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  1. I do this for my family, too! Same dollar store baskets (mine are oval, and come 3 for a dollar), but we each put one on our night stand for all of our personal small items. It keeps the cabin from getting cluttered, and keeps things where we can find them. I also use several more of these same baskets around the cabin for other items: one is full of individually wrapped alcohol hand wipes, on the counter under the TV, where they can be grabbed and taken with us as we leave the cabin; one is in a drawer at the dressing table holding hair accessories; etc., etc. We use them at hotels and resorts, too. Every time we return home from a trip, the baskets go into the dishwasher (little bit OCD clean-freak tendencies, here), then get packed away with the rest of the travel gear for the next trip. Eventually, after a few years and lots of trips, they break and get thrown away. No great loss.
  2. Yes, thank you, that is exactly who I meant. I'm not touching on the board at all. I admit total ignorance as to how culpable those individuals might be held.
  3. Woah up a minute there, boy! Down, Jimbo! You're kinda jumping all over her and seem to be yet again taking criticism towards Carnival personally. Touchy, touchy.
  4. This sounds pretty good. I'll only add: in addition to the year of probation added for each year in which a violation occurs, another fine for each of those years of, oh, let's say $10 million. I'd also like to see a large part of said fines used towards oceanic pollution abatement efforts. Make Carnival Corp. actually pay to clean up some of the mess they made. It would be a nice cherry on top for me if the top execs deemed ultimately responsible had to do community service hours - literally doing beach and/or ocean clean-up, themselves. I'd love to see that. But, realistically, not expecting anything of the sort. Just a desire-for-karma-fueled fantasy.🤩🦄🌎
  5. Nice. Thank you. I've been seriously considering trying MSC, especially because of their Status Match program. It's brilliant marketing, IMO. Have a great cruise!
  6. I'm curious, in the Status Match program, what Voyager's Club level does one get for Carnival Platinum? Silver? Gold?
  7. According to my IT expert / company owner DH, it is certainly possible to put a functioning network in place for this. It would cost at least $20,000 to $40,000 to do it properly. But why would Carnival spend that money, just so that they could lose more money on all those drinks being purchased (that would otherwise be covered by Cheers!) on the island? It makes no $en$e for them to do so.🤑
  8. It sounds like you have a great attitude and will have a great cruise! I like the free Steakhouse every night idea! I'm sorry for your loss and I wish you healing and happiness and many more great cruises, Aloha.
  9. You and I both know the chocolate was never actually on the pillow. And was not chocolate, either. 😜
  10. I stay in Ocean Suites all the time. They are indeed included in the referenced "deluxe" grouping and include the perks of such.
  11. As already clearly stated, FTTF and Platinum do not get guaranteed dining time. They get Priority. Diamond and Suite guests are the only ones that get guaranteed. No, it doesn't say anywhere that I have ever seen that anything above a Junior Suite is a deluxe suite. The JS thing was just my guess, as I stated earlier. I think Carnival has intentionally used some ambiguous language in such cases as this. An Ocean Suite is definitely a "deluxe suite accommodation" by Carnival's (albeit unstated) definition. Yes, there are more "deluxe" options above the level of OS. That does not negate the fact that OS is "deluxe". Guaranteed dining time is absolutely included. TAs, PVPs, and Upsell Fairys alike mention it as an included benefit for an OS when "pitching it". And it does exist in print from Carnival that it is indeed included. So, yeah, you may be way off.
  12. What? Where did you include itinerary? And what does an any itinerary have to do with this discussion? Jimbo, you feeling alright?
  13. No, it was just proper grammar and proper punctuation. But I get your attempt at a joke.
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