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  1. One year on Celebrity's Summit for Thanksgiving, we docked in St. Thomas for black Friday, and were able to get most of Xmas shopping done....
  2. I usually enjoy the hot rock option with beef myself, and I'm a very picky eater, so this allows DH to enjoy their sushi menu.
  3. Include permission to sign onboard waivers for activities in the parental permissions that are notarized. Have a great trip!
  4. Thanks! will keep on the hunt for the grand marnier soufflé then.
  5. YEEESSSSS!!! I loved this a few years ago on Enchantment, and haven't seen it in years, despite actively looking for it. Which ships have you been blessed with it? That's the precise reason I opened this thread- hoping to find out where this has been hiding....lol...
  6. 13 is in the teen club which operates a bit differently than AO. You can find more info on the family board about both teen club and AO, but if I recall, teen club splits into 2 age groups 13-15 and 16-17 or something there abouts, and has their own compass with activities and a space for hanging out with video games, etc. Definitely encourage your great niece to check it out on the first night when people tend to meet and make friends.
  7. just be sure to book for your earliest port opportunity. We had waited until the one of the last ports we had, and the weather didn't cooperate and our excursion was cancelled sadly.
  8. We used traveler's checks in 2015 for our med cruise, but the ship also had a limit on how much they would cash onboard of these per cruise, too- it was higher- like maybe $1,000 or $1,200 per cabin.
  9. Have you even asked the nephew if he wants to join you in the DL? Our 15yr old (who is D+ due to my status but D on her own sailings) often prefers to just hang with friends in the teen lounge or our cabin, and just meet us for dinner.
  10. They do appear in the activities section of the cruise planner, but I wasn't able to catch them there for our sailing, so that's why I ended up at the box office on day 1. If you are checking for your other entertainment, you might get lucky and find them pop up for your sailing. have a great cruise.
  11. On Anthem, I went to the Music Hall to make the reservations I couldn't get online for the Escape Room and to also release some times for our group's Ifly when they understood what it was, and said they only wanted to watch and not do it themselves, so I wanted to make those times available for others to book instead of having to wait in the standby lines. then I met up with our party for lunch and we headed to bumper cars and then the muster drill before sailaway.
  12. Here's a real life story from November- my in-laws were flying from Albuquerque to NJ to board Anthem for the thanksgiving week cruise to join us for the 8 night sailing departing on Saturday to celebrate Fil's 70th birthday, and they were flying in on Friday with a connection in Denver. Their initial flight had a mechanical issue so it was delayed and caused them to miss their connection, but then due to a huge storm that had hit on Thursday, all the flights to the upper East coast on Friday and Saturday were full as the airlines were recovering from the storm. Then due PSVA, even though the ship stopped in Port Canaveral on Day 3, they could not board there, and had to fly to our first international port which was Nassau on Day 4 to join the cruise (which they did and were able to enjoy the 2nd half of the cruise). I'd definitely continue to work with both the airlines and the booking agency to find a resolution you're comfortable with on this. good luck!
  13. I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but if you try to use some of the CL perks and the 8 yr old GS isn't officially in the cabin, that might be an issue, since you could have chosen to pay to add him so he could have the perks.... how old is the GD?
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