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  1. I have had Vermont butter and agree that it is very good. But if I were choosing my favourite butter to take, it would be Irish butter. I did the online search for Kerrygold sold individually, too, and came up with the same lack of results. I have had individually-wrapped Kerrygold pats at U.S. as well as Bahamian restaurants. I know the Bahamas gets UK imports that we can't necessarily get here in the U.S. (such as the cheese that is required to make authentic Bahamian mac & cheese🤤). But since I've seen Kerrygold pats in the U.S., I was originally hoping I could find a local supply of it. Oh well. Not a big deal. I can buy sticks of it here for home uses and take my generic non-Irish butter from Sysco on the cruise.
  2. I don't have a Costco anywhere near me. I'm limited to Sysco and Sam's Club for this type of thing. Although I think that might be the same butter that I'll be getting from Sysco.
  3. Wow, that makes at least half a dozen points upon which we have agreed over the last decade, Jimbo! Maybe we have enough in common to be successful business partners after all.
  4. Not as good as Irish butter, IMO. I wish I could find a supply of individually-wrapped Kerrygold pats locally to take on my cruise.
  5. No problem. How about Carnival Cutback Alleviation Kits? We're gonna be RICH!!!🤑 Just think, the more Carnival cuts back, the more we add to our inventory, the more desirable our product becomes, and the more money we make! Considering Carnival's cutback track record, the potential for our profit is practically endless.
  6. 🤑🤑🤑 Good idea! I mean, I do have at least 3 lbs of extra butter, about 1800 extra individually-wrapped plastic straws, and 450 extra Sugar in the Raw packets (I bought these already, and they both came in HUGE boxes with much much more than I will need🤣). I could put together and sell Cutback Mitigation Kits, right there at the Port: butter pats Andes mints Sugar in the Raw packets coffee stirs plastic straws drink umbrellas (I actually have a box of these, too. I bought them many years ago for home use) Twinings and Bigelow teabags I think we're onto something, here, Jimbo. Wanna become a partner in this great business venture, since it was your brilliant idea? We could make a fortune!🤑
  7. Butter is not an important part of my life. For me, this is just one more little thing that has gotten worse about a Carnival cruise over the last few years. And it's one more thing/cutback/change I can do something about - just like bringing my own decent teabags, a new mattress pad (which I leave behind each cruise), etc. For the record, I was not part of any "outrage" over this butter thing. I found out about the change here (thank you, CCers, for keeping me informed), and then simply looked into what I could do to mitigate the negative effects of this change on my cruise, and went forward with my plan. Along the way, I am sharing information that might be useful to others who might want to do the same. And entertainment for the rest of you. You're welcome.
  8. Yep, I'll be freezing the extra. I forgot to mention that originally, and just edited to add it. No big deal to travel with it in a small cooler. We're driving to the port. I do what I consider "worth it" to me to improve my cruise experience and try to counteract some of the cutbacks that have degraded the quality of that Carnival cruise experience over the years.
  9. $17.99 for 4.25lbs. That's $4.23 a lb. Not bad in my book, considering the convenience packaging, which always adds to the price of a product. Eww. Take butter from the MDR? No thank you. ETA: Just to be clear: I will not be taking the whole 4.25 pounds of butter on my cruise. I mean, I like butter, but that's A LOT of butter! The cruise is only 10 days, so I'll probably take just a quarter of the package. And I'll freeze the rest for future individually-wrapped butter needs.
  10. PSA for those that want to take your own butter on your cruise: I was at the Lankford Sysco Cash-&-Carry yesterday, and found this: I asked the check-out lady if it is a regularly-stocked item. She said, yes, they always have it. So now I know in what form I will be taking my real, individually-wrapped butter pats onboard in January, and from where I will be buying them.
  11. Or, better yet, on a BTB. I plan on snagging the free beer for DH on the second leg of our BTB in January. One of the little things to which I'm looking forward on our turnaround day.
  12. LOL, I get it, really.🤣 Your joke is not lost on me. In all seriousness, though, he has no need to tell me any lies, and why would he? Honest communication on his part helps me to be a better wife to him. I know what he likes and what he loves. I've spent the last quarter of a century getting better at making my husband happy, whilst also learning how to irritate him less. As he put it himself (just now when I read all these posts to him and asked him about it, to make sure I was not mistaken), "There's nothing onboard that I would rather do without you. A few things I'm neutral to you being there for, but most things I want to share the experience with you... And, if you left me alone all day, some of my favourite things to do would not be possible." And no, this was not him just telling me what I want to hear. He wants to be happy as much as I want to help make him happy, so he is upfront about what he wants and I do my best to accommodate him. Every marriage and every individual is different. I can imagine some spouses that would agree with you that a day on a cruise away from their wife would be a welcome relief. But, as I said, not all wives so hinder their husband's joy.
  13. Right, a man's ideal birthday. But not every man's ideal birthday. Not all wives control and nag their husbands. Nor do we all require a lot of discussion or from them. I don't need to leave my DH alone in order for him to eat whatever he wants, drink whatever he wants, sleep whenever he wants, or do whatever he wants. He's a grown man and gets to make those decisions for himself, even when I am with him. He's my husband, not my child. And trust me, he definitely prefers my company and certain attention from me to being left alone all day.
  14. Sounds like a good plan. As long as you keep what he likes in mind, you're sure to make it a happy birthday for him.
  15. Everything he wanted. And everything I know he likes. I booked a surprise (10-Day Celebrity) cruise for my DH's 30th birthday, about 10 years ago. Just the two of us. His birthday fell on a Port Day (Coco Cay), not a Sea Day, though. But there was plenty of onboard time on his actual birthday as well as onshore time. All shore excursions on that cruise were chosen (secretly because he didn't even know we were going on a cruise) with him in mind - no consideration other than which one would he enjoy most. And most of our onboard time was him-centric, as well. He really enjoyed that cruise. Next year, totally coincidentally, the whole family will be on a cruise for his 40th birthday. He'll be deep sea fishing at our port stop on his actual birthday. Fishing is one of his favourite things in life. We're also doing the Chef's Table to celebrate his birthday (on whatever day Carnival happens to schedule it). And I'm sure I'll be doing little things here and there with him in mind throughout the day and the whole cruise, to make it more enjoyable for him. Just think of what he would most like of the various options for your onboard activities throughout the day, and I'm sure you'll make it a wonderful birthday for him. Good luck!
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