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  1. UK consumer rules dictate that a higher price must have been shown in the last 28 days before a price comparison can be made. i.e. was £9000, now £7000. I`m assuming and hoping that the initial new pricing will drop at the 28 day stage in UK. Sometime around 28/4/20. Thanks UKTOG for jogging my memory on this on a previous post
  2. Priority booking for excursions and dining appears to be one of the benefits I would receive. Would I be enabled to enjoy this benefit ? If so, does anyone know if/when how far out I would receive notification that bookings are open?
  3. We have recently booked 25 consecutive nights with RSSC. Having never cruised with Regent before now I`m looking for information with regard to Seven Seas Society. I read on the Memberships Benefits page that : Upgrade tier status instantly on your first voyage when sailing 21 nights or more My interpretation is that when we cruise and as the cruise is more than 21 nights we will be granted Silver status and immediately receive all the benefits entailed when we board. Am I correct in this assumption?
  4. These are p.p. My apologies if I mislead anyone. This is for a cruise I`m pricing for 2022.
  5. Just reviewed uk pricing v U.S. pricing for a cruise I`d researched on Azamara website. No current 60% off second guest. Today 2nd April. Category V2 US price $8127 =£5877. UK price £8578 = $11865 Here's hoping they have a similar offer in UK soon.
  6. No sale in UK today just extortionate prices. Hopefully, AZUK may catch up after this holiday weekend.
  7. The ships are "parked" in Scotland, part of the United Kingdom. Nothing to stop them leaving. At the moment, travellers from overseas have to quarantine on entry to UK, of which Scotland is part of. Not an issue inhibiting crew being flown in with plenty of time to include quarantine. The Gulag will be open soon!
  8. Thank you. I forwarded the certificate to her today.
  9. On 24th Feb 2021 we booked and paid a deposit to our TA. We were referred by a kind Ambassador on the same day. I received an email confirming the referral on 24th Feb. and stating that an FCC of $250 would be applied to my account within 14 days. Today, I emailed RSSC to follow up as I could not see FCC. on my online account. In response, I received 2 FCC certificates valued at £100 each I`m assuming I forward this FCC Certificate to my T.A. prior to final payment?
  10. And for Ambassador referrals?
  11. Thank you Crickette. alexs80@hotmail.com. I have just confirmed the booking with my T.A.
  12. So excited. We are just about to firm things up with our T.A. with regard to our first time booking with Regent sailing April 2022. Is there any kind person out there who would like to sponsor us?
  13. Is the Sunset Bar on Deck 9 closed after dining is completed in Windows Cafe? Is there an actual bar in this area at the stern? Can one sit outside on a balmy evening and have a few drinks? I`ve been on Pursuit and I cannot recall a bar area at the rear of the ship. It seemed to me that this was an extension of Windows Cafe.
  14. Be nice if the refit was performed in Belfast just like Pursuit.
  15. Ok, I`m being flippant....How about Azamara Doonthewatter.....in recognition to the Glasgow hospitality given to the 3 ships currently docked in KG5 Shieldhall
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