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  1. You think there is any chance Eclipse will be revolutionized during the down time or is that just way too much money to spend right now?
  2. Thanks so much - we are considering jumping ship from the Disney Fantasy to the Edge in September. We have never sailed anything but Disney before, but I'm reading great things about Celebrity and Edge.
  3. I wonder if anything will change slightly for the Fantasy since they are longer sailings. Right now the Dream is only going to Castaway Cay - so it's still very much a "bubble" cruise.
  4. So - I'm a 20 time Disney cruiser and ready to jump ship to the Edge in late September. DCL just announced their US protocols yesterday and for the money I'd pay to be in concierge, it really doesn't seem worth it (masks for all, social distancing, reduced services). It's my husband, 2 friends and me sailing. Will be their first cruise ever and our first on Celebrity (we have Eclipse booked for Alaska next summer). We would each gook either a sky or celebrity suite with a real veranda (not keen on the infinity ones). Assuming I can get flights worked out - what sorts of thin
  5. I live in NJ - we are not doing as well as the governor had hoped. New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker | rgj.com
  6. When I was able to book activities a few weeks ago for our September cruise on the Fantasy, there were not character meet and greets or character breakfasts listed. They did offer the Royal tea (or so other guests told me, we are not sailing with a child this trip). I think we just have to wait and see how things progress - I'm not at all convinced we will sail in September. 😪
  7. I saw that, I wonder if they will just try again in a a week? I wish they would just sail with 95% vaccinated and get things moving again. They would not have trouble selling those cruises. I've been getting piled on for criticizing DCL on another message board. I should have known better. I love DCL, have taken 20 cruises with them and have 4 more booked, but I agree with you coldflame, their lack of transparency shows they do not even care to manage expectations. I have 4 cruises booked with them between now and next June and I'm really starting to question those plans, which makes
  8. So disgusted by their lack of communication. I have a ridiculous amount of money tied up with them (4 cruises booked with the first in September).
  9. We love Nachi Cocom and visit every time we are in Cozumel. It’s very low key. We don’t want a bunch of activities. Just a peaceful beach day with good service and food. Nachi is exactly what we are looking for.
  10. How far in advance can you make these reservations? When do you all recommend reservations be made?
  11. Can someone provide the Cliff's Notes on this? On a very long meeting and am super curious!
  12. I joined, there only seems to be 2 other people - so hopefully it gets more active with time.
  13. We are seasoned cruisers (20 sailings on DCL) but next summer will be our first Celebrity cruise (Eclipse to Alaska in a Celebrity Suite). I'm curious to know your thoughts on best time to book shore excursions? When sailing Caribbean or Canada, we always do our own thing, but with the uncertainty of requirements next year and Alaska being a very different sort of destination, I thought it would be a good idea to select Celebrity excursions in case we cannot book alternate options. Do they ever go on sale? (This is just not a thing with DCL) Are you able to cancel for a re
  14. Disney Chef of Disney Cruise Line's Remy Named as One of World's Ten Best (wdwinfo.com) I had the pleasure of sailing when Chef Arnaud was on board and met him in his restaurant Remy (he shares head chef duties in Remy with Disney's Scott Hunnel of the Grand Floridan's Victoria and Albert's). We sail on the Disney Fantasy at least once a year (4 times in the next year if we are lucky due to so many cancellations) and we eat in Remy each time we are on board. Clearly he is not there all the time, but he is more involved than just sitting somewhere on land and coming up w
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