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  1. Not sure about VV, but Sandals employees can be fired for accepting tips.
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    Let me clear this up. we use a filtered water pitcher at home and refill water bottles only for bed time. we are very ecological and regularly recycle.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, will bring some empty plastic water bottles. We like bottled water next to the bed, not glass.
  4. coevan


    The website says there are no single serve bottles allowed. We were told to bring our own plastic water bottles to refill around the ship. It also says there are only pitchers of water in the cabins. So this is good news.
  5. coevan


    I understand there are no single serving bottles or cans, so everything must be on tap. What beers do VV carry? I am not a big fan of IPA beers, especially dark or fruity. Does VV carry anything like Stella?
  6. Google says the current weather in DR is 86 in the day to 70 a night.. The 56 is misleading probably part of the Florida cold front. It is never or hardly ever below 65 in the Caribbean.
  7. Thank you so much for this post. We are sailing Scarlett Lady 1/14-1/22 and are very excited. We had no idea about the VIP program and followed through on one of the links. We are VIP Platinum on CCL with 15 cruises. We entered our info, took a screen shot of my status and submitted it yesterday. this morning I get an email from VV saying ahoy Sea rover. There are many valuable perks including expedited boarding. Here is the list of perks copied We’re thrilled to let you know that you qualify for our Match and Sea More Program — which means you’ve automatically secured Sea-Rover status (our elite sailing status for 2022). You’ll now have access to two major perks — our Deep Blue Extras on every sailing through March 31, 2023 as well as the ability to get major rewards just by booking during our Red Hot Bonus Booking Months. Deep Blue Extras on every 2022 voyage through March 31, 2023: Your first perk is access to our collection of unrivaled, onboard luxurious, called Deep Blue Extras — putting you at the helm of VIP treatment. The perks include: Enhanced Boarding: A dedicated line at embarkation awaits you at the terminal Shake for Champagne Shake, and cheers, because a bottle of Moët & Chandon is on us Unlimited Premium Wifi (where available) If you can dream it, we can stream with access to our premium wifi Dedicated Sailor Services Support On Board For any and all of your needs, you'll have access to a dedicated agent An Exclusive Sailaway Hour A special experience for those with Deep Blue Extras. Laundry Service Two pressed items, One eco-cleaned item, and a bag of laundry — on us $10 daily credit for specialty coffee per cabin Because you deserve to be glamorously caffeinated for everything you’ve got planned Unlocking more during Red Hot Booking Bonus Months Your second perk is access to amazing rewards when you book during our Red Hot Booking Bonus Months — which celebrates you for booking a new paid sailing in 2022 by giving you exclusive onboard credit, token accelerators for every dollar you spend and guaranteeing you the highest benefits in 2023, and a chance to win epic Virgin Group Travel Giveaways. We understand that your loyalty to another cruise line is important, and we’re so grateful that you’re giving us the opportunity to Match and Sea More. We can’t wait to sea you on board soon — treating you with all your incredible new perks and exploring the world The Virgin Way. Cheers, Voyage Services Crew
  8. As a Captain and an experienced sailor, it is impossible to know sea state, except a few days in advance, go to windguru.com
  9. Thank you all, guess we’ll have to adjust accordingly. Usually staying on land in Europe we eat between 9-10, quite usually for Europe
  10. Are there any river cruises that do not have set meal times, not our favorite. We were sold on AMA until we learned dinner was at 7 for everyone. Any suggestions for a river cruise with more liberal meal times?
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