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  1. I vote Coral! But I'm biased 🙂
  2. Well he was under 45 and quite hot????? But seriously, I was playing trivia one night after a port day. My mom was feeling unwell (maybe a touch of noro?), so I invited myself to play with a small team of 3. We ended up getting a perfect score that night, and won that night out of the three teams playing. I went to bed, they went up on deck for the party that night. Two of the players were related, plus him, but I thought for about 3 days that they were all family. And I continued playing with that team for the 2nd half of the cruise.
  3. Didn't start cruising until after my divorce, because my dad refuses to travel and my mom wanted to go to Alaska. First cruise was my honeymoon, and we did another cruise with some friends, but most of my cruises have been in my 30s as a singleton. Princess is my preferred line, but I'm also not a huge partier (ahem, Carnival) and they have the iteneraries that my mom and I want (since she's my usual travel companion). Just do what you enjoy and don't be too shy. Have fun! P.S. We're booked on Enchanted next June - I really can't wait to sail her. My first time anywhere to Europe, so I hope it all works out. Hope yours does too!
  4. My experience was this - 1. got involved in trivia, even though my mom was sick that night, and 2. my gorgeous sister wasn't there this time. 😉 Sadly it was the end of the cruise, but it was just a fling, so I guess that cut down on the awkward morning-aftern-ness being drawn out longer? Most importantly, I was NOT "cruising" for a romance. The hookup happened organically.
  5. DuVal Gamble. He wasn't around unless he was the center of attention. Not approachable at all unless there was a large audience around.
  6. Full Panama Canal transit last year on her for my birthday. They crammed on more cabins (i.e. passengers), and didn't expand the crew. Very crowded in the venues during bad weather with more people & less space on board. The crew were fantastic, but this is the first time I've had crew actually complain about their working conditions. Also, we had an obnoxious CD (who was an assistant CD on our Hawaii cruise on Star in 2017). But, that's MY opinion, and believe me when I say that there are other people who enjoy Island. I did love her (non-chopped up) sister ship Coral when we sailed her to Alaska. Also, despite all that - you're on a cruise!!! So it's really just perspective sometimes. I had a fantastic cruise, but I just wouldn't want to be on that particular ship again if I can avoid it.
  7. Can you post their actual responses instead of your summary? Sometimes it helps to have additional sets of eyes to parse out or interpret information.
  8. Thanks! In light of someone else floating the idea they'd be doing away with the benefit, I was just curious if that was standard or something new. ~ A Druid Dwarf
  9. Is there always a cut off date in that letter? according to the link, https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f "Reservations must be made by February 28, 2021."
  10. Really? We're complaining about safety? My sister was a flight attendant. I take that instruction seriously before each take-off, too. People get really, really, REALLY stupid when they're panicking during an emergency. It never hurts to take a few minutes and re-acquaint yourself with safety drills no matter how many times you've seen them. 😐
  11. So, I'm late to the party, but on my Panama Canal cruise this past April a trivia team calling themselves "The Island Hoppers" not only did the same thing, but they also resorted to pulling out their phones on the last few days AND accused other teams of cheating. On my Hawaii cruise, one team kept winning but my team kicked their ass on the very last trivia of the cruise. We had an advantage in that my sister and I knew the last dozen or so name that tune questions that were from the 90s/00s, and their team included the most travelled couple on the ship (so, skewing older). That was the sweetest victory ever. The thing in common? These people tend to not only be sore losers, they're cocky winners who suck the life out of every trivia by taking themselves so seriously. (My opinion, like noses, etc.) I also do competitive online trivia, but cheez-its people! it's bilge water champagne and cheap coasters you're playing for! This ain't Jeopardy! tournaments here!
  12. All of the opinions are my own..... We did the island without knowing much about it, and because we wanted to transit the old locks. We went thru this past April 2019. My $0.02? Do not sail on the island. The coral is wonderful! we've sailed her to Alaska, and would sail her again. The island got crowded when the weather was bad, and everyone was stuck inside with less public space. They increased the number of cabins (and thus the number of passengers), but did not increase the number of crew. I've never met a more demoralized crew. Also, DuVal is the cruise director, and I found him even more irritating now that he's in charge, more-so than when he was just on the cd staff on the Star a few years back. Again. My opinion.
  13. Panama Canal full transit, 15 days, April 2019 Ship - Island Princess Class - Coral class Deck - 11 Cabin # - B740 Category - BD Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - Stern, all the way aft Connects With Cabin # - n/a Accessible - nope Quiet - yes Balcony Size - normal View - 180* Privacy Issues - none Wind - none Soot - none Problems - * Bathroom issues - the shower would not drain the first day, but our steward notified the engineers and they snaked the drain and it worked fine from then on. Toilet needed to be serviced twice. Not sure if it's related to the drainage issue in the shower? * Balcony can get very warm, since it's almost entirely enclosed, but the view is fantastic when traversing the canal. This is one of the added cabins from the retrofit of Island. There are no footstools on the balconies, and this was our only real complaint. * TV satellite was out for several days, not sure if it was due to our location or other issues. Comments - * Everything was new! TV, Fridge, etc., all worked well. * Beds were comfortable, in the 2 twin bed configuration. Lots of storage space underneath. * No barrel chairs, for you barrel chair fans, but the round table was in the room. We moved it into the closet for the duration of our cruise. * Laundry rooms are nearby. * You will get your steps in each day, with the location of the cabin all the way aft, especially if you eat at the buffet! * the hallway carpet trick still works; When facing the bow of the ship, red border on the left (port), green border on the right (starboard)
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