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  1. Fun! I’ll play: All I need is the sea and the sky and I know where I stand Instead of you hicks straight out of the sticks deciding I ain't a man. You'll never understand. Up here I'm a whisky bum but down there I'm a king. Sounds just like the angels up in heaven when they sing... welcome home, welcome home. Such a sight to see. Instead of some Salvation Army sister singing "Nearer My God To Thee."
  2. Oh, that world cruise ... talk about a bucket list trip. Time to start playing the lottery or brush up on my bank-robbing skills ...
  3. That’s my hope, too. Something that puts this bug on par with the flu — still unfortunate but more manageable.
  4. May we join you? Our favorite spot on the ship! And we can share a virtual drink with all of you without fear of infection. My husband is recovering from what is almost certainly Covid-19 (will get test results soon); we feel a bit like lepers at the moment. So it’s fun to come here for a few minutes and put that behind us. Loved the panoramic views from the lounge. We never really took to the Living Room; although it was lovely, we missed being able to see outside. And the ambience was wonderful with the star charts lit up ...
  5. Glad you made it home, and I am beyond jealous of your TP haul. Good thing I don’t have your address!
  6. Ah. Well, if that ever becomes an issue, one’s best bet is to boil water for 20 minutes before drinking it. We did that for years when living overseas.
  7. I sort of get the logic behind TP hoarding. Being concerned about getting stuck under house quarantine for a couple weeks, etc. But I really don’t get hoarding bottled water. What is THAT about? Are people afraid the water supply will suddenly dry up or something?
  8. I actually really liked Viking’s approach to tipping on our 2018 cruise. They automatically added a gratuity charge to the onboard bill; if you wanted to change it, you had to take action. That seemed like a reasonable compromise between putting all responsibility on you (which meant you would be more likely to skip or forget it) vs. baking the gratuities into the price of the cruise. I admit to not really understanding the latter option, since tipping is supposed to be for excellent service. If it’s just another fee, then wouldn’t that just be considered a salary raise? That’s fine too, but then why call it a gratuity?
  9. Hi, Sparkles — I think we purchased our shuttle tickets online through Viator: https://m.viator.com/tours/Bruges/Return-Cruise-Shuttle-Service-from-Zeebrugge-to-Bruges/d4836-22540P1 But you probably could just show up without an advance ticket. Other people did. You do have a short walk from the shuttle drop-off into the city center because Bruges doesn’t allow buses there. If that’s a problem, there are always taxis. We went in April, so the weather is probably similar. Probably cool rather than cold. Layers are a good way to go. I think you can check the weather online at places like weather.com. I brought a lightweight jacket, a cardigan, a couple sweaters, and some tank tops to layer underneath in case it got especially cold. (Hello, Norway!) And some pretty scarves. I think there were a few warmer days in Spain where I wore a lightweight shirt. There’s quite a temperature range on this cruise, given that it runs between Norway and Spain. Layering is your friend. It’s a fantastic cruise. Have a great time!
  10. I had the best negroni of my life in the Explorer’s Lounge on Sky. (Well, more than one, actually.) There was a particular bartender that made them; the other guys weren’t able to produce it. Aside from the extra orange peel and a bit of soda, I don’t know what he did differently. I got one most evenings when he was on duty!
  11. Glad you’ll get to see Bruges. It was a real highlight for us when we took your cruise in 2018. For anyone else reading this thread and wondering, it’s very easy to get into Bruges on your own. That’s the one place where we did our own thing rather than take an excursion. When you walk out the gates of the port area, there’s a shuttle company to your right and across the street. It’s cheap and runs frequently. You can book ahead or you can just show up. Rick Steves goes into more detail, or I’d be happy to provide more info if desired. My only complaint about Bruges is that we didn’t have nearly enough time there!
  12. So, gently nudging us back on track here, thanks to everyone who has posted their thoughts about this line so far. What I’ve heard people say they liked about Regent: - the all-inclusiveness of the fare - perks with higher-end cabins - more onboard space per passenger - business-class flights - itineraries - larger cabins - informal daytime dress code - friendly passengers - familiarity Anything else?
  13. Probably depends on what happens afterwards.
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