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  1. Don’t you dare remove that grotto.
  2. I thought Ace said masks were going to be required forever........or May 13, 2021. I forget. It was definitely one of the two.
  3. Royal’s calculated strategy for getting rid of the Radiance class. Brilliant move. Putting a Vision class ship in front would have looked desperate and too obvious to the enemy.
  4. I’m officially cancelling my summer Singapore construction site plans.
  5. Yup. That exact scenario happens every time we sail out of Baltimore. Trying to outrun the pack of wild direwolves is even more of a challenge. Yorkvillain, who is second-guessing his decision to book the Enchantment yesterday for June 2022.
  6. I’m fine with that as long as the list includes everyone’s social security number and valid credit card info.
  7. That’s way too extreme - just rig his phone/computer so he can only access Cruise Critic mask/vaccine threads for the rest of his life.
  8. Well then your screen name was one big lie - you should probably change it to palejan4nowon for clarity.
  9. My GF just got her new one back. The whole process took less than 4 weeks.
  10. Thank GOD we’ve finally ended the mask/vaccine argument and moved on to religion.
  11. People are very sensitive when it comes to the Bloomington, Illinois airport.
  12. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of this spirited discussion turns out.
  13. I stopped reading after I saw “Leafs” and “Cup”.
  14. I would have leaned in even closer to him and whispered to him.....”you smell different when you’re awake”.
  15. Yeah, I wouldn’t book for January 2021 either.
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