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  1. no reason to stir the pot and tell Carnival in advance. Pay the extra 10% on Cheers when you board, on 7 days it's $35 well worth not going through the explanation dance.
  2. you got lucky, we huddled in the 50-60's and add the speed of the ship, it was cold outside. Jeanneau was close to 70 with sunshine, only warm spot
  3. This is just not true, there has been plenty of clinical research. My friend who formerly had epileptic seizures almost every 6 months and they were grand mal and sometimes life threatening. He has been on liquid cannabis for 5 years seizure free. Look up Charlotte's Web, great story about a seizure prone young girl.
  4. Our take was Alaska is an amazingly beautiful state. The tours that actually departed were outstanding. My bucket list trip of a helicopter to a private fly fishing river was cancelled due to fog. Being a bit claustrophobic, sea days drove me crazy. the shops, casino, hallways, atrium are all packed, veritably no one was outside. We decided our next Alaska trip will be land based.
  5. definitely book on your own, you can control, times, seats, layovers, upgrades
  6. No it's not the same, i live here and have police officers as friends, misdemeanor like a moving violation. The testing for nano grams is suspicious at best. Police have better things to do, 2 DUI's (alcohol) is mandatory jail time.
  7. no one goes to jail in Colorado for pot, it's a traffic ticket, lighten up
  8. This and your first post are so over the top ridiculous. There have been times a pool is down for some sanitary reason, hot tubs go down, the T-Pool was down for a couple of days, alert the media and get a lawyer. Seriously? so you go to a hotel and the pool or hot tub is down, the exercise bike in the gym is out of order, what a free room, dinners on the house, not going to happen, things break.
  9. very old news, never proven to be caused by cigarettes.
  10. I agree with this and Shaded Lady. I like control of my flights, seats, layovers and such. We live in a commuter airport town only RJ's. So there are no direct flights and we don't like to fly at the crack of dawn.
  11. I remember them using a conveyor like oven. Generally this should cook them evenly, surely never saw a charcoal fired oven.
  12. As a Chef how can you make clam chowder without cooking the clams in the broth, it's ALL the flavor. Not saying i don't believe you but it sounds FISHY. Like making a chicken soup and adding the chicken later.
  13. better to bring a hot/cold thermos type cup
  14. This is why I never use a broker. We bought CCL many years ago for $38. I fear it might get down that low again, be careful.
  15. However we are talking about water, you just have to......
  16. Obviously either you are not paying attention or you or not an investor. This market can get bad in a hurry, think 2008. Carnival is not recession proof.
  17. is it always about the money? Is the dollar difference enough to carry more junk aboard?
  18. I would be cautious in buying anything in this economical climate
  19. huh? a few books were written before the 20th century. like thousands
  20. We have missed several tender ports, Cayman, Belize, and St.Martin which has a dock, it was too rough and windy. Too bad love St Martin, but the Captain does what's safe for their guests.
  21. everything is fine but the shorts which they might not let you in on Elegant night
  22. The only problem with price match is you have to take Carnivals overcrowded and expensive excursions. There are probably only 3 vendors doing each excursion. We always dive in Grand Turk with 4-6 divers on a private dive. Carnivals dive boat had at least 25 divers of all different dive levels, IMHO, this is not safe. PADI requires one dive master per 6 divers. I seriously doubt Carnival boat had 4 dive masters.
  23. forward spa for sure, the only time we heard the thrusters and felt the vibration was in a deck 6 aft cabin
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