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  1. Does anyone know when or if the art auctions will return. Have they already? Thanks in advance! Rob
  2. You are 100% correct, however I will hold onto hope until they cancel, I need vacation!!
  3. Since we are all speculating on when the next round of cancellations will occur, I would like to offer a new idea. Maybe they will go! I am booked on the Symphony for June 20th , I am holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe they will sail, and that is why no announcements have been made. Nothing wrong with hope....
  4. I have an idea that I mentioned on another thread. For the most part all ships have a sister ship, one that is almost identical. So why not begin with one ship coming in disembarking and cleaning, disinfection and having a week to do it, while the sister ship goes out then they switch. This could take care of the embarkation issues as the ship will be ready, completely on the day of sailing. This could also help the crew to rest, to prepare the ship and be ready. It will at least get some cruising back, even only half initially. Just an idea, not sustainable for ever but maybe for the start up
  5. Sorry to disagree, but this will sail, in my opinion they will resume on June 11th. They have to survive as a company and eventually make money. I think the pre-sail checks will be stringent and they will add something to the ticket contract about covid and suing specifically etc. etc. But I think they will sail, Royal Caribbean like most companies will get back to work soon. Mouths to feed, and bills to pay.
  6. Thank you all for your help! One more question, if there is remainder on our FCC does that go as an on board credit, or as a credit for a future cruise? Thank you again Rob
  7. Thank you for your quick reply! So we would have to put deposit again? Would that deposit be refundable after FCC applied?
  8. While I am sure it is here somewhere, I cannot find it. We want to book a future cruise using our FCC which we have not received yet (supposed to be on Symphony right now) Does anyone know if we can call and have it applied before we actually receive the email? Since it is obvious we are going to use it, as our April 18th sailing is not happening, unless they left without us yesterday!
  9. We still don’t ha e any data that shows a reduction in the heat. If you have some data, please share. It’s 92 today here. Yesterday was our worse day so far 1 If is just got hot you cannot count those people who just got it, that data will not be out for at least a week.
  10. In my opinion, cruising will resume probably in June. if you think the cruise industry or any travel industry is just going to sit back and die, I think you are sadly mistaken. They will add some kind of protection for them on the sailing contract, they will keep or even up the pre-sail questions and checks and they will get to work. You might see staff wearing masks all day, especially inside. You might see more stringent hand washing messages, etc. etc. etc. But they will get back to work. Look at the protest we see, people are done, we will be getting back to work soon and I mean very
  11. My opinion, take two sister ships, put them on the same itinerary but sailing every other week opposite of each other. This way they can have week to clean and disinfect that ship while the other sails. Could be a good short/medium term solution and at least bring in some revenue. Keep the same standards before boarding, questions, maybe temps and travel data to stay as safe as possible. These first sailings I really think will be OK as people and cruise staff will be hyper vigilant about sickness, its when the complacency kicks in that will wold be more worried.
  12. You bring up a point I did not think of, however most of these places that cruise ships port are very reliant on cruise ship dollars port fees, tourist dollars etc. etc. I think eventually the people will want them back, lively hoods at stake and many will decide to risk it on a cruise ship passengers who has been screened before getting on the ship and who have not had any symptoms on the ship. Of course some ports will hold out longer than others but I just don't see it lasting many, many months as some are predicting. Eventually people will want to protect their family by being able to prov
  13. I am not an expert, not even a novice, but if this cruise stoppage last until Sept/Oct as some have said, I personally don't think we will have anymore cruise ships. I just do not think they can survive, I see them getting back to work in a month or two tops, adding many new screenings before boarding and a new part to the cruise waiver including COVID and begin to sail. All my opinion of course.
  14. At least 2 percent? Maybe a little more...
  15. 100% agree April 18th sailing for us, Waiting for last minute for 125% We are sure we are not going this time but we will definitely continue cruising so might as well get it.
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