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  1. Sure Sue. I emailed the Special Needs dept (special_needs@rccl.com) requesting CART and received replies from someone in the Access Staff named Sophia. The first email she stated "all reservations have been noted accordingly and the service will be provided". Fearing they are like many people who have normal hearing who then provide you with a sign language interpreter <rolls eyes>lol, I wrote her back. What I said was "Great! Thank you! This is not a sign language interpreter, correct? This will be a CART typist that provides captioning?" She responded 15 minutes later with "Good Day, Yes, that is correct".


    Sooooooo, we shall see! I should explain here that CART is Computer Assisted Realtime Captioning. There's a real typist who types verbatim (word for word) what is said using machines that court reporters use. It's like live news shows or big events that are not recorded.


    I do know that there is a cruise in November for the Hearing Loss Assoc. of America on another ship and that will be fully accessible. Maybe because this large group has requested this service, RCCL is more familiar with it and will start providing it if there are more than one passengers who need it.


    We need to advocate, advocate, advocate! We can be nice about it, and by speaking up we are creating awareness. Just keeping quiet and missing the shows will not help us in the future.


    I can't wait!!! I do hope others choose to go on this sailing so we can all hang out!


    Shari thanks for the info. We use the same system here in the UK but I was not familiar with the acronym . We also have voice recognition which is nowhere near as good. It throws up some hilarious results but not always funny when you are trying to listen to the news!

    Even if they could not help with the shows, to be able to watch a captioned film would be great. People often say we don't cruise to watch TV and I agree , but we tend to take longer cruises with quite a few sea days, transatlantics, transpacifics etc and it would be nice to be able to see a film occasionally. Cruising on the Century from Sydney to the U.S. friends mentioned to the cruise director that I was deaf. He was amazing and made a point of arranging a captioned film in the cinema every other day. The queues were all the way down the hall when these were showing.

    You're right, we need to advocate, politely, and I really do but, if you will excuse the pun....it often falls on deaf ears;)


  2. This has got me really excited! I am not familiar with CART but any format of captioning would be amazing. I've given up on going to the shows unless it's something visual - jugglers or magicians etc (neither of which I would choose to see as a hearing person to be honest). I agree there is lots to do on a cruise but when shows, films, trivia, comedy club etc are ruled out, it doesn't leave much in the way of evening entertainment. Shari may I ask who you emailed about this?

    Sue :)

  3. We always buy OBC before our cruise as the rate has been advantageous for ages. I noticed this week that shore excursions for our cruise in November had suddenly shot up by 15%, obviously to do with the exchange rate. So today we have bought more OBC and will purchase our shorex on board at the great rate of 1.67, simples ;)



  4. Thank you all for your responses - I will certainly head to deck 5 when we board to see if we can go out on the bow. Michelle, take good care of the N.A. because there are only 8 days until we join you onboard!

    Smooth Sailing ! :) :) :)



    Hi Gerry

    Hopefully we'll see you out there:)


  5. I think you should call HAL's special access department and speak with someone to let the ship know your needs.


    From HAL's website:

    What Options Are Available For Guests Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing?


    To help maximize the cruise experience for our guests who are deaf or hard of hearing, Holland America Line has made the following items available:


    Stateroom kits that include a visual and tactile alert for someone knocking at the door, the phone ringing, or an alarm.


    Stateroom televisions capable of showing closed captioning (some satellite feeds do not transmit with captioning, so this feature is available only when the signal the ship receives has captioning).


    Telephones with amplified sound for staterooms.


    Assistive Listening Systems with portable receivers in the show lounges to assist guests who are hard of hearing to hear the shows.


    Written safety information and a copy of the lifeboat drill safety speech.[/font][/size][/color]


    Hi Linda (or maybe it was Vern? I bet it wasn't though, Steve is part of my screen name too but he's totally oblivious of anything that goes on here at CC;))

    That was so nice of you to cut and paste all that info for me. What a very kind and helpful group there are on this board:) I have already filled out a form for HAL and ticked the boxes for the various bits and bobs that will be of use to me during the cruise so hopefully I'm good to go.

    Thank you again


  6. Hi

    First HAL cruise coming up next month. I'm deaf and need subtitles/closed captions to enjoy the TV or a film. Does anyone know if films in this format are ever shown on HAL ships? We did a trans pacific cruise a while back on Celebrity and they showed a selection of captioned films and for those screenings, it was standing room only :)


  7. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam TA followed by 7 nights Eastern Caribbean cruise, 20 nights total. Phoned Ship Services yesterday and ordered the unlimited package. We were charged $140. It was dealt with very quickly and I had a confirmation invoice within minutes.


  8. ...who color their hair and cruise. How do you manage on a cruise of 30 days or longer? I do not even want to think about what my roots may look like after 42 days!


    I had surgery last year and was told I couldn't colour my hair for three months:eek: My hairdresser suggested I go a shade lighter and add some highlights before the operation and it seemed to work. I still noticed but nobody else seemed to.....unless they were being kind;)


  9. We have always received confirmation almost as soon as we have put down the phone. Call back and double check, I'm sure everything is fine but if you're anything like me, you won't be happy till you see it in your inbox ;)




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  10. Sue


    Gelcolor by OPI which I purchase from eBay and Amazon. I've tried cheaper makes but they are nowhere near as good.


    If you would like more advice, post an email address and I will get back to you.


    That's really kind, thanks! Email:

    sue redland at hotmail dot com



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  11. We're sailing on the Millennium in April there will be 8 of us and we have already booked our tour of the Great Wall, could anyone tell me what is best to wear for this tour as we're not sure of what to expect weather wise? Also staying in Hong Kong on first night any thoughts on tours? We all usually cruise with Thompsons as they fit our budget but this is a special cruise for us all this year we're celebrating a 40th & 25th wedding anniversary and 2 x 60th birthdays. My husband and myself have sailed on Celebrity Equinox to celebrate our 40th anniversary and his 60th birthday and love the Celebrity ships.


    For your Great Wall tour I suggest you wear layers. We also visited in April on a Princess cruise and I wore a long sleeved t shirt and a fleece jacket. I was able to remove the fleece as the day got warmer. I would also recommend wearing trainers for comfort and safety . As you approach the wall there are literally masses of stalls selling souvenirs. You have to be prepared to haggle, and it's great fun. Congratulations on all the special occasions your group are celebrating, you are going to have an amazing trip I'm sure. The Great Wall is a real "pinch me" experience:)




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  12. Anyone done this cruise or is it a new schedule?


    Have never been to Hawaii so looking for any info, weather, is it a good time to sail April 2015.




    We did this cruise a few years ago on Royal, also in April. The weather around the islands was beautiful and the sailing back to Vancouver quite smooth but it was definitely cool. I remember it was our first balcony and we hardly used it once we left Hawaii . If it's possible, try and fly in a few days early. It's a long way to go from the UK and you may not go back again, make the most of it:) We booked some tours, Pearl Harbour was one and you really shouldn't miss it.

    It was one of our nicest cruises and our first experience with a CC roll call....perhaps that's what made it so nice;)


  13. "PhRs and cs not sky."


    This is double Dutch to me and I am Elite. Not something I've come across yet.


    That aside, we are sailing the TA on Infinity, so general comments have been useful. Shame about the slow Internet though!


    Good morning Jackie! PH = Penthouse Suite, Rs = Royal Suite, CS = Celebrity Suite, seems they all have access to Michaels Club but not the Sky Suites by the sound of it. Enjoy your TA, we love them, lots of relaxing sea days. Bit like our South Seas adventure we shared last year, without the huge flight and quite so many palm trees!!


  14. [quote name='Ginnyfyr']We're looking at booking an Alaskan cruise on the Century for this spring and are interested in the Sky Suites, which are on decks 10 & 12 - I think those are the Penthouse and Sports decks? I looked at the deck plans and I think the pool area is on deck 11 right above where the Sky suites are. Did I read that right? Would prefer to be on deck 10 over deck 12 but am concerned about noise from the pool area if we want to sleep a little later (chairs being moved around, etc). Any advice/room location suggestions from previous Sky suite occupants?[/quote]

    [SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS]We sailed in 1204, very quiet, excellent position, huge balcony, 2 loungers, 2 chairs, nice [SIZE=4]height table for outdoor dining. Room furnishings and [SIZE=4]décor[/SIZE] could do with an update but we were very happy[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]....[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]our butler[SIZE=4], [/SIZE]Charles[SIZE=4],[/SIZE] was a delight (never had a butler before....[SIZE=4]couldn't see the point of one before we sailed, wanted to [SIZE=4]take him home by the end of the cruise[/SIZE][/SIZE]:D)


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