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  1. If you have TSA precheck you should be fine doing self debark... we get through security pretty quickly with global entry.
  2. It's probably luck of the draw... we cruised the Med on another line, having come from 6 weeks in Paris, I had some wine and a bottle of whiskey... the whiskey (for a good friend) was in my carry on bag, figuring I'd plead with them to check it until we got off the boat the following week. All of the liquor made it on board. Someone a few staterooms down... none of their liquor made it on board.
  3. You need to find a better travel agent. Mine doesn't work much with Carnival, but she ALWAYS finds the information that is needed without question or argument. On the one hand, it's great she was going to find out, but on the other, it's kind of annoying not to do it quicker. You can also book online, using the e-z pay option, and then move the booking to a TA painlessly. (I do this all the time, I tend to book super late at night, when no TA in the US is awake).
  4. You're an awesome parent. You aren't actually switching rooms, you're merely getting extra S&S cards. One way to do this would be to have ALL the charges go to you, and then all of the "credit" goes to you. Have your daughter and her friend give you cash (if the arrangement is for them to cover their own expenses) and then you just be in charge of it all. You'll get the $500, and then the cash they spend to cover their spending. If you don't spend the whole $500, you still get what they spent back.
  5. If the $500 OBC isn't expiring, then whichever itinerary pleases you is a good choice.
  6. This is really why a travel agent is the best. Don't let it stress you out! It should be FUN! It's been about a decade since I've had to do this, but back then it was $400. I have seen others say it is as low as $100. A travel agent would 100% be able to get that information for you though. I don't think that works because they have to submit to the government the passenger manifest; you would probably need names and then if need be change them. You can always put his name on the reservation and then change it. Family is complicated. This is the problem with PVP, they don't really work for you. There is also a possibility that the rules/laws have changed and no longer can you make a reservation with TBD. I quickly looked online, and the fact their own website says Grand Suite guests get access to Havana is just another reason not to use PVPs. I'd double check the cost of the name change; that seems suspect to me. You need a travel agent. They would help you without the attitude. Just stay focused on how much fun it will be while you're on vacation with those you love. Life is complicated, this is just an annoying hiccup. I would strongly suggest finding a local travel agent in your community who would be willing to help you, help you manage the process, and take off all the stress you are experiencing.
  7. You can get to the terminal as early as you would like. You run the risk of sitting outside/in a holding area while the ship is unloading passengers and they are getting ready for the check in process. I haven't cruised out of FLL all that often, but the last time we did it was the middle of winter in the Northeast and I booked super super super early flights and we sat outside for about 90 minutes (but, coming from the ice cold northeast, we welcomed the warmth and the sun). We don't do FTTF (we usually book suites), did the VIP lines, got checked in, and then hung out in the "VIP" Waiting area (not sure if there is a similar room for those with FTTF).
  8. Ultimately, this is the problem when booking directly with Carnival. I would take one of two paths: 1. Find a travel agent, most are knowledgeable about cruises. Explain that you would like to transfer the booking to them (they will get the full commission) and then you would like to remove the third person from the room. Because you will still have two people, the price should (in theory) go down, you *may* have to change rooms though (to a room that only holds two people). They will be able to deal with the right people at Carnival to fix it the right way, the first time. 2. Call the 800 number and get the highest supervisor you can (can be a challenge... call centers are the actual worst). Explain as clearly as possible that you need to remove the third person from the room, BUT that you DO NOT want to cancel the booking and rebook, you ONLY want to remove the third person. This is possible (I have done it). If they give you a hard time, see above. There is zero cause for them to cancel the entire booking (outside of collecting that $50/pp administrative "fee").
  9. This is a sad and tragic example (and what a terrible family dynamic?), but with so much information available online, and the boarding pass specifically saying that you must have a form of proof of citizenship, I would love to know why they didn't see that? I do think this is a great example as to why having a passport for traveling is a great idea, yes they are expensive, but it's much more expensive to miss out on an otherwise great vacation.
  10. Here's the main difference between a travel agent and a PVP: The travel agent works for YOU. They want to get YOUR business again, because they make a commission. The PVP works FOR Carnival. Their paychecks from FROM CARNIVAL. They still have an incentive to help you, BUT at the end of the day, they work for CCL not for you. The ONE experience i had with a PVP was a total cluster, and I have never strayed from my amazing TA since.
  11. You can't add yourself to someone's cabin as a "surprise" you would have to book yourself, and then you can link together the reservations, but you likely would have to get the booking number from your sister. Carnival doesn't know you from Joe Schmoe, so they would not give that information out. But I know with 100% certainty you cannot book yourself into their existing stateroom without your sister and her husband finding out, you just can't do that.
  12. Attached is the document with the shareholder benefits... http://www.carnivalcorp.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=140690&p=irol-sharebenefit Shareholder Benefits Page 2019-2020.pdf
  13. Yes, they get 12%, and when you start with RC and go to a TA, the TA gets the whole amount, it is not shared. You must not have understood how I typed my response.
  14. Nope, they get the whole commission. I recently booked with RC on the phone, and then moved it to my TA, and then RC sent me the invoice that was meant for the TA, and included all the commissions, I asked her if it was less, and she said that's what she gets for each cruise, regardless. So that was interesting to see.
  15. I haven't been on the Legend, but have been on the Miracle and the Pride, her sisters, and they're great ships! Smaller, which I think isn't a bad thing, and all around a good time.
  16. I'll toss in my two cents.. My two favorite ships are the Magic and the Miracle (which is a sister to the Legend, I've also cruised the Pride, the third of the four spirit class ships). I LOVE the Magic. The layout (super easy to navigate), the size (not too big and not too small), the food (the bbq is fantastic!), and the rooms. I also LOVE the Miracle (Legend). The layout is also very easy to navigate. There isn't much ship to get lost on, and I don't hate smaller ships. They are somewhat outdated compared to the newer glitzier ships. The last time I was on the Miracle it definitely could have used the facelift, but the rooms are just as comfortable as on the Magic. With that said, we picked the Magic for our winter break cruise this year when I decided paying 2500$ for airfare to san juan was stupid and not worth it. I really struggled because I wanted to pick Harmony of the Seas (my name is Harmony and how cool would that be!) but I also struggle on massive ships. The Kiddo (she's 15 now, but was 12/13 the first time we were on the Magic) LOVED the Magic and really thought the activities were awesome, so we went for that and I haven't regretted it. I don't know much about the Glory, except she's bigger than the Legend, and smaller than the Magic.
  17. My dream is to cruise in a Queen's Grill room one day... I work for government so that's a long ways off. They aren't going to be anything close to what is on Cunard. Grand suites are the largest suites on Carnival, and they range in size, but expect about the size of 3 "regular" state rooms. mid-ship. the vista does have harbour suites and the Havana, Harbour would be more geared to families I believe, and the Havana ones are cool looking and get you some early access to a pool. Whirlpool tubs with a shower. Not to sound mean, but at the price point of Cunard, they better be giving you the spirit of your choosing. It doesn't work quite that way on Carnival (nor Princess). I do believe you can order these (I'm not 100% sure, I do know in suites on RCCL, HAL, and NCL I have been able to obtain them, but I was traveling with family, when I cruise Carnival--always in a suite--I am with my kiddo and sister/s and their kids and that's not something I'd enjoy just us. No. Although, I didn't think the suite experience on Princess was all that impressive (nothing like the Haven on NCL or the Pinnacle (and to some degree Neptune) suites on HAL. I really don't think Carnival is something you would really enjoy. You sound very much like my family, which is totally fine and there is nothing wrong with any of them, but if you're used to that high level of luxury, it may not be the experience you are used to/wanting/find enjoyment in. I find Princess to be entirely equal to Carnival in every way, although I think the service in Carnival's dining room to be better. One of the reasons that Carnival's suites are so affordable compared to other lines is because they don't offer a whole lot (think like how Royal offers nothing but double points for Junior Suites, but you don't even get the good suite amenities until you're in the top tier). I do enjoy Carnival's overall product, but they are severely lacking in the area of suite amenities, outside of VIP embarkation, you don't get priority dining assignments or reservations to the specialty dining. There is no private deck area. I have always found the level of service to be phenomenal (and better on Carnival than Princess, and massively better than on Royal), and never felt like i wasn't treated well, but a place to at least be certain to get a deck chair on the pool deck would be so much nicer than having to fight it out.
  18. I have never successfully had it be a daily limit, but some people claim it can happen. I still try every time we check into a ship though.
  19. You'll find them when you go through the booking process and get to the different rates for the cabin category you selected.
  20. Yes! The best way to find is to look at the hotels, and then check to see what their stay and cruise rate is. We stayed at the Fairfield, right by the port, and there were a LOT of people that had parked their cars there for the duration.
  21. I have friends who live there who have been updating fairly regularly on the ongoing situation. With that said, I would be prepared for the ship NOT to dock, and if it does, see what is happening outside. Last night there were lots of people in the streets. With kiddos at that age, I don't think you'd be out there at 10pm, so I probably would not worry too much. Honestly though, only you will know what your gut says when it's time to decide, and if it feels off, then stay on the ship. There will be plenty of fun things to do, and some of the best times my kiddo and I have had on board have been when we've stayed on the ship and it empties off.
  22. My guess is this is going to be on Princess, not on a Carnival ship. At least, not anytime before 2021/2022. I went through the ships and availability and nothing is "hiding" (as if they were going to announce) but with the terminal opening for the Olympics, I would guess that it will be Princess, which already has a steady presence there. I do wonder if they will do a swing or two up from the Spirit currently in Australia, as it seems as though the ships do travel up and down the Pacific with ease. I struggled decided who to book Japan through, since my kiddo and I are very loyal CCL-ers. I was going to book a back to back on Princess, but was really struggling to eat the price when RCCL has a ship that's just as acceptable for a back to back that was just about half as much for a balcony room. The price difference is letting me surprise her with a week in Japan and Hong Kong before boarding the ship.
  23. Thanks for the photo!! I really appreciate your insight. This isn't a trip I actually ever thought I'd be doing, we love public transportation and have always used it. The thought of navigating in an entirely different language is surprisingly scary.
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