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  1. Thanks mcondition, I know the feeling. If it’s the same Miguel,he was excellent.
  2. My wife and I both got our boosters over the weekend. The doctor also told us not to wait. Now we’re just waiting ,and hoping that our November cruise out of Lisbon takes place.
  3. La Dame is $ 60, and the Japanese restaurant $ 40. For dinner
  4. M& P thank you for taking the time to post so many amazing pictures. My mouth is watering and stomach growling. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Dawn sails in November
  5. The ship was the Ovation, which as you know was repositioned to Greece,and will be headed for the states in November for the Caribbean and canal cruises. We wound up booking the holiday cruise from Fort Lauderdale to LA. Not the same as our original plans by any means. Second time since the start of pandemic. However,by now , like everyone else we’ve gotten use to disappointment from cancellation In the meantime, fingers crossed that our TA on the Silver Dawn comes off.
  6. My November cruise on Seabourn from Dubai to Singapore via India, was canceled a few months back.
  7. I see your point cruiseej. Would definitely be better the old way. BTW, I’m booked on a Silversea cruise in November( which may or may not sail) booked my tours without having to shell out the $$$. Definitely a better system
  8. I’ve had a few upsell offers over the years, including from V to penthouse . It wasn’t any bargain though,so we declined .
  9. I believe that next year Silversea is going to have excursions included. So you’ll be paying for them whether you like it or not. I too was hoping to be able to use my OBC to pay for the excursions on an upcoming cruise. However, Borna (the poster) did say he was told that unused credit would be refunded,if I read that correctly.
  10. M&P Germany, thank you for taking the time to post your amazing photos. I almost feel that I’ll there ! Keep on enjoying!
  11. Mr. Luxury, I’m curious if the brass currently onboard have mentioned anything about the Dawn being ready for the 19th of November. Keep on enjoying your cruise.!
  12. I think it’s so hypocritical of our current administration for not reciprocating and letting in Europeans and Canadians who’ve been vaccinated and test negative. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.Perhaps you could fly into Mexico,and simply walk across the border. You’d never know that there was restrictions down there.
  13. There are many different opinions on this, and it really is a personal choice. No one will be actively soliciting tips. As for us, we usually tip the room stewardess ,and contribute to the crew fund. BTW, the crew will know that you contributed, because they will probably thank you. The one thing that they REALLY appreciate, is that you’re always pleasant when dealing with them, and complimenting them on the end of cruise comment card
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