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  1. Is it an actual certificate or just reflected somewhere in your celebrity account??
  2. Had to cancel before cruise due to positive test. How long does it take to get FCC and be able to rebook??
  3. Who is the cruise director? How crowded are the shows, elevators, getting off and on the ship in port?
  4. I uploaded it, will bring the original and have made a copy front and back and laminated it if needed for the ports. I dont want to get the original wet or sandy at the beach.
  5. well, yes or no to Global entry availability now
  6. keep us posted, enjoying your commentary
  7. What's the passenger count? How are the shows?
  8. get a kit before they run out, its good for a back up plan
  9. I rebooked one of my excursions at 20 percent off and booked another one.
  10. If we want to bring some wine over the 2 bottle limit, can the fee be paid with OBC??
  11. Do they help you if you miss connection precruise?
  12. they have shown these 3 forever, I looked to see if its a holiday in Curacao the day we port but it isn't
  13. Curacao only has 3 choices.
  14. Shore excursions are limited on Celebrity site, are there independent vendors at the port these days?
  15. wow I will wait for stuff a bag special
  16. I am in the lowly class but have good OBC, for a 9 day cruise will probably do a bag of laundry. What is the current price?
  17. i can't access them online, looking to print them and still says "pending"
  18. 21 days out and still "pending"? I called and they said be patient but it is giving me anxiety.
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