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  1. This may be the best photo of cruise ship pool water that I have ever seen. Wow. I’m dying to do a cannonball in it right now.
  2. Looking forward to the musings and random thoughts. Have fun John!
  3. Lol. That guy isn’t tan enough. And I hope to god CLR doesn’t wear jean shorts.
  4. Ut oh. I think Jim would say there are 3 mistakes with this Trainman breakfast sandwich. 1 - Should be cream cheese on one side. Jelly on the other. 2- Four sausage links, not three. (And then placed on the cream cheese side). 3- Grape jelly, not strawberry jam However I think Jim is smiling right now at your nice tribute to a Cruise Critic legend. Great job. 👍
  5. There's a Solarium Bistro on the Serenade?
  6. LOL! Andrew told me that he hasn’t “leveled out” since his university days.
  7. Do 4th downs and no 55-yard lines (center) bother you? I’ve always found the Canadian version of our game very enjoyable.
  8. Mophie (no R). Love mine. Never leave home without it.
  9. Yorkvillain

    Flu on Anthem of the Seas

    In before someone says “the ship is cursed”.
  10. I throw the TV over the balcony as soon as I walk in the room.
  11. What? You didn’t order bitterballen?
  12. Vitality Cafe is only on Oasis class right?
  13. Agreed. He still posts his excellent cruise photos on his Instagram page @CruiseLifeRick
  14. I think he got tired of all the weirdos on CC.