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  1. Did you end up going is it still open? We are going in December and would like to try the Sulphur springs. Any info would be great. Thanks
  2. Did you have time to swim or just see the falls and hot springs. Trying to find a tour where you can actually go in the water as well as seeing them
  3. Thank you will look into them I did see Antours, now will look for the other too.
  4. We are going to Dominica this December and are looking for tours as well. Which company did you use and were they good, price, any info would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks that was very helpful
  6. Are there any taxi's we could take to a beach? We were thinking of doing the Bamboo Beach excursion glad you mentioned it's not great. Would a taxi be safe?
  7. Does anyone know the price of specialty coffees on Princess, debating buying a coffee package for my DH but not sure if it's worth it. Thanks for any info
  8. Does anyone know the cost from Falmouth Jamaica and if you can just take a taxi ?
  9. Hi we are going to Falmouth Jamaica next month and are looking for a nice beach day. We read bad reviews about the cruise ship tour so are looking for independent tour/advice. I read Red Stripe Beach is nice does anyone know anything about this beach? Can we just take a cab from the Port or is that not recommended? Thanks for any info
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