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  1. So sad to hear no sailaway party and countdown and horn playing Disney tunes. I just don't know if I can justify the price with so much of the cruise taken away. I am a Diamond member with Royal and get casino freebies in the mail weekly but just not comfortable enough yet to take one yet!
  2. Has anyone heard if annual Prime cruise benefits will be extended beyond March 2022?
  3. I don't mind an inside on the newer ships but hated the inside on some of the smaller ships. Smaller ship and very small cabin.Had to crawl to the end of the bed to go to the bathroom on the Sovereign! I was younger then so it was easier, but would be a bit tougher now!
  4. You will love the Mariner! One of our favorites, but all of the big ships are our favorites!
  5. Did you ride out to the park to watch her sailaway John?
  6. Waiting for those daily updates from you John! Have fun!
  7. I've been on September cruises where the entire cruise locations were changed because of hurricanes. Got back on board in Nassau and the Captain announced instead of Grand Cayman and Cozumel we were going to St Thomas and St Maarten! I was ok with that.
  8. when we were there two years ago we saw so may homeless people down by Pike Market and have heard that after all of the looting and streets being shut down because of the riots that areas of downtown might not be the safest. I hope this is not the case. We would like to do this cruise again, but the plane ride was so long from southwest Florida.
  9. Did Ovation out of Seattle two years ago. our best cruise yet. two nights pre cruise in Seattle and had a blast! Not sure about things now.
  10. I'm sure Key West will fight this. They don't want the big ships churning up the bottom, and bringing in thousands into Key West at once! The way everything has been changing who knows what will happen!
  11. Can my status be used on Celebrity and can my Prime casino status be crossed over to Celebrity? I would like to try Celebrity, but I still have some compd offers from Royal.
  12. Fly in the night before and enjoy some excellent latin food!
  13. My thoughts exactly! I don't think these island governments are going to allow a ship with a bunch of non vaccinated people walking around and possibly starting an outbreak!
  14. My question is what ports of call will be open for ships from every cruise line? I have probably missed something about ports other than Nassau and the private islands. Too many ships to send them all to only The Bahamas!
  15. I love ready your posts Chief! So when do you think cruises from the US will start back up?
  16. They just announced on the news that the CDC has a No Sail order until November.
  17. So I doubt that the Adventure is going to be the only ship doing this. Probably 3 or 4 will be docked waiting for passengers after this gets started.
  18. I paid $50 for two people in a limo from the airport to downtown. And the limo picked us up at the cruise terminal and took us to the airport for $50, plus Seattle has port valet so you don't have to drag your luggage off of the ship. It is delivered to the airport and to your destination at no charge.
  19. That's exactly what I'm talking about. We're not talking about a big airport!
  20. And if you have to fly into Nassau like the night before, where are you gonna stay? Paradise Island! bring your wallet!
  21. The airport in Nassau will be a madhouse. I don't see them being prepared for an influx of flights and cruise passengers!
  22. It's gonna be cleaning chemicals that you will smell everywhere on the ship!
  23. I made the decision to not give any money to the cruise lines until they are up and running, and they can prove that the ship and it's passengers won't be quarantined again. I have only done about 35 cruises, and I love them as much as the next person but I'm not giving the cruise lines money for something that is still so uncertain!
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