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  1. I haven’t done this tour, but my dive booties are the best. You can walk on rocks and your feet don’t get hurt. They cover your whole foot and are made to get wet. Just go by water shoes
  2. Would love to have her back in Florida, we would get MJ as concierge back in FL. Many Floridans miss Mangesh!
  3. The year I met you two, I did 14 cruises on the Monarch in one year. When we had the Welcome Back Party, I would say nice to see you again, Drew. He was polite and would say hello, but his eyes said I’ve never seen you. Really???? I didn’t care if he knew my name, but just an eye recognition would have been nice. I never saw him just stop and talk to any passengers. Glad to know he was personable to you two.
  4. Have fun. I’m going again in September.
  5. I’m to be on the Mariner Friday, free from the casino. If they cancel it, do I get to choose another weekend for free?
  6. Did you feel safe taking a cab back to the ship?
  7. In Florida, August is when kids go back to school, so they usually don’t include August in KSF. Sometimes the last week of August is included.
  8. You will have a free balcony, not as many choices. I received H19FAL3 for only an Ocean view. Way less choices than the FAL1
  9. Does the Bahamian govt give the IRS the amount you won like RCCL? Or, is it all tax free money?
  10. Yes. They have some sandwiches at lunchtime. They were very good. They had omelettes in the morning.
  11. I put the Harmony Concierges on the other thread. I’ll look it up again and put it on this one.
  12. I would love it. I don’t get off the ship in Nassau. Hope they change the August Mariner 3 nighters.
  13. Just off Harmony. Ate in the MDR twice with my daughter’s family. Waiter asked for a 10 for his assistant waiter. Said it was very important for her.
  14. Harmony concierges Cheker leaves 8/4/19 Mohamed goes to SL Jeremias leaves 10/6/19 Mohamed leaves 12/1/19 I asked kind of late in the cruise and it was crazy busy. I don’t know who will replace Mohamed in the diamond lounge when he goes to the suite lounge when you Cheker goes on vacation.
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