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  1. I too forgot to tune in, but I am happy with what I am hearing here. At least there is an attempt to address some issues and the statement about 2027 and the eclipse looks quite interesting. A couple of my submitted questions were answered....an IT upgrade to allow direct booking of excursions with OBC, and the possibility of some West Coast cruises again.
  2. My TA told me it would show up about a week before sailing and happily is refundable. But I am going to take a copy of my invoice along just in case. I plan on trying a lot of stuff in the Atlas Bar!
  3. mare s.

    Tote bags

    I have one from the early days....large and with a zip top (which I love because keeps stuff in!) It doesn't have a big Azamara logo...just a discreet little tag on the handle. I love it and will be taking it on our next Azamara cruise.
  4. Managed to find them again. Thanks! The website is certainly not terribly user friendly.
  5. I have a cruise coming up in six weeks and wanted to compare Azamara's excursion prices to some independent tours. But now, although I can see the excursions, I cannot see any prices! I have tried a couple of ways to try to access the excursions, but I still see just a description and no price. Any suggestions?? (btw, I did manage to see prices some weeks ago, when I purchased one as part of the OBC shore excursions credit.)
  6. Anyone know if there are taxis (or other easy public transport) from Kirkwall port to Skara Brae? We have a walking tour of the city in the morning but have a long day in port and were hoping to go to Skara Brae in the afternoon.
  7. Underwhelmed by the "big" reveal. A couple of new ports in the Caribbean and one in Japan? Plus the Caribbean cruises are in October....good luck with hurricane season! I am excited about the Canada cruises (and have already booked) for Fall 2025, but the rest seem meh. But I will wait and watch. (and see what the service, food, etc. are like on our upcoming Azamara cruise in June)
  8. Well, I goofed. We disembark at Alexandra Quay, not Dun Laoghaire. We arrive on a Monday, July 1. From what I've read, this terminal is not restricted and we can walk right off. We are flying to Heathrow and connecting there to the U.S. so I don't think we go through pre-clearance.
  9. any idea of the cost and availability of a taxi from the cruise ship terminal to the airport? We debark at 7:30 am and need to go straight to the airport for a 10:50 flight. TIY
  10. We had maybe a 20 minute wait once on the Koningsdam and one morning decided to go to the MDR because we were very hungry lol. But there is a nice seating area outside and you can grab a drink and look at people or the ocean and the very nice hostess (at least on Koningsdam last cruise) came to get us when a table was available. By the end of the cruise we figured out when the best time was to appear for dinner.
  11. We normally choose 7 and have been quite satisfied. One year we were upgraded to an accessible CC on 6 and loved it (the extra space especially in the bathroom was appreciated as I had a broken ankle and was in a full boot at the time). Our upcoming cruise we purposely decided on a CC on 8, just to pamper ourselves with the extra room and specialties but tried to choose a cabin that was not directly under the pool deck area. We are early risers and ours is a very port intensive cruise, so I am hoping there won't be too much noise. (Plus we got a very good price from our TA) But the following cruise we are back to our usual V2 aft on 7. Personally, I don't think Veranda Plus is worth the extra cost.
  12. We did a Japan intensive in 2019. Absolutely wonderful cruise (and our last Azamara until this coming June, because of the pandemic) So I cannot speak for current Azamara (it was before the sale of Azamara). We also stopped in Russia, which isn't an option now. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise, which started in Anchorage. The port times in Japan were generous and that is something we always look at when choosing a cruise. We've been on Oceania too and one cruise was good and one horrible (surprisingly bad food and questionable changes to our itinerary) but not to Japan.
  13. Well, I just booked excursions (including the Azamazing Evening) directly with Azamara by phone since the workaround didn't seem to work for me. I went ahead and "booked" on line but instead of going to "payment" I saved the info and called Azamara. I got through instantly and the very nice operator asked for my booking #, pulled up the reservations I had made and confirmed them and applied our OBC. Easy peasy. I will wait a few days and then go back on line and make sure the reservations still appear, but it seemed to work. I just don't understand why Azamara's website is so difficult. I booked excursions on a recent HAL cruise on line using OBC and it was so very easy. This will be our first Azamara cruise since 2019 (right before the Covid pandemic) and I am hoping the on board experience is as wonderful as it used to be.
  14. we didn't get one on our Jan 2024 Koningsdam cruise...we did get two small regular HAL bags.
  15. We had the earliest embarkation time (10:20) on our cruise in January and we were Club Orange. We saw the sign and also saw a sign for 10:20 so we weren't sure what line to get into. And when we asked personnel milling around, they didn't seem to know either. Somebody finally told us to get out of the 10:20 line and into the Club Orange line which we did. At 10:20 we were ushered into the holding area...a very quick and easy check in and then we were directed to seats. We sat there until after 11 as more and more people entered. There was a lot of noise and people moving around and we could barely hear the loudspeakers and the personnel directing everyone seemed to be lost. It was not chaotic but very uncomfortable. Once Club Orange was called we had an easy walk to the gangway and onto the ship and our cabin was ready shortly after noon. I don't understand why we could not get right on the ship at 10:30...if the ship wasn't ready to receive us, they shouldn't have given such early embarkation times. I would have much rather sat up on the pool deck for 40 minutes than in a crowded, noisy hangar like building. The other negative thing I have to say about our cruise (which was otherwise excellent) is HAL's procedure to have your room cards in an envelope on your cabin door. I suppose it does save a bit of time at check in, but an elderly friend, who was on the cruise with us entered the wrong room by mistake! He didn't look carefully at the name on the card and just went in and made himself comfortable. Imagine the surprise when the real occupants walked in!
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