on the freebie dates, oh well!
  8. I'm not gonna book any of my free offers until the ships start sailing for a while and they iron things out!
  9. I think they will greatly reduce the ports of call and do many more sea days just to keep the revenue coming. People are so hungry to cruise, and keeping them onboard and spending that money may be the best thing for the company. Cruises to nowhere aren't bad if you just want to relax!
  10. That's what I'm thinking too, but if they do get to start up I'm gonna sit back and let them iron things out first! So there really is a crystal ball!
  11. I went to a Captain's information seminar once while on the Harmony and he said they look at the information for things like what country and how many of what age group will be onboard in two weeks and that is how they determine what to order. They also keep track of how many are getting back on the ship at any given time while in a port to determine when to cook more food for different venue's on the ship.
  12. I wish someone had a crystal ball that actually works! Right now we are all still just guessing!
  13. I wish I was on another cruise. I have done 35 but just not sure about doing #36 and wearing a mask all day on the ship!
  14. I too am a Florida resident and when I log into my disney experience it will only allow me three reservations for entrance to a park at one time. As soon as I use one another will be available. I don't even know how many years we have been annual pass holders. being a Florida native I can't tell you how many times we have been but it's the finances deal. Once a year would be more than enough for me!
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