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  1. I received the reminder email today, too. Love their persistence.🙄 "Hello! Just a friendly reminder that you are being invited to participate in a brief survey about vacations to help shape the future of travel. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete..."
  2. I got the survey yesterday. Ignored it because it looked like SPAM. Even knowing it is legit, I'm not going to take it. I had a November 2020 cruise booked, but Lift-and-Shifted it to November 2021.
  3. I was on this cruise. I don't have a lot of time right now to read this whole thread and to stick around for a lot of chatting (only have a few days turn around time between this cruise and a fly-to trip to Abaco - I'm in exhausted, rushed unpack-clean-and-repack mode). But I'll answer questions and clarify where I can. Our original ports were supposed to be Amber Cove (January 13th) and Grand Turk (January 14th). We missed both. Nassau was added (as announced in a letter from the Captain on the 14th) in order to give us a port day. We stopped in Nassau on January 15th, which
  4. I LOVE that show (new season comes out tomorrow!)! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her wardrobe! But I could never fit into it - she's like a size zero.😮 And I'm so so not. I don't like the way my legs look in shorts so I don't ever wear them except for gardening in my back yard. I sometimes wear capris, and will pack one pair for each cruise, but no shorts. Other than the retro-style dresses, all my sundresses and skirt ensembles are very comfortable and easy to wear.
  5. Thanks! I'm really into the 1950s - early 60s fitted bodice/circle skirt belted sundresses and cocktail dresses. I just love the classic, flattering, feminine lines of them. I even wear crinolines with them, to get the fabulous full skirt effect. I forgot to add in my previous post, to fully answer the OP: these are what I wear during the day. I change for dinner, into a more evening-appropriate dress, then I stay in that dress for all evening shows, entertainment, etc. I don't use the ship's pools or hot tubs, so I won't be seen wearing a swimsuit onboard. And I ne
  6. I'm so saddened by this. My prayers and sympathy to Jack and all his family. Topher was the best goodwill ambassador any beach bar (or any place at all, for that matter) could have had. He has added immeasurably to our enjoyment of our many visits to Jack's Shack over the years. He will be sorely missed by thousands from all over the world. I was just one month away from being able to hang out with him for two days on my BTB.
  7. For Sea Days, I'll generally wear sundresses like these: Or, if I'm feeling more casual, a peasant skirt with a fitted top, something like this:
  8. Would it be cheating to tell you that Eurodam is passing you right about now to your port, doing 21.5 knots to your 15? But that AotS is only doing 12 and you're leaving her in your wake?
  9. I wasn't aware that using an available resource to answer your request for information was cheating. I didn't know we were playing a game. I was answering a query correctly. I guess that is not what you were looking for. I apologize.
  10. If they are the ones behind you right now, Eurodam and Allure of The Seas. ETA: In that order (Eurodam is closest to you, with AotS behind her).
  11. Nope, Sky Princess is currently moored in Ft Lauderdale. It was Regal Princess.
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