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  1. I would double check those fares. Typically with NCL's current fare structure, the port excursion credit and wifi are included at no additional charge to the standard fare (though I think there are lower, basic fares that exclude any perks), but the drink package and specialty dining are "free" but you have to pay the gratuities on them, which comes to around $154 per person for a 7-night cruise. I suggest checking back with your travel agent or NCL and make sure they understanding they gave you is correct before making your decision.
  2. Thank you all for your insights. I think I'm going to pick a cruise without regard to the status of the road closure, and start planning the land portion around other sights in Alaska. From everything I've read here, we'll want to go back, and there will always be something new for next time!
  3. We're in the planning stages for our first Alaska cruise, in 2022. I would like to do a one-way cruise and a DIY land trip. Due to the kids' schedules, our timeframe is May 28-June 12 (but preferably earlier in that range). Thanks to all the helpful input here on CC, I was thinking that we should plan for the Denali National Park transit bus to Eielson Visitor Center. Since that is not available until June 1, we would have to do a northbound cruise followed by the land portion, or else push toward the later end of our time window for the land portion first and then a southbound cruise. Now, however, I'm second guessing that. With the road closure at Mile 42 and the Eielson center at Mile 66, that (probably) won't be an option anyway, correct? I'm wondering if we should save Denali National Park for another trip entirely, and perhaps visit Kenai Fjords NP and/or something else instead for this visit. I don't want to postpone the whole trip since we will be celebrating DS's college graduation next May (plus I want to see the glaciers while they are still there!) What would you do? I am excited to get the cruise part booked, but I'm having trouble eliminating options and NOT having Eielson as a limiting factor is adding back some that I had already ruled out 😄
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  5. Following along as I am considering similar options. I've just read on the Princess board that the Sapphire Princess has been moved to a different part of the world for next summer, possibly replaced by the Royal Princess. Details are not available on the Princess website yet, but I am keeping my eyes open.
  6. I'm really enjoying your report! Love all the practical details and photos. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Love this! Thank you for sharing. I have a wonderful memory from our Norway cruise of going to Mass in Tromso. We attended the Mass in Polish because it was the one that fit our port times...fortunately we brought the readings with us. Everyone was warmly welcoming 😊
  8. alohayall...thanks for the beautiful pictures! 😍 I'm happy to hear your vote for College Fjord. I'm trying to pick between a few different one-way options for next late May - early June, and the option that looks best overall for us (Sapphire Princess) has College Fjord rather than Hubbard Glacier (which a lot of people seem to love). I'm sure it's a choice between two great opportunities. Happy cruising!
  9. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.
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