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  1. Seems goofy to be suddenly concerned about paper forgeries. The world has traveled up until now with paper-based vaccination records, like that vaccination booklet we used to have to carry to Asia and Africa. Those were theoretically easy to forge, too. Though we didn’t have Photoshop back then.
  2. Gack. How are you eliminated? My understanding is that the US will accept WHO-approved vaccines, not just CDC-approved. From the Wall Street Journal: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention previously told airlines that the vaccines that have been authorized or approved by the Food and Drug Administration or listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization will meet the criteria for travel to the U.S. That would include the Pfizer Inc. - BioNTechSE, Moderna Inc. and Johnson & Johnsonvaccines that are in use in the U.S., the Oxford– AstraZeneca vaccine and China’s Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine hasn’t yet been authorized or approved by the FDA or WHO.
  3. Yes, exactly. That’s why it bugs me when the media breathlessly announces things like “One third of all new cases are among the vaccinated!” and people — and governments — start assuming vaccinations don’t prevent infection. But if nearly 100% of your population is vaccinated, then most of your infections will take place among vaccinated people because they make up most of the population. The percentage game changes as more people are vaccinated. Far more helpful and actionable are the actual caseload numbers. Or the percentage of vaccinated people who have breakthrough infection. Not total population percentages. Stepping off soapbox now. EDIT: And I see Heidi13 just posted the same thing at the same time. Great minds, etc.
  4. The US is finally allowing (vaccinated) tourists again as of November 8. https://news.yahoo.com/covid-us-lift-travel-ban-132752053.html Come on over!
  5. We had rough seas on Biscay, too. At one point as DH and I sat outside on an upper deck, the ship tipped in a huge swell and we heard a bunch of smashing and crashing of dishes from inside. Then the ship tipped the other way, and we got another round of smashing and crashing. For some reason we found this extremely funny. I imagine the restaurant staff were less amused. Viking put out green apples everywhere, which are supposed to help with seasickness. I didn’t like the wrist bands, found them uncomfortable, but ginger capsules worked well for me. Any time I started to feel the least bit oogly I just popped a couple ginger pills and felt fine. Oh, and I watched the horizon, which also helped. I did a bit worse when I couldn’t see outside.
  6. Yes, it is getting worse. I’m using Safari on an iPhone XS running iOS 15, if that helps anyone, and I’m having to log in again and again throughout the day. Sometimes logging in doesn’t seem to help, and I have to completely shut down the site, close my browser tab, and open a new tab. Or I have to clear my cache for this site. That actually works the most reliably. But as others have said, I don’t have these issues on any other site.
  7. Well, you may be right! A few hours ago, Israel announced that US tourists could enter Israel. (They already announced a little while ago that they would accept Europeans.) https://m.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/coronavirus/covid-jabbed-us-tourists-to-enter-israel-with-personal-health-declaration-681739 The hitch: we have to have had at least one jab within the past 6 months. That means a booster. I’m getting mine next week, but I don’t know how that will work for folks who got non-Pfizer vaccines. Like my husband. But I’m more hopeful than I was this morning!
  8. I very much hope you’re right … and that they announce it soon enough for Viking to make the appropriate arrangements. I would dearly love to go!
  9. You might want to wait on this. We are booked on that cruise, but it’s looking pretty unlikely to happen unless Israel dramatically changes their entry requirements very soon. Right now they require quarantine upon arrival but are expected to change their policies within the next few days. https://hamodia.com/2021/10/11/foreign-tourists-to-be-allowed-back-in-israel-from-november-1/ Nothing is certain yet, but Israel is considering changing its requirements to: - Allow US tourists only from certain states - Require booster shots - Require antibody testing (and quarantine) upon arrival Any one of those options would probably result in a canceled cruise. So I’d wait a bit before booking. Or maybe book a later cruise.
  10. Yes, seems like Viking could adjust the cruises to enable pax to do the entire Great Lakes. Maybe they will. But how will Viking be allowed to do the Mississippi cruise given the restrictions of the Jones act? Or are those river boats too small to be affected? (And of what value is this act anyway in our era?)
  11. Wow. United moved your flight time three hours forward on the day of your departure?? That’s shriekworthy. I’m also impressed that your wife goes to the hairdresser just hours before takeoff. 😄 She has more intestinal fortitude than I.
  12. We traveled in colder months so I don’t know about shorts and t-shirts. But on some evenings after long days excursioning, we didn’t feel like changing out of jeans, and we were fine in the more casual World Café for dinner. We were also fine afterward in the Explorer’s Lounge or one of the many onboard nooks and crannies for reading or chatting, like the seats alongside the Wintergarden. We didn’t attend most of the shows, and we didn’t visit Torshavn in the evening; we probably would’ve dressed up a bit (changed into slacks) for those.
  13. Yes, our MVJ also tells us to get a PCR test before arrival in Italy, though Italy currently takes both PCR and antigen tests. But it makes sense that Viking would tell us to take the most cautious route and just get the PCR, in case requirements change en route. You can’t go wrong with the PCR test. (Unless of course it comes up positive, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.)
  14. We’re at about 90 days out now, no excursions. I’m pretty sure the holdup is Israel. No point in arranging excursions if the country won’t let us in.
  15. We’re on that cruise, too (looking forward to meeting you!), and our flights have changed 2-3 times. I’ve lost count. My bigger concern is whether the cruise will happen at all, given Israel’s current quarantine requirements. Here’s hoping they loosen up in time for Viking to arrange excursions, etc.
  16. We liked our PV sliding door when standing in the room but not when sitting on the couch. This time we’re trying the separate door/window combo so we can see outside when on the couch. I imagine there are pros and cons to each configuration, like anything else.
  17. The rapid PCR tests offered in our area require sitting in a waiting room. Think I’ll trot out one of our wildly uncomfortable N95 masks for that visit.
  18. Columbia also makes an assortment of jackets. I recently bought this one: https://www.columbia.com/p/womens-heavenly-hooded-jacket-1738151.html I got the version without a hood. They also sell a longer version. LL Bean also makes a variety.
  19. Er, hem, well, yes. And I never did make it to the end of one of his lectures! (My loss because he really was quite interesting.)
  20. We booked a GTY room last spring on a cruise that was mostly sold out. We got the last PV available at that time. Within a month or two after booking, they assigned us a room in the category we booked. The cruise isn’t until next January.
  21. You can also watch past lectures on the TV anytime. There was one lecturer on our cruise whom I really enjoyed, but his voice was so soothing it always put me to sleep! Rather embarrassing. So I ended up watching his lectures on the TV afterward from the safety of our room.
  22. Great suggestions, thanks, everyone. Just got the PacSafe Metrosafe LS100, and I think it’s going to work well. https://pacsafe.com/collections/metrosafe-ls-classics/products/metrosafe-ls100-anti-theft-crossbody-bag?variant=40891427520712 It won’t win any beauty awards, but it’s probably more important that it be unobtrusive. (I bought the black version instead of the gray, which I thought was prettier but more noticeable.) It’s also a little larger than I actually need, but definitely not a large bag overall. And the main section is padded, which is ideal for my camera. I also bought the cuff from Peak Design. I use their camera straps and think they’re fantastic. The cuff seems like a great idea. And it will work with my Nikon Z7, too. So that’s taken care of! Now to find a good travel wallet for DH …
  23. I posted this question over in the photography forum, but it doesn’t get much action. I plan to bring my small point-and-shoot mirrorless camera (Canon G1X III) on our cruise. I’m looking for a crossbody case for it that has some anti-theft features. Any ideas? If you bring a camera beyond just your phone, how do you carry it to discourage thieves? What case do you use?
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