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  1. Thank you Chief for your wealth of information! How many years were you in the cruise industry? I love reading your information. Maybe you should write a book!
  2. We just got word that the Atlantis will be closed at least until the end of July.
  3. So how does the casino work, and who funds the casino? I go on quite a few compd cruises but was never sure who pays a slot jackpot. Slot manufacture or cruise line? Thanks Chief
  4. So how full would a ship need to be to break even on a voyage? At 50% capacity could they be profitable?
  5. How close is Capital Hill to Pine street and Pike Place Marke? We stayed two days pre cruise last year and walked everywhere. We stayed downtown and walked to the Space Needle and several shops downtown and the market both days?
  6. I'm a member of a large auto club that charged me $40 for cancelling! That only happened once. I'm a fast learner!
  7. I personally would not go on the Empress, no matter how cheap it was. I have been on the Soverign and Monarch and Rhapsody, and don't wish to go on a ship that small again. I have gotten spoiled on the big ships. The only time we have done the small ship lately was to do Key West, which is one of our favorite stops. We aren't going on any cruises until later in 2021. Hopefully things will settle down by then!
  8. Congrats on your new status. Me and my fiancé made Diamond two years ago. We always go to the Schooner bar every evening before going to dinner and enjoy our three free drinks in there. Diamond lounge gets pretty crowded at first, plus we can drink free in the casino so usually we eat and then go to the show and then go to the casino to donate and have a couple of drinks. Happy cruising!
  9. Just checked mine and it is also 2022.
  10. Just pack plenty of clothes and be prepared for a possible 14 day or longer cruise, but hope for the best!
  11. Seems like every year I get the opportunity to do some last minute carb rebuilds for people that just let the old generator sit since last hurricane season. most are an easy fix. Please remember everyone to run your generator at least once a month for about 15 minutes and then turn off the fuel shutoff valve and just let the engine run until it shuts off. When you get ready to crank it next time just open the fuel valve and flip the choke lever on until the engine starts, then turn the choke off. They steps will save you a lot of last minute frustration !
  12. Columbus Cove is our favorite place to relax! We have done 35 cruises and this is the best beach/relax day for us!
  13. All we can do in Florida is make sure the generator runs and we have fuel for several days and be prepared to put up the shutters. Been here 63 years and been through some nasty weather. Summer in Florida without a/c is no fun. My generator won't pull a/c but will run my fridge and a couple of cheap box fans if needed!
  14. I've been on around 35 cruises, and if I would choose to go when they start up I'm sure all of my family would say NO. That being said, I personally don't want to be one of those doing the testing. I love cruising but don't want to take the chance of being quarantined in my cabin for 14 days so I will just wait it out for a while. I have several offers for comp'd cruises but I'm going to pass on them!
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