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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Orange Fever is great.


    $7 for a chair, umbrella, free drink and bathroom access, including shower.


    Great food and drink at good prices.


    There are several other spots along the beach that have showers, some included and some for a small additional charge. Water is trucked in and is precious.




    I know this is an old thread, but has what I am looking for.

    How far is Orange Fever from the pier and to get a taxi there, do you have to go over the "draw bridge" everyone is talking about. In other words, do I have to allow a lot of time to get back to the pier?


  2. Congratulations!


    I won a few years ago, well my 11 year old son won, but I snatched the card from him and yelled bingo.


    Didn't take him or my daughter on the free cruise. Did feel a little bad about leaving them home with the grand parents.


    Enjoy your cruise. Ours ended up costing us about $1000 after upgrading to a balcony and paying for onboard expenses. Still much cheaper than if we paid for all of the cruise.


    Was it Big Daddy Cash calling the numbers?


    Congrats to the OP on winning the cruise. I was on the 5 night FOS and won the free cruise, it was for 4-6 nights, does anyone know if they will let me upgrade to a 7 night (if I pay for the upgrade)?

  3. You can't get both reduced deposits and interline rates. You need to book interline rates through an interline travel agency. Sometimes, you'll receive lower costs or better bonus incentives through the cruise line than interline. Celebrity has been having some nice perks, not available to interline rates.


    Where do you find just an interline travel agent?

  4. Here's a map of Coco Cay, the beach loungers are located at #25.


    The cabins are located at #1 on the map and there is no beach in this area for swimming.




    Thanks for the map. Is South beach the beach where the water is clean, no sea weed etc.

    We were there once and we sat under palm trees but it was a little alcove and the water wasn't so clean.

    It also seemed small, I feel like I am missing something, especially since we are going there on FOS, which means I know the island has to be able to accommodate all the people on FOS

  5. For a party of 8 I would make reservations. Especially for first night and formal nights. They are not required, but it will limit (or eliminate) your wait time.


    So for a party of 4, do you think I would be okay just showing up? The reason for MTD is to not plan.

  6. Thanks for this post. I went on my CP earlier today and it said you have to make reservations for MTD, on Carnival I just showed up and they seated us with no problem.

    Do you really have to make a reservation, I thought the My time dining was to just show up on my time.


    Thanks for your advice.

  7. * The food in the MDR, the best on any cruise I've been.

    * The service everywhere: restaurants, bars, Guest Relations, shops, even the guys that opens the door for you in the bathrooms.

    * Cafe Al Baccio (delicious desserts), Martini Bar (great cocktails and ambient).

    * The tent with iced water, towels, and chairs at every port of call.


    WAIT! Someone opens the door for you when you go to the bathroom?

  8. Previous responses to your question have given you accurate info, but I'd just add that if a big part of enjoying yourself on a cruise is late-night music, dancing and partying, Celebrity is probably not a good fit for you. Certainly on a 7 night Caribbean cruise there will be a party scene to some extent, but on the longer cruises often there is not. (It is going to depend on the passengers on that sailing and whether there are enough interested in late-night entertainment.)


    No, not looking for a partying crowd, however I am looking for a fun crowd. I like to have late evening cocktails with live music. But like someone else said, the late show gets out late, so I am good with that.

  9. A bit low key means no belly flop or beer chugging contests. Entertainment (dancing and entertainment) goes on till 2am or later. If it is offered, go to the "Silent Disco" which usually starts at 10pm and goes on till people drop. It is a fun concept and impossible to explain, you have to experience it.


    Thanks for the clarification. I'm looking forward to trying Celebrity. Will keep my eyes open for the silent disco.

  10. Equinox is a beautiful ship, with a wonderful staff. Food was very good, wines a large variety. On the downside, it was a bit low key for me, but a very enjoyable experience.


    It was my first X cruise, my first TA. Will be trying the Millennium over Christmas and New Years.



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    Can you please elaborate on what you mean "a bit low key". Is there music/bands playing till at least midnight or later?

  11. We love being greeted with a glass of bubbly when we step aboard. Love the chilled towels a cool refreshing drinks waiting for us dockside when returning after a hot port day or the hot soup after a cold one. Love the rolled real towels in the restroom. Love the concierge who offers great insider port advice and bends over backwards to make our trips amazing. Love breakfast on my balcony. Love the staff who go the extra mile with ready smiles.love the fresh waffles and eggs Benedict. The adults only solarium is restful and relaxing. Murano is our favorite specialty restaurant and if you book on embarkation day you get a discount! Love the ease of finding poolside drink butlers as well as waitstaff at the theater. The setup at the ocean cafe is great with its station setup it avoids log lines.


    I've read several posts stating champagne when you board, is the champagne complimentary?

    Also, read about the drinks when you reboard. Are they complimentary also and what do they offer on reboard one?

    BYW, I love eggs Benedict and only eat them when I cruise. Looking forward to it.

  12. I'm going on my first X cruise in a little more than a month, and am very happy to read these responses. It's making me even more excited about embarkation.


    As someone who is not even 30 I'm really happy that there won't be many children on board so no one has sounded like a grumpy old man to me.


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    I am glad to see that not only empty nester cruise on Celebrity, and we have some younger ones also who sail. Although I have never sailed on Celebrity, I am looking forward to sailing without an over abundance of kids also.

  13. I am new to Celebrity. Tell me what I am going to love about Celebrity cruise line and especially Celebrity Equinox.

    I've read a couple of reviews, but what I want to more or less hear about are specifics of what you all love about cruising on Celebrity and for those who have sailed on the Equinox itself, tell me what you love about that ship.



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