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  1. I'm hoping those of you who have downloaded my photo/text essay re: Hawaii, will comment on my recall of trip. Jack
  2. My last cruise was in November 2019 to Hawaii. A long sweet voyage to paradise on a Princess. Just before China released the global bug. I did a report of that trip and you can view it here. Jack 1a_HAWAII WITH KIDS.pdf
  3. Don't mind me regarding my adding brand new words to my vocabulary: Cabinize and the offshoots, cabinized and cabinization. Another about to be uncovered is Cabininary; one who polices those who are forcibly cabinized. Words are fun, so bear with me.
  4. I'm feeling cabinized! Meaning too many months in my cabin. My home is fairly large but has become small thus I'm cabinized and need to cruise even if I must do the rowing. A cruise to Alaska will get me beyond the feeling of 'closed-in', cabinized, and frankly, I can't wait. I lost my precious mate, Freda, nearly 2-years ago, and the loneliness of that abrupt separation makes my cabinization even more difficult. This rule of 7-days is not helping one bit. Pray we get the vaccines in time and all things change. I'm willing to warmly endorse all sorts of health protocols once aboard, br
  5. Since the cruise is designed to be for 10 days and not 7, it tells me Princess is speculating that the vaccine will be changing conditions come May 2021. I think Princess will also ask guests to be tested within 3-days of boarding. Proof of testing might expedite boarding, as well.
  6. I signed on to the 10-day Alaska with Princess. I was surprised they were even going to Alaska when I did. I'm not holding my breath it will even leave SF in May. So much hangs on getting the vaccines. I will not be surprised if they require taking the vaccine before boarding. And the 7-day limit for cruising is a little stiff. What, pray tell, was their reasoning behind such a short travel allowance? Also Canada's tie up of her ports is not an easy snag to get around, either. I paid my reservation fee and, like you, I'm pacing my little room while I wait.
  7. I was afraid cancelling early might impact refunding. I am in no hurry now and will wait until the last possible minute to wrap it. Truth is, I'm determined to go and I want it to happen. When they report they can't fulfill the contract and Island Princess remains idle, I will request cash back. Losing cash is a bad way to close out a cruise. Sorry to read of it. Jack
  8. Some passengers on Island recently listed complaints about the ship. You never mentioned any that I can recall, staying positive from day 1 to the end. Your mindset appears to have been high and enthusiastic . . . which rubs off on me and your many readers. I pray your return home to Canada will be comfortable and safe. Jack
  9. Indeed! Nice to have the health, time, and the cash to take on such a lengthy adventure, Weynetor. The part I really dislike is the night just before you reach your departure port when the ship's passengers are ALL busy getting luggage packed and doing the cabin's drawers and closets for missing socks. I hate to leave luggage in the hallway all night, too, given my years of police investigations and drug trafficking. I believe I have read and enjoyed everyone of your daily reports, and later, your photo coverage. As you know, Weynetor, I did the daily reporting while on Grand P
  10. Mayleeman: Too many of we cruisers write our first words of complaint on any given cruise-related subject emotionally and not delay much to gather further evidence. Too often we strike out while hoping we will gain a following and thus can demand change through supporter numbers. You and I sometimes read these initial remarks by the swift complainers, think about them, and frequently find our own delays were worth the pausing. The various cruise and airlines don't want to offend and drive away their loyal passengers. Given a few days into a crisis in travel like Corona, the var
  11. You are getting the most out of your 59 days aboard Island. That's for sure! Was the climb to the tower worth the effort? Have any idea what one of those boats would cost should you have been in the market for one. Finally, was the visit to Easter Island as great as I have long imagined - I always wanted to see it as one of my bucket list destinations. Jack
  12. Great shot of Island Princess. It looks so neat and clean. I'm anxious to put it to the test in July. Jack
  13. Where did you pass this fortress? I've been in that part of the world and missed it. Jack
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