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  1. Please help me out. I am new to these new Princess ships and although we are not going to travel on the Sky Princess we are scheduled on a cruise on the supposedly similar Enchanted Princess. Here is the question: where is the Concierge Lounge located?
  2. This Medallion app is a nightmare. It is not even a beta version. Why Princess insists on having to use this constantly failing app prior to embarkation is a mystery. Why can't we all do the required pre-cruise items also via their web site like all other cruise lines handle that and use the app only while on-board?
  3. This Medallion app is not even a beta. Ridiculous that they force us to use it for planning and pre-check in purposes when they also have a web site that could do it like with other cruise lines. On board is a different story. I prepared an email to Princess listing the problems I have but can't even find an email to send it to. The email that was listed somewhere on this forum just bounces...
  4. Regent finally responded to my email via our Travel Agency: "At this point it is too early to advise on these requirements. Due to the current global health situation we are not even sure how visas will be handled for the 2022 world cruise... I can say that at this time India is the only visa on this WC where the guests would need to send in their physical passports. At the moment India offers an evisa option, but their entry into India might be too late in the cruise to process this type. These requirements could change by 2023. It is recommended the guest contact visas central as they can possibly provide them with more clarity regarding current processing times, but they are as facing the same situation we are as things are up in the air at the moment." I also contacted Visa Central but their reply did not address my questions.
  5. Jimmcdaniel you are exactly in the same situation we are in with the WC 2023 and that's why I asked this question which still has not been answered yet despite all the valuable suggestions. E.g. I didn't know about the possibility of a 2nd passport. I thought that was only a feature for Diplomats and people that go to countries that would object to travel documentation in their passport from "enemy" countries. I also contacted Regent directly but they have not responded as yet.
  6. How does that work? How far in advance does the process start? I assume we will have to relinquish our passports for a while. That might cause a problem for other travel scheduled to take place before the WC.
  7. You are correct, of course. Nevertheless, sometimes experiences others had might help in asking the "right" questions 😊
  8. I am really struggling with these insurance issues, particularly when it comes to cover a long WC. We have been burned in the past, e.g. insurance companies will not refund premiums if a cruise is cancelled for whatever and whomever. So insuring a WC could be a very expensive loss if it is cancelled. Covering pre-existing conditions is another sore issue and might require legal representation if an insurance company construes pre-existing out of nowhere for a particular health issue that needed care off the ship. Refunding the off ship medical cost: who pays what and when? We will have a Medigap policy that covers "Medically necessary emergency care services beginning during the 1st 60 days of each trip outside the USA." We pay "first $250 each calendar year and 20% of up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $50,000, and amounts over $50,000." That means we will have to cover the $250, the 20%, everything over 50k, and everything that happens beginning day 61. Under these circumstances, why would I need to buy additional medical insurance way ahead of the cruising start date Jan 2023? And what insurance would I need to buy assuming that any insurance I buy would cover the full cost from the beginning. I.e. does Medigap pay 1st during the first 60 days before the additional insurance or the other way around? Cancellation policies: I assume that before the final payment is due there is no real need for insurance? But how to cover that huge amount when most policies have a cap well below that?
  9. Unfortunately SS did not have an answer (yet). They provided examples from the Silver Shadow. The current situation with the non-availability of many employees prevents access to more current information...
  10. We are considering the world cruise for 2022. However, we are somewhat concerned about on board activities on this small expedition ship. The cruise is long and has many sea days. On a relatively short expedition cruise on board activities might not matter that much but on a 167 day cruise it would get really boring really fast to have only "interesting lectures" day in and day out. Does anybody have experience or info on what has been or will be offered on daily activities on such a world cruise? Any info would be highly appreciated!
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