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  1. Yes it was part of the NCL pre cruise package. We had four buses which left 15 minute apart starting at 11 a.m. There will be an NCL rep sitting in the hotel lobby when you arrive at the hotel. I believe there is someone there all day and evening. You check in with them and you will be assigned a bus time.
  2. We were on the January 26 sailing out of Colon. We arrived at 1:30 via NCL shuttle from the hotel. We waited 3+ hours in line to board. It was hell in 90 degree heat. Those who arrived around 11 were on the ship in about 40 minutes.
  3. We had a different experience with our Your Lucky Tour but we didn’t have Eduardo as a our guide so maybe that was the issue. Our guide also didn’t know we were on ship time (an hour later than their time) which is something I assumed they would know since I didn’t know until the night before we arrived. He kept saying our ship was late but it actually wasn’t, the time I booked with was ship time as I was not aware there was a time difference and we were still in port the same number of hours. Anyway, we booked the 7 in 1 tour but only went to two places, the canal boat tour and the rainforest. First stop was the canal and our guide just told us to go in this area where they loaded the boats. We sat there for awhile and then my husband saw him so asked when we were supposed to get on a boat so he spoke to the guy running it and we were put on with a large tour group with their own guide so we were kind of left out of things. Then off to the walk in the national park. Now we were told that we had to pay a donation to get in ($5 US was the recommended minimum according to the sign). No mention of this prior. We were told to go walk and take our time - no guide. Having read reviews prior I just assumed it was a guided walk. It seems we were just driven to where we were going and “dropped off”. But anyway, by this time we were about 3 hours into the tour and had heard our guide’s take on the traffic with the three ships in port, we decided we would only be gone for 30 minutes and then we went back to find him. He stopped on the side of the road by a banana plantation so I could take pictures and asked if we wanted to stop at a fruit market. Knowing we couldn’t purchase anything to take back on the ship we decided to just head back as we only had about 2.5 hours until all aboard and it has been a long drive. Our driver was very nice and told us a lot of information about the area but it seemed almost as though he wasn’t sure exactly what our tour was supposed to entail. Unfortunately we definitely did not think this tour was worth $180 when we only got to go on the boat tour and a 30 minute walk in the forest. We did see a sloth and a couple of monkeys during our short walk though.
  4. Well I thought we had good flights, even though return was 3 different flights, but delayed flights on both outbound and home bound days, mean almost missed connections, running through airports to different terminals (twice) and going almost 24 hours with meals. Never again.
  5. Nope definitely was Limon, Costa Rica, but as I said we did have to advance our clocks by one hour ahead one morning so must have been before Curaçao but by doing so ship time was the same as shore time. Just checked my Freestyle Daily and these are the time changes Day 2 - one hour forward before bed Day 6 - one hour back before bed Day 8 (Costa Rica) - in order to avoid multiple time changes we will keep ship time in Puerto Limon, this means the port will be one hour behind ship time
  6. It was the same. The only place it was different was Costa Rica. We did have to set our clocks 1 hour ahead (and then back) at one point during the cruise but I can’t remember what day it was.
  7. This was the best tour we have done on any of our cruises! We had Joey as our driver/guide and he was absolutely amazing. We had a wonderful day. We went to a cave and a blow hole, beautiful view point, swam with the turtles, he took us to see another beautiful beach and some wild flamingos. He also walked around with us back at Willemstad to point out the sites. We learned everything there is to know about Curaçao and it was a lot of fun.
  8. We are booked with them at the end of January on the turtle excursion. We elected to skip lunch so that we can be back in Willemstad with enough time to walk around on our own. This excursion is the one I am looking forward to the most on our cruise!
  9. Does NCL use your nonrefundable OBC before refundable OBC?
  10. Or cover with packing tape, punch a hole in one end and attach to luggage with a zip tie.
  11. I just checked in this morning and had absolutely no issue with the photos. The first photo I submitted for each of us was accepted. We took them standing against a light coloured wall and just head and, neck, shoulder shots. I took several with my phone, zoomed in and out to save different views, emailed them to myself, saved them on computer and uploaded during check in.
  12. We love just wandering around the town, going to one of the restaurants for lunch/drinks. We have done the stingray tour twice and loved it, but if that's something you are interested in go with a private group and not the cruise line as there will be much less people. There are lots of tour operators right in town who offer tours around the area very cheap. We went that route one time. She took us to a turtle place, a beach, Hell and a scenic drive. Very cheap.
  13. Pre-COVID I just booked our cruises myself on the cruise lines website. Due to all the flight issues and other travel concerns that can pop up at any time, I now use a TA so she can deal with any issues that arise.
  14. January 26 - Feb 4. They did change our flight, we now depart at 12 noon.
  15. I was able to do it right from my NCL account with no issue.
  16. Our ship starts disembarking after 7 and the airport is an hour away. That’s assuming there are no issues with the ship being cleared by immigration. NCL states on their webpage to be at the airport 4 hours prior to an international flight - we won’t be off the ship 4 hours prior. My TA is trying to make them change the flight as it goes against their own guidelines. I wouldn’t care if my flight was early or late as long as it was possible to make - this flight is not possible🙄
  17. We are sailing out of Panama. The package includes the Hilton and was $360 Canadian at the time I booked so I think with exchange at that time it was about $250 US which includes breakfast and transportation to the port.
  18. We booked NCLs precruise hotel package which includes transfer from the hotel to the port. Am I right in assuming that we don’t really need to bother with a check-in time since we will get there when the bus takes us?
  19. We would’ve had excellent flights if we were flying out of Panama the day after disembarking. They booked us on a flight out of Panama at 10 a.m. the same day we get off the ship. There is no way we are going to make that flight😡
  20. Can you get a one-day pass for the thermal suite? If so does anyone know the cost? My booking is just showing the pass for the entire cruise.
  21. I’m surprised nobody has answered this question. I have seen several comments on a few different roll calls that the package was sold out. Bumping this up so hopefully someone who has done it or has booked it can answer.
  22. Crazy isn’t it! There is no way we will make that flight. My TA has sent them copies of their own rules that they did not provide with this booking so 🤞
  23. For those who have booked this package did NCL provide transportation from the airport to the hotel? NCLs website says transportation provided by hotel shuttle but the hotel no longer has a shuttle. My TA was told they no longer provide transportation to the hotel. I’ve seen mention from a couple people that they did have transportation so I’m wondering if they purchased it separately or if it was part of the package. My TA is saying they provide transportation from hotel to port and then port to airport only.
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