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  1. Georges Taxi. Very reliable, will pick you up at the ship,and will put together a tour for you. I've used them several times, as have others on CC
  2. My wife once lost a crown on the flight to Buenos Aires 2 days before the cruise. We called American Express Global Assist, they got back to us pretty quickly and sent us to the dentist the embassy uses. 2 hours later a temporary crown was on,and we were on the way. We got home a few weeks later,and her dentist said, it was great work by the dentist that fixed it.
  3. You'll qualify for an evisa in India and is relatively painless.I was on Ovation earlier this year and used the evisa. You can get it online. The hardest part was getting the pictures to the right size. Then again, I'm not a tech wizard. We also stopped at the rest of the ports you mentioned, and Seabourn obtained all of them and we paid on the ship.
  4. Thanks Les, but not my first Seabourn ,and I'll soon be looking to give mine out. Cruise isn't until March.
  5. Les, I spoke at Seabourn club today,and the Amex OBC credit is NOT combinable with a referral OBC. I guess I'll just forget the Amex credit which is $300 and go with the referral OBC .
  6. Thank you for the informative answers. Thank you also for the Seabourn club contact info. I'll call tomorrow ,and report what they say.
  7. I first apologize for asking a question that I know there is probably an answer in the past 137 pages. If I've got a credit from using my Amex card, can I still get a referral credit ? Thank you in advance
  8. Also have used Georges taxis several times in Athens. Reasonable rates and reliable. Have used them from cruise port, airport,and also for a tour. I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend them
  9. Was on the Ovation earlier this month and Skype worked just fine,as did regular texting. Was able to send pictures too via Skype and Regular text.
  10. Formal,night on Seabourn is not tuxedos and gowns ! It actually is casual pants with long sleeved shirt and sports jacket . My god,what's so difficult about that. I was a firefighter in NYC for 28 years,and wore a uniform . It wasn't optional,and considering the work load,did it really matter? However, it was a rule and was enforced. I'm now retired living in Florida where I usually wear shorts and tee shirts . However, I'm now a teacher in a school with a dress code. I wear khakis and a school polo shirt,as do the students. Maybe I should just ignore that dress code,because it doesn't suit me. If you don't like Seabourns dress code,there's plenty of other options. However,flaunting it is just plain arrogance. Go ahead and flame me if you want.However, after 28 years with FDNY, it certainly is small potatoes.
  11. Nope not a polo,but a solid color tee with no collar ! Couldnt miss it .
  12. I just came off of a 35 day cruise on ovation where I was given and declined a complimentary upgrade. I knew nothing about a TA check off and didn't find out about the upgrade until we boarded. The upgrade was from a V3 to a V5 with both being on the same deck except the V3 was up front & the V5 mid ships. I got my original room back only because the couple that it was given to agreed to swap rooms. Lesson learned ; have box checked off no upgrades, or you really won't have a choice. Fortunately it all worked out,but no guarantee that it always will
  13. Just got off of the Ovation on 4/7 after 36 days ,and still violations. When I'm home I'm a shorts and tee shirt guy. However, formal night,and you can't put on a jacket ? We saw one guy go into TK on formal night wearing a tee shirt ! I just filled out my post cruise survey,and asked once again , enforce the dress code !!!
  14. Usually one long one annually. Sometimes two,if we find a good deal.
  15. We've always enjoyed it,and never had any problems with the servers. To each his own I guess. Anyway,boarding the Ovation on March 2 for 36 days,and can't wait!
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