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  1. Just did a lift and shift from a February 2021 voyage to a February 2022 date. We had to pay a bit extra on the difference in taxes, but was able to move OBC and we have the same cabin. Very smoothly done by our TA. I just hope that we'll be able to go by the new date!
  2. not to mention international air travel. We have an Azamara cruise booked for February 2021 and I am highly doubtful that we will be able to go (long flights, no vaccine, over 70....a very bad trifecta)
  3. Thanks for everything you've done on these boards. It was a pleasure cruising with you and I sincerely hope we will all be together on board Azamara one day. All the best, Mare
  4. It's my favorite too and last cruise I asked for it ahead of time and there it was!
  5. Loving your photos and descriptions. This is one itinerary I'd like to do (been to Oslo but the fjords look gorgeous.) mare
  6. Years ago (2010 to be precise) when we took our first Azamara cruise, we complained vociferously about the MDR coffee. Ended up having our waiter go to Mosaic and bring us back our after dinner coffee. (We didn't ask...they acknowledged the rotten dining room coffee and offered to bring us the "good" coffee from Mosaic...another example of the wonderful service on Azamara) Over the years I think the coffee in Discoveries has improved, but I still love my early morning Mosaic run for coffee and a pastry (we're not huge breakfast people.) mare
  7. We are doing the Alaska to Japan itinerary in August (wrong time of the year for Japan, but we'll manage!) What enticed us were the two ports in Alaska (Kodiak and Dutch Harbor.) We did an exclusively Alaska cruise (on Holland America) 15 years ago but the two Azamara ports are new to us. Alaska has certainly become a focal point for many cruise lines but I think they all have a way to catch up to Princess and Holland (who were, I believe, the first to make the area a tourist haven.) We had, as I remember, a marvelous time with Holland and did a land tour with them pre-cruise. I think Azamara could make Alaska special if they offered the usual late nights or overnights and did some real destination immersion, but just going to the same old same old ports would not make Azamara stand out in the very saturated Alaska cruise market.
  8. Oh yum! Azamara chefs are terrific, especially when they are sourcing local food (and seafood.)
  9. mare s.

    Chef's Table

    whoops, you are all correct....I thought I could pre-book but apparently it's still the way it was....booking once on board. I recall that a couple of cruises ago, there was a table in the terminal but last time it was done on board (and it was somewhat of a pain as we had to stand in line for a while.) I just wish I knew in advance what night the White Night is going to be....apparently somebody had it show up on their Voyage Planner, but nothing shows on our cruise. mare
  10. mare s.

    Chef's Table

    Quick question...what is the current, on board price for the Chef's Table? I'm thinking of pre-purchasing one of the dining packages which includes the Table. Does pre purchasing give you any advantage in terms of choice of Table or choice of night? Last time we purchased a Table (but can't remember the price) when we embarked and had no difficulty choosing a night, but we got on board pretty early. This time we will be getting on board a bit later. thanks, Mare
  11. White Night is one of my favorite activities! Love the energy and the music and the Crepes Suzette (especially when Philip is in charge.) Once in a while, we've skipped the buffet dinner and have dined early in one of the specialty restaurants and then gone outside for dessert and music. That works for us too! We're on the same repositioning cruise as OP, and also were wondering when the party would be since we're not late in any port and weather may be 'iffy' early on. mare
  12. mare s.


    In the past, we've been able to check the Azamara website and find out information on guest lecturers. The current website has zero information (doesn't even mention lectures.) Is there any way to find out if there is a lecturer and, if so, who it is? We've got a lot of sea days on our cruise and a lot of time to fill (especially since the casino will be removed. It was always good to pass an hour or two there.) mare
  13. We were on Captain Jose's first cruise on Quest and I am very sorry we won't be with him this summer. He was (and is) very special and Azamara won't be quite the same without him. But looking forward to meeting Captain Pelle.
  14. Hi Orlando Vic. We have been in touch with this tour company for the snow dog excursion in Petropavlovsk. One of the members of our roll call asked if the company provides a visa or whether we have to obtain one ourselves. What was your experience? (I've heard a visa isn't required but someone said that the company must be authorized?) thanks, mare
  15. Generally, yes, as long as you notify Guest Relations in advance. We walked off very early (5:30 am!) in Puntarenas in order to catch an early flight home.
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