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  1. Hm. We’re connecting within the same terminal, 2F to 2E. Most descriptions online say 30-40 minutes. Sounds like that’s rather optimistic. We’ve got 1 hour and 20 minutes, as it turns out.
  2. Viking will add buses to included tours that list as “sold out.” You are guaranteed every included excursion, no matter what level cabin you’re in. Check in at the desk when you arrive, and they’ll help you sort it out. As for the dining reservations, I’m guessing it’s a Covid thing with reduced seating? We were easily able to get reservations at both of the specialty restaurants while onboard, but this was pre-pandemic. That said, we found we preferred the World Café most of the time. No reservations required.
  3. We are about to take our 2nd Viking cruise, PV room both times. That said, the DV rooms look fine. Aside from slightly less room, no couch, and a few missing perks, they’re not wildly different from the PVs. Every room includes a balcony and the same excellent service. DH and I like to spend time in our room to wind down in the evenings, so we appreciate the couch and extra space. If you’re more of a socializer, that may be less important. We also don’t cruise as often as many folks here do. If we did, we would probably go for the V or DV cabins and be perfectly happy.
  4. I didn’t comb through that data, but maybe this is what you’re seeing: The more people who get vaccinated, the higher the percentage of vaccinated people who test positive. That’s just statistics. If 100% of the population is vaccinated, then 100% of all positive cases will be among vaccinated people. I believe Iceland has a higher percentage of vaccinated people than the US. Personally, I’m much more interested in the hospitalization rate among vaccinated people. So far, that’s wonderfully tiny.
  5. Thanks to the good advice I received here, I worked with our travel agent today and changed our outbound tickets to Florence. We’re now flying through Amsterdam with a 2-hour layover, which seems more doable. Arriving only an hour later in Florence. And we upgraded to Delta’s Premium Select, so we should be a bit more comfortable. (Has anyone flown this class? One step up from Comfort + but not First Class.) Return flight through Paris is unchanged. Same 1-hour connection. But I’m not quite as concerned about missing that one. Thanks for the great tips, everyone!
  6. Viking displays the window/door configuration on its website. (See first photo below.) We had the slider last time, and while I liked the light, I didn’t like not being able to see out the window when sitting on the couch. (See second photo.) We ended up with the window/door for our upcoming cruise. I’ll be curious to compare the two.
  7. Nice! We never got an email; I discovered the assignment when I checked MVJ. Maybe they sent one to our travel agent?
  8. Re: books — a Kindle is a fabulous travel companion. I never leave home without it.
  9. Good ideas, thanks. I will check with our agent about the later Florence flight. The return is trickier; it’s from Athens and has an even shorter connection in Paris (1 hour 5 minutes or something). But I’m a bit less concerned if we miss the flight home — assuming they put us up somewhere overnight.
  10. No idea if that’s their usual procedure, but that was the case for us. Our cabin was assigned very shortly after our final payment.
  11. We are doing a pre-cruise excursion in Tuscany, so we won’t miss the cruise if we miss our connecting flight. But I’d hate to miss our Tuscany excursion. Maybe I’ll talk with our travel agent and see what we can do at this point. It does seem strange that the airlines would let you book a connection that’s impossible to make. (This is all on Delta/Air France.)
  12. That song would definitely make me want to throw myself overboard.
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