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  1. Last year around this time Carnival was testing an app called "Funphone" on the Carnival Breeze. It was where you could have your phone set in airplane mode but still use the ships wifi to call or message your group on board using the app? The app is no longer available on google play or iphone so dont bother looking....so Im guessing the testing didnt go well.... has anyone ever heard what the problem was or if they are going to try again?????


    Leaving on a group cruise coming up and something like that sure would have been nice to have.


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  2. I totally get this.... when I was married I was "allowed" maybe one or two drinks...the ENTIRE CRUISE. It caused disagreements until I submitted.... hence we are no longer married. I.dont wish that on you of course... Short of paying cash at guest services for.the Cheers program in a seperate sign (he'll most likely still see the charges) and sail Im not sure you are going to pull this one off...


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  3. I have an L shaped 8B booked on the Breeze right now and my TA (whos booked in the next 8B over on our group cruise) has gotten me all the same price drops he has gotten after final payment. I fear you got taken on that one....


    OP, if you booked in February Early Saver wasnt available. Its called Early Saver cause you have too book it early (5 months out)... have fun on your cruise!


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  4. i did in 2012 on the Valor. I found him to be good, but I think the duo with his assistant CD really made it for me...the chemistry was great together. You will not be disappointed if you get those two together...and if you do, make sure you go to 80s trivia night...hilarious


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  5. Glad it went well with the wife. Did my first cruise without a balcony since my first cruise, last month, and didnt feel like I was on a ship half the time without my private waterfront seats.... I fear Im spoiled and would have jumped on that offer. Not a bad deal for a 7 day


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  6. The balcony in the Lshaped room is much bigger then what you are going to get on deck 10. The room is just a different shape then normal. Be careful about being below the gym btw if you go to deck 10.


    I'm a big fan of the Lshaped rooms... Have one booked on the Breeze, but on deck 7. If one of those are available I would move to that to avoid the noise.

  7. They have them....brown and white, male and female!! I just got a female Imagination bear last week in the funshop to go with my collection. Some people collect magnets or ornaments....Im collecting bears :)


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    When I had the aft wrap it was filthy! Huge globs of black goo fell on the balcony deck, the chairs & rail, and my bathing suit that I had laid across a chair to dry! All from the funnel :eek:...on 3 different days. My poor cabin steward was out there with a scrub brush... on his hands & knees to get the stuff off!


    I do love, however, the balcony cabins immediately forward of the aft wrap...you don't get the globs of goo, & it's covered...so you don't get hosed on! And it's a longer balcony with a lounger, 2 chairs & a table...it's a very good cabin! ;)


    Good luck with your choice!



    We had vomit on our wrap after night one on the Valor!! Ugh... So gross.... I was on deck 7 and deck 8 got it BAD... we are on the same page on the cabin next to the wrap!



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  9. Ive had both and I think it depends what time of year. Loved the aft in March but in the sweltering Caribbean temps in June I found half of my aft wrap unusable..... I go for the L shaped premium balconies next to the aft wraps now..... long shaded balcony with a lounge chair!


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  10. Love this thread.. makes me so excited for our Breeze cruise! I want to try EVERYTHING!!! The husbands a little upset about the app charge in the Red Frog Pub, worried that Carnival is moving towards charging for everything... but there seems to be some good apps for only 3 bucks...


    BTW... the Breakfast Burritos at the Cantina are AMAZING and my all time favorite breakfast ever on any cruise ship! I'm very excited to have them again...



    I like the dancing waiters... I got up two weeks ago on the Valor and busted a move with them... "wash the window, wash the dog!" :)~

  11. I can FINALLY contribute here...



    7440 on the Valor!!!






    We opened up the divider between 7440 and 7434 for the largest private balcony space on the ship!


    From the corner down the side




    From the corner towards the aft





    Had a great week!

  12. I sleep with a fan every night... just a little one that blows right on me. I would think I could get away with it if I wanted too, but would recommend an extension cord stowed away also. If you are on a balcony and it's not too humid out also propping the balcony door works great too... the waves against the ship is GREAT.


    I have never brought my fan nor do I plan too... but it is missed. Good Luck!

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