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  1. Marty and Gail. 1063 connects to 1059. Probably a mirror image of 1059. There could be noise leaking through connecting doors from your neighbors. Other than that, it is a great stateroom. Larger space than Verandas. https://halfacts.com/1063-zuiderdam/ 1043 is a quad. This is what a quad looks like. Same room as 1063, but with a pull down bed. It is on the Westerdam, but staterooms are the same. https://halfacts.com/1031-westerdam/ if you are heavy sleepers, any of the J Cabins will be fine. But if you are concerned about noise, make sure your stateroom isn’t under BB King (port side). Starboard side you might have piano music from Billboard. Not sure how much noise from them would be annoying. Don’t chose a J on any other level as the rooms are much smaller than those insides on the Zaandam. We sailed in one of the J Staterooms several times. You will be spoiled in one of these staterooms. So just find one that isn’t under BB King. See you on the Zuiderdam for the World. Will miss you on the Panama Canal as we are only doing it one way.
  2. Thanks Bill and Mary Ann for taking us along with you vicariously. I especially liked your wrap up of the Signature ship which is similar, albeit larger, to the Zuiderdam. Have you expressed your concerns about using the Zuiderdam for World Cruising to management? I would think they would listen to you. They might do something about the storage. The Pinnacle Class is just as bad for hanging space, but their storage is great. If they could add that kind of storage to the Zuiderdam during dry dock before the 2023 WC that would be a vast improvement.
  3. I wasn’t able to store on the last world cruise so I doubt that will be possible on this one. And you are lucky. We had two 27” suitcases ruined by being placed under beds.
  4. So sad that HAL decided to accommodate everyone on the Zuiderdam. No one is happy due to lack of storage for long cruises, smaller rooms except for the inside J’s and I’s. And now we lost Bora Bora. Usually, with every room occupied, the Amsterdam carried 1000-1200 people due to the number of solo travelers. If we had used the Zaandam, we would have been able to visit Bira Bora if no other ship was in port.
  5. We are going on a world cruise. Will be shipping 4 suitcases and traveling with 2 more as we spent quite a few days before our cruise starts in Ft Lauderdale due to traveling in the winter and acclimatizing to the time zone. Our six suitcases are all 25”. We used to travel with larger suitcases, but have had several ruined under beds.
  6. Thanks Pete, we will definitely be able to get 2 suitcases on each side under the bed. Too bad about those drawers. Looks, like we are going to have to store 2 suitcases or find a space to store them in our room. The bed posts prevent getting 3 on each side under the bed.
  7. We were on that cruise. Really disappointed as there were staff we were hoping to see. They will have left by the time we get on in January.
  8. Maybe your email slipped through the crack. Mine certainly did. Contact your TA.
  9. My mistake, I thought he was referring to 2022 WC. I would like to do Seaborn WC, but only if it was a true World Cruise. They pay for shipping luggage onboard, but don’t offer the same service for return to US from London.
  10. I was on the World Cruise 2020, there were approximately 200 people who wanted the ship to take them home. They had all signed a petition. Not all of them had medical conditions. HAL permitted approximately 12 people with medical issues to sail home on the Pacific Princess which by the way had about 100 passengers sailing home along with our 12. For those who were alone and needed help navigating the airport, they had a staff escort that was doing the same flight. The rest had to fly. All of those that flew made it home safely. I wouldn’t call that a debacle. It was probably stressful for those who had a fear of flying or blood clot issues. Friends of ours helped another couple who hadn’t flown in years navigate through all the airports. Certainly wasn’t the way everyone wanted to end the cruise, but as it turns out, it was a good thing we all flew home. One couple did stay in Australia hoping to ride it out. They spent more than 3 months there before they were allowed to fly home. I do agree that some of the passengers with medical problems onboard the ship would have been in serious trouble if we had Covid onboard. So probably a good reason for HAL to be cautious.
  11. i am sorry for your son. It is probably due to the Delta variant. It is better to not cruise with children until Covid is almost eliminated. Viking had an all vaccinated cruise and still they had one vaccinated couple get Covid. The ship wasn’t allowed to let the passengers to go on shore excursions. You don’t want that to happen to you.
  12. I just checked that the Ritz Carlton yacht is 1500 tons too large. I can’t find info on the gross tons of S.S. La Venezia: Uniworld Riverboat. As for alternate ports, the cruise ships are using Ravenna and Trieste.
  13. I was referring to 2021 cruises to South America. I suspect more SA cancellations will be announced. ” 2021 Cruises to Asia, Australia and South America Canceled While Holland America Line continues to work with governments and port authorities in coordination with the phased resumption of cruising in other areas of the world, the company is canceling cruises in Asia, Australia and New Zealand and South America through the remainder of 2021, along with the Collectors’ Voyages (combined cruises) associated with those departures. This affects itineraries on Noordam (Asia), Oosterdam (Australia) and Westerdam (South America). In addition, fall sailings through the end of 2021 on Volendam and Zaandam also are cancelled”
  14. The reason is probably a savings of more than $500,000. The Oosterdam is in Amsterdam and the Westerdam is in Cabo San Lucas. They both would have to go through the Panama Canal to do the cruises they were orginally booked for. The Westerdam’s South America Cruises were cancelled if I remember correctly. The Westie would have gone from South America to Europe. And the Oosterdam’s Australia and NZ cruises were cancelled. And the Oostie would have gone from TP to Alaska.
  15. As Kazu and others have posted The Westerdam’s itineraries were transferred to the Oosterdam which is the identical sized ship. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/inventory-assets/News/cruise-pause/070621_Pause_Impacted_Itineraries.pdf So your Athens to Barcelona cruise should be on same date and same cabin.
  16. Did your PCC say whether you had to have a Covid test test besides vaccination card?
  17. Not since we started cruising. We did do an 11 day cruise from SD to Alaska, but had to fly home. Haven’t seen an 11 day cruise offered recently.
  18. It is cancelled, I e-mailed my TA to ask if it was true after reading that it had been cancelled. It is also listed under cancelled cruises on HAl website. Replacement is the Eurodam.
  19. The Zaandam and Volendam Christmas Cruises were also cancelled. Nothing for the Volendam nd Zaandam in 2021.
  20. OP is doing back to back cruises of 14 days each. Price for 14 days for one person is approximately $5000. At least that is what I thought I saw for SS category. 28 days per person is $10,000.
  21. Demand. There is only one stateroom left in SS category, we know several people who are on the World Cruise, who have placed a hold for your cruise as they suspect the World will be cancelled.
  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. Other cruise ship companies are scrambling to for docks outside the Venice area. It will take years to prepare the docks in the Marghera industrial port so some cruise companies have relocated to Trieste and Ravenna. What you need to do is enjoy Ravenna and sights within the area. Either before or after the cruise, stay in Venice for several days.
  23. The Koningsdam first cruise is Mexico on October 24, 2021. And she does her first cruise on the January 19th to Hawaii. After that, alternating between Mexico and Hawaii.
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