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  1. On 4/7/2024 at 10:46 PM, Aquahound said:


    You got it made then.  Just drive there and park.  Parking is free and all the trails and views are free.  Enjoy! 🙂

    You can't just get off the ship and get a taxi at the pier to Mendenhall Glacier and just pay the entrance fee yourself and are there taxi's waiting at Mendenhall that can just take you back to the pier, so you can just stay as long as you like?

  2. 6 hours ago, KeithJenner said:

    It was probably a typo, but that isn’t correct. If you buy four $250’s you get $1,000 CNC and pay $500.


    The best way to deal with this is to ignore all the promo stuff that NCL use, don’t talk to the cruise next staff about it and just remember this:


    1 CruiseNext (worth $250) costs $150

    2 CruiseNext (worth $500) costs $250

    3 CruiseNext (worth $750) costs $375

    each additional $250 CruiseNext after that costs an additional $125


    Thats it. Forget talk of OBC and money to spend. It is a simple discount, nothing more than that.

    Yes, it was a typo.  You have simple terms here, Thank you! Why do they make it so confusing? oh wait, like someone said earlier, so you think you have OBC to spend. lol
    Now just one other question, can I use a cruise first and a cruise next on the same reservation?

  3. 5 minutes ago, MoCruiseFan said:

    CN can be very confusing mainly because they over explain how it works.


    They might say it is buy one get one free and they might say buy two and get $250 OBC on the current cruise.  It gets really confusing when they say both and maybe a third or forth description.

    As others have said it really boils down to this.  If you buy two $250 cruise next, you will see those two CN certificates in your MyNCL account on NCL.com.  Your on board account will be charged $250 twice for the price of the two certificates AND you there will be a $250 credit to the account.  So the next effect is that you pay $250 for TWO $250 CN certificates.

    Cb can only be used for deposits and normally only opne per cabin.  They ofetn offer the ability to use two per cabin.

    Lastly, CN used to have a 4 year life span and would expire after that time period if unused.  They now have no expiration date.

    Hope that all helped!


    Yes it did help, So now I have to decide if I want to book now or wait till next month, I think I may wait, it would be worth it to wait.


  4. 35 minutes ago, dbrown84 said:

    no, you don't have this part totally correct.  If you buy one CNC, it will cost you $150 and you get $250 credit to use on the next cruise.  If you buy two or more at once, it will cost you $125 each, and you get $250 to use on another cruise.  So you're not really get $100 (or $125) OBC to use.  It's the discount for the CNC.  It's best not to even think about the OBC.  It's there to confuse people and trick them into thinking they need to go buy something with it

    OMG!!!!  I think I get it now!  But let's see if I really do lol
    So if I buy the four $250's I get $500 CNC and pay $500?   I hope it's right, so I don't frustrate you. 
    Looking at the CNC grid, it all works out with the $125 for each $250 when you buy 2 or more.
    Do you have to use it for Deposit or can you pay your balance with it? and is the max certificates you can use per booking only 2?
    I really appreciate your reply, boy, you're right, they do try to fool you.

  5. Ohhh, I need help, I'm so confused lol

    I've cruised for many years but only 3 times on NCL.  I will be sailing on our 4th NCL cruise in May 2024 and already paid in full, then we have a wedding to go to on NCL Encore in February 2025.  I am trying to get the best price as the cruise in Feb. is quite pricey, my daughter and SIL booked in January, and I went to book now and it's 1k more for the same balcony type.  So I am trying to understand CF and CN.


    From what I understand...

    CF you pay half price and you get full amount.  $150 for $300 or $250 for $500.

    Do you have to use it for a deposit only? or can you use it for payment towards the cruise if you buy it after you book the cruise?


    CN from what I understand is that what you pay for the credit is what you get to spend.  If you buy one $250 CNC you get $250 credit to use on the next cruise deposit AND a $100 OBC for use on the cruise you are currently on.

    If I got that right, my next question is, with CNC, is it only good for the deposit and can you use more than one certificate or do you have to wait for double up to use 2 certificates.  I'm asking because I want to book the "wedding" cruise before it goes even higher, so I'd rather just get one CNC if I can't use 2 when I book.

    I thank you all in advance, and hope you understand all my questions.

  6. 14 hours ago, Cruise Suzy said:



    Here is the info from Carnival Corporation & plc:

    Please provide by email, fax or by mail your complete legal name, reservation/booking number, ship and sailing date, along with proof of ownership of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc shares (for example, photocopy of shareholder proxy card, a dividend tax voucher or a current brokerage or nominee statement with your current mailing address and your brokerage account number blacked out) no later than 4 weeks prior to your sail date to your travel agent or to the cruise line you have selected below. 


    Guest Administration 
    3655 N.W. 87th Avenue 
    Miami, FL 33178 
    Tel 800 438 6744 ext. 70450 
    Fax 305 406 6102 
    Email: shareholders@carnival.com


    The current URL is



    The generic URL (for future years) is




    Thank you so much Suzy

  7. I booked my cruise online and cancelled it online today.  My full payment wasn't due until another couple of weeks.  I had no form to fill out, I just hit the button "cancel cruise" and above it said there is no penalty.  When I clicked it, it was quick and quickly flashed cancelled, then told me to sign in again.  I  haven't gotten an email confirmation, but when I go into my manager and put the Confirmation number in with my last name, it says cruise cannot be found.  I know they are overwhelmed and the system overloaded, but do you think I will get an email confirmation of the cancellation in a day or two?

  8. We just got off a cruise that had 2 medical evacuations.  I ALWAYS purchase trip insurance, I'm also always concerned because you hear of those horror stories that some islands take advantage of you and won't treat you until you fork over thousands of dollars.  We are going on a 10 night Caribbean cruise and am very concerned about this as we start getting older.

    Can anyone who has personally taken ill in the Caribbean and went to a hospital tell me if they actually want cash upfront or do they accept your medical insurance (not Medicare) as my medical insurance from my employer covers me out of the U.S. or trip insurance that they can call and confirm the coverage.

    Thank You!

  9. On 2/20/2019 at 6:58 PM, BNBR said:

    Maya Chan couldn't be more different than Grand Paraiso.  It's the opposite, really.  Very remote, private, small, and way more of a relaxed hang out vibe than "resort."  It's hard to explain until you've been there.  We specifically book western Caribbean cruises just to go to Costa Maya and visit Maya Chan.  It's insanely popular with Cruise Critic folks and there is nothing at all like it anywhere that I've seen.  You should give it a try.  It's got a solid 5 star Trip Advisor rating with 1500+ reviews, for a reaason. It's only $59/pp which includes transportation, drinks, REAL authentic Mexican food, water toys, and your own private palapa with hammock and day bed - basically everything but massages.  And the service is spectacular - they'll kayak out to you in the water to bring drinks.  Last time they even setup a makeshift floating bar out in the water.  I've taken lots of people there and every single one things it's one of the greatest places ever.  I'd be sad if I visited Costa Maya and stayed on the ship... heck, I stayed on at Grand Cayman because I think it's boring, lol.

    WOW!  I just looked up Maya Chan, it looks amazing!  The only thing is the 30 minute ride to and from.  Also, If you want to leave early, is it a problem or do you have to leave a certain time so people can share a taxi?

  10. Hubby and I went to Eden Beach/Spice Club in January. We walked along the water's edge and it was of course a hot day. At Eden/Spice Beach, it was $5pp or $10 for both of us and included two lounge chairs and shared umbrella. There is a bar/restaurant onsite as well as a pool, bathrooms, and an outdoor shower.


    There's a pier with a ladder for easy entry into the water. We snorkeled from this beach and headed over to Coco Beach next door. Along the way we saw a coral farm, porcupine fish, cow fish, trumpet fish, etc. Around the ladder you can see a lot of Sargent majors, blue tangs, and other varieties of fish. If you go snorkeling at this resort or anywhere else on the island, you will need to purchase a "marine tag".


    It was neat to see Klein Bonaire across the water.


    We walked back to the cruise ship pier. I would say it took us about 45 minutes to walk. We also stopped along the way so I could take some pictures of our adventure. It was a beautiful sunny and hot day. Make sure to bring water with you and hydrate.





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    Is this a beach or a pier?

  11. I live in Orlando and cruise often out of Port Canaveral. I parked at the port once until a friend told me about Park n Cruise. I have never waited for a shuttle to leave the port (It seems, when one shuttle pulls away, another pulls right in) and waited once to get the shuttle to the port, but not long. My car is ready for me to leave, I get off the bus and right in my car.



  12. Thank you for this post.

    I was thinking of renting a car from Orlando, but now I may just take my own car and park at the port.



    I have a couple of questions for those who have parked at the port.



    The Port of Miami website states...Travelers who choose to leave their own car for parking at the port can leave their car in a well-lit garage with security or in an open lot, which is also well-lit and gated. The price for parking at the Port for either is $20 per day.

    So is it in a garage or in an open lot?



    Do they ever sell out and not have enough spots? I won't get to the port till around noon or 1pm



    I think I have more, but am watching TV and typing and forgot them lol




    Thanks in advance

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