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  1. I am a little concerned about that possibility as tonight, I received a good list of compromised password warning. Ugh!
  2. Just for clarification grandparents will be on the island too, just wanted to make sure we could take them back to the ship for naps, while leaving parents on private island. They will be 2 & 1 year old and different last name.
  3. Do they have life jackets on the island like they do on the ship? Also if parents want to stay on the island & send kids back to the ship for naps w/Grandparents. Will there be any issue with that as long as we have their sign & sail cards? Our rsvps/cabins are linked.
  4. I know Royal ships have children’s life jackets, do they have them on the island for kids as well?
  5. I did not really pay attention last cruise but If I like mochas or Carmel macchiato is there any sort in the “fancy coffee maker” that I have heard so many brag about? If not, what is the difference?
  6. Where are any/all places that are good for 1 & 2 year olds on Coco Cay?
  7. We will be on Wonder with 2 toddlers in tow in May. I saw on a YouTube video that they had a puppet show for families. What other activities are their for families with young toddlers. We (G’parents) are with parents & not planning on using nursery, that said we would still like to know what family activities there are for littles.
  8. Our dil/sil are flying to meeting us in Port Canaveral for a cruise. We are trying to figure out how to get them from the airport to the hotel & then to the port the next day. Are there car services/shuttles that provide seats if they do not want to use car seats on the plane? (Yes, two littles)
  9. If she is a US citizen and on a closed loop cruise (starting/ending at same place in the US) Passport makes it easier in an emergency to fly home if needed.
  10. Thought about staying up until midnight to check in but not sure what time zone they used. Anyone know? Eastern Standard/Central/MP
  11. My husband & I were talking last night, specifically about the MDR menu changed. I am pretty easy going & thrilled to let someone else cook/clean for me. That said, there was one night when I ordered the fish & chips (I think that is what it was called) and it looked so unappealing that for the first time ever that I asked to swap it out. It looked no better than Long John Silvers…. and I do eat there occasionally, just not on vacation! I wish I had taken a photo. But yes, we both agreed if we do not speak up, this will be more of the norm instead of a one off.
  12. Nope, this is crazy! Taking our grown kids on a cruise with their families & my DIL when I was telling her about the different eating venues, she asked, how much will all these cost? Ummmm, nothing unless we choose specially dining because it is included in the fare, that we are covering. I can not imagine telling her all these except for the pizza place…. No Royal, that is a horrible idea for families. My SIL asked me about getting a condo and visiting Acadia National Park. If the value is not there for families, we can/will do other vacations.


    I have read references to dancers in the Costa Maya port. Is this a scheduled thing or just randomly done?
  14. Oh goodness, can not believe I forgot to add it! 😜 Wonder of the Seas
  15. I know parents (or G’parents) must supervise kids while in open play place but is it only open for specific hours? Like if the kids are up super early & we (G’parents) want to take the kids so parents can sleep in, will the indoor playground be open?
  16. Thinking of using the couch beds for 1 & 2 year old instead of taking up daytime floor space with pack n play. Has anyone used the blow up bumpers for regular beds? If so, how did they work?
  17. There is a HUGE buffet on Coco Cay. And absolutely fine to leave them with beach chairs.
  18. Remind me how this works again, I think in the past, we just went to the restaurant & booked 2 nights. Does it still work that way or do they insist that the first night aboard be Chops dinner?
  19. Are weather disruptions likely, meaning missed ports more often?
  20. We absolutely enjoy the BIG ships & all their entertainment but I am ready for different ports. Looking at possibly the Canada/New England routes but they seem to be older/smaller ships. Do you spend more time in ports making the ship less important, more about transporting? I would appreciate hearing others opinions/experiences. Thanks!
  21. If I buy an activity (sushi making) in my planner, pre cruise, if I cancel it on board, will I get my money credited back?
  22. I would think that would be a very good will gesture to those who had bought.
  23. I am curious why no one is calling BS on it went to the wrong cruise line page…if it is offered on Celebrity, they should be able to honor it for RCI. I did not see anyone stating wrong pricing, just wrong cruise line. And when Key first rolled out the price was much lower too, so sometimes the early bird gets the worm, while they are testing the new offerings. When RCBlog/info from CS reps, I do not know why anyone should automatically expect it to be an error.
  24. Cute! I might need one for my little guy but do not remember seeing them on board Harmony in Oct/Nov.
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