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  1. 3girlsmom, Thanks for that. We're looking forward to our first Azamara cruise.
  2. We've bought an upgrade to a balcony cabin (allocated as 6085) and I'm a bit worried from a noise viewpoint that it's directly above Discoveries Restaurant. I've looked at the spreadsheet and it's not mentioned but I wondered if anyone had any specific comments?
  3. Sorry, quite correct. We leave home on 13th.
  4. I'd rank the major lines that we've done in this order: Cunard, HAL, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, MSC & Carnival. We've got 10 weeks to our first Azamara cruise but we're hoping that they'll top that list. Incidentally, we travelled from Bergen to Kirkenes and back on the Hurtigruten coastal ferry which we really enjoyed.
  5. I've been searching for any changes to Dubai's immigration process and not found anything. Although it's unlikely to be useful to people in this post, it is possible for visa free nationals to register to use the smart gates at the airport, instead of having to go through the manned gates. I can't remember if they had smart gates at the port although I suspect not.
  6. We did a Mumbai tour a couple of years ago with Amaze Mumbai tours and that worked well. When we're in Mumbai on Quest on 27th December, we're intending doing our own thing to Elephanta Island and maybe a bit of a wander in the afternoon. After we get off the ship the next day, we've arranged afternoon tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.
  7. Hamrag, Will you be on Quest? If so, we'll be boarding as you disembark. We're on the 13th December Dubai to Mumbai cruise, which includes our anniversary, Christmas and a solar eclipse.
  8. I have a lactose intolerance but I don't want to be on a lactose free diet on the cruise. This is because, apart from milk with breakfast cereals, I deal with everything by taking lactase tablets. Can anyone tell me whether lactose free milk is generally available at breakfast or will I have to complete a special needs form?
  9. HGC, Thanks for your reply and your efforts. We're on Quest's 11 night Arabia and India Journey so there definitely should be one. We've got a Dubai by night tour booked for the first night before we leave Dubai so, hopefully, it won't be then. We're just hoping that there isn't an escalation of tensions with Iran that lead to our cruise being cancelled (as P&O UK have already done).
  10. How do I find out when and what our Azamazing night is? I can't find any mention of it in the itinerary or shore excursions.
  11. We're first timers on Azamara but have done 35 other cruises and been on Cruise Critic for years.😊
  12. We're looking at a category 8 obstructed view on Quest. The layout of these cabins is different from most as the window must be in a side wall. Can anyone tell me where I can see a layout plan or photo? Thanks
  13. We're going on Carnival for the first time and I'm definitely not impressed that we get NO recognition for our 37 nights on Cunard, 35 on HAL and 27 on Princess.
  14. Sounds like things are different in the USA from Australia.
  15. We have booked a cruise onboard for February 2020. I always arrange my own insurance (usually through my credit card). However, when I went to activate it, I discovered that it can only be activated a maximum of 12 months in advance. I tried a couple of commercial insurers and found the same. That means our $800 deposit won't be covered for the next nine months. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? It's certainly a good reason not to book cruises more than 12 months out.
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