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  1. We were dead set on going to Emerald Beach in December but had trouble finding a taxi to take us there since no one else was going there when we got off the ship early in the morning. The taxi driver recommended Coki or Magen's, probably to fill up the taxi and we decided to go to Coki since we didn't feel like wasting anymore time. I'm so glad we went there. The beach was beautiful and the water was so clear and calm. We had a great time!



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    Does anyone know if this is common practice with cabs not taking you if there aren't enough of people? We leave Saturday for our cruise and I think have FINALLY decided on Emerald beach, we dock at Havensight, do you know how long a cab ride and how much?

  2. Thank you for your advice. I have been stressing over what to do this time in St Thomas, we arrive in a few weeks at NOON. Only ship in port that day! Freedom of the seas. I have been to Magens Bay on Sunny Liston tours (1st trip) 2nd trip chartered sail boat for the day and went AROUND ST john, too stressful getting cab back from Red Hook, almost missed the ship...last year tried Coki Beach, Just OK. Want to go to : Sapphire, Lindquist OR Emerald. After seeing your photos and reading your advice I have decided to now go to Emerald. Don't want to waste so much time and energy going somewhere far and I also would like to have time to do the sky tram. Thank you :) I think Emerald it will be!


    Well? Did you go? and if so, how was Emerald Beach?

  3. Yes I'm afraid you would find Coki pretty saturated when you arrived and worse as others on your ship came in with you...but it may be your berst choice if you are prepared for that.


    For a nice beach with a restaurant and umbrellas you have a couple choices as you've read - Lindbergh Bay (aka Emerald Beach) and Secret Harbor. SH offers snorkeling and a dive center renting snorkel gear. Lindbergh has more room and would be a good beach choice but no snorkeling.


    Sapphire Beach has plenty of room to spread out with natural shade and offers snorkeling. No restaurant on the beach, but a beach grill (Banana Cabana) offers great mahi mahi and other sandwiches (the mahi mahi is $14) as well as drinks. There is a restaurant behind the marina, a runner takes orders on the beach from both places.


    I think one of these 4 are your best choices, hopefully you can narrow it down from there!


    Are you familiar with Abi Beach Bar? I am really leaning towards Abi but still wonder if I should at least experience Megan's Bay.

  4. I am also looking for a day pass excursion. I've stayed at the Frenchman's reef before but I think the price is quite high just to use their pool since beaches are open to the public.


    What bad reviews did you read about the Ritz and Sugar Bay?

  5. Just took this tour last week on the Norwegian Gem. We had 4 adults and 3 kids 8-10. We loved it!! Not sure how you are getting there, but we took a pirate ship, then a dinghy onto shore. (there was one other group that came in on a catamaran that went closer to shore) Free lounge chairs on the beach. The bar has food for sale that was very good. Clean bathrooms. Gift shop. We rented a paddle boat. The boat that we took in had snorkel gear if we wanted to use it. It's a beautiful place, have fun!!


    Thank you for posting this as I am cruising next week and saw Carnival's excursion to Abi Beach, the only negative I heard is that the beach is rocky. How rocky is it and is it a deal breaker? Also, is the water clean and can you see your feet? Thanks

  6. CCL also allows travel agents dealing with Carnival to book Interline Rates also.


    I am a travel agent with an IATAN card, is the Interline rate the discount I would receive on a Carnival cruise? I called today and got 2 prices on the same call for the same cabin and there was a $500 difference. The first price I got the woman said this is the price but I can't book you and transferred me to someone else and they gave me the interline price which was $500 higher.


    This is new to me, so I appreciate your help.

  7. you get free art from the auction ????


    i like to get the money too


    but my very fav in the ceramic ship iv got 4 of them one from each cruise we been on and im about to get # five :)


    My favorite is the ships also, BUT the ones I've been getting on the 3 different ships I've been on aren't ceramic, they are $25 each and are a very heavy plastic mold. I like to have the captain sign them.

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