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  1. Don’t worry, she will be going to dry dock in 5 years to swap out all the old disgusting stuff.
  2. It’s also a current live thread.
  3. Amazing reviews Twangster. Thank you for doing these. I love all the ships as well. I'm just as excited for my Empress cruise as I am for my cruise on the Oasis.
  4. I wish there was someone we could call to bust these ghosts.
  5. Here’s my June 29th itinerary with times. I’m guessing yours would be the same. I love the 2 overnights in Hamilton.
  6. The prices are not bad either right now. We just booked an AFT JS for the Best of Bermuda cruise on June 30th. The only issue is that CruiseLifeRick is in the AFT JS right above us. That could be a problem.
  7. Great job Twangster. I'm glad we get another week of this.
  8. Not only that but all the staterooms have the same front doors as they did in August 2018. So frustrating.
  9. Yes it's so "mean" of the cruise line to give everyone free wifi minutes.
  10. Wow, what a game to go to. You were so close to witnessing history. Enjoying your review. Looking forward to the rest.
  11. CruiseLifeRick as CD would change the entire face of the cruise industry.
  12. New title - “I became Loyal to Royal - the hard way!”
  13. Great news. Thank you Frank. And thank you for staying on topic. Lol.
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