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  1. Agree with above poster. I’m booked on a TA with Silversea’s new ship Silver Moon. The cruise is scheduled for November 8, Barcelona to Miami. It’s obvious it won’t sail, but no cancellation yet, and it’s still advertised. Just waiting for my cancellation notice, and subsequent wait for a refund. I’m not optimistic on my March 25th, crossing on the Splendor either. All a waiting game for everyone.
  2. I received an email from Silversea this morning with a letter and you tube video of the trial. I’m booked on the TA on November 8 . However, I’m not anticipating this taking place.
  3. I’m booked on the 11/8 TA, and was overly optimistic when we booked it . I too agree that this voyage will not happen .
  4. We’re booked on the TA on 11/8 on the Moon from Barcelona to Miami. Not too optimistic that’s it’s going to happen though. The EU at this time will not be welcoming US citizens, we live in Florida which is now a mess, I’m not sure that they’ll want to even bring it into Miami. Time will tell
  5. I sure hope so. I was optimistic and booked the Silver Moon TA on 11/8 from Barcelona to Miami. Spain is preparing to open up this summer. Of course for cruise ships it could be another matter.
  6. Really depends on the weather conditions which can change rapidly . I was down there a few years back, we got close, but no cigar. Still the same it’s an amazing place that few in history of the planet have ever seen.
  7. Yes, I do remember that as if it was yesterday. I also remember back to the hostage situation in Iran back in 76 when the Canadian embassy helped us getting Americans out. As an American, I’m so embarrassed by how this has been handled. I was a first responder on 9/11. One of my memories is of those that volunteered, and put themselves in harms way to help and support us. This is the America that I know and love. Where is this spirit today ? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. For the first time in my life I’m ashamed of my state of Florida. This is appalling and unforgivable. As a cruiser, there I go but of the grace of God. I’ve registered my displeasure with the Governors office. No excuse for this lack of humanity and compassion . So, so sad. My heart and prayers go out to all those on board, as well as their families . Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Welcome home ! Happy you made it . Sad to hear of the crew getting all of that flack for things beyond their control. Especially when you consider that they’re most likely worried about their health, families and their jobs !
  10. Cruiseej, very well stated. So much involved behind the scenes to schedule a cruise and make it happen. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Higher divorce rate perhaps. A baby boom in December too ! Happy to see people still in pretty good spirits despite our disappointment. I woke up this morning, and checked the time in Singapore. It would’ve been time for the first dinner out of 42. Now as many of you are doing, enjoying the home life as if on a cruise. Lucky enough to be living in Florida, only 10 minutes from the beach. If I can’t be on the ocean, I want to be able to look at ! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Yes, we did get an acceptable and fair resolution from Seabourn. I thank them for coming through in a difficult situation for everyone. Now off to battle the airline .... I wish everyone the best of luck, and hope to meet you all on a future cruise when things are normal Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Got the confirmation of cancellation letter this evening. I also should mention that they did the right thing by giving full refund and 25% FCC. Now if I only can get Turkish Airlines to be more flexible with a refund . Hopefully when things settle back to normal we’ll see you all on another cruise. Best of luck to all! Bob & Linda
  14. I spoke to Seabourn an hour or so ago. No useful information whatsoever. I asked exactly where it was now going, being most of the ports are now closed . The response was, “ give them time “. Not acceptable in my mind as I’d have to leave Wednesday evening. Also, was told whether I cancel, or they cancel it’s going to be a FCC ! They’re definitely not being proactive, or doing the right thing , SilverSea just cancelled their March 15th cruise from Mumbai- Dubai- Athens . They gave a full refund and 25% FCC ! Sorry Seabourn, I love you, appreciate the difficulty of your situation, but leaving us hanging. We’re in a difficult situation too ! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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