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  1. Yes, but the cruise lines have said that if anyone lies about travel they will be disembarked at the next port. With international travel the way it is, they can easily find out when they run your information through Homeland Security.
  2. China requires US Citizens to obtain a Visa. It is in your passport and would stick out like a sore thumb. Plus they are stamp happy. I had one in my last passport. It always fell open to the 2 pages dedicated to the visa.
  3. We have 2 booked and both of them went up! I reprice it every few days and it has done nothing but go up since we booked on Black Friday.
  4. And many of us who were told we would be grandfathered in as Diamond were stuck at Platinum for a few extra cruises.
  5. The U.S. announced today that once off the ship, they will have to undergo a 14 day quarantine in Japan before returning to the US.
  6. On the video on You Tube that Jan Swartz did she said they did not know if they passengers would be allowed to proceed home without another quarantine. Going to look pretty foolish not getting on the plane if they end up in quarantine in Japan for 2 weeks before being allowed to fly. I for one would rather be in quarantine in the US.
  7. That was old news. They did not have Corona - just run of the mill respiratory illnesses that are common in winter.
  8. The couple quoted in the article are in a full suite. They said they had been quite comfortable throughout the quarantine process. Quite a different scenario from those without a balcony. Reports indicated that stewards delivering the meals were not just passing out food, but they were infected and passing the virus to the passengers. Yes, many couples have been separated. Hubby and I discussed this and said that if it happened to us, whoever could get out should get out ASAP. Anthony Faucci announced that the quarantine had been a failure. No fooling. They had a differ
  9. But, Princess also told them that they don't know when they will be allowed to return to the US. That is going to be up to the Japanese and US Governments. Also, airlines may be unwilling to fly them if they don't complete another quarantine in Japan. I would have rolled the dice and gotten on the plane and hoped for the best. I would rather do my time in quarantine in the US rather than in Japan, especially since I don't speak the language and I can't stand the food. The Jan Swartz talks on You Tube have been very enlightening. There are many unknowns and she acknowledges that. The
  10. I would have turned off the WiFi calling, but we were waiting for a doctor to call with news about some tests that hubby had pre-cruise. He ended up calling us on the drive home from the pier!
  11. Yes, and even 3 years ago I was able to make Wifi calls on Carnival even though they said the packages did not support it.
  12. I have T Mobile. I always purchase the middle package and have been able to use WiFi calling on the Valor, Dream and Vista. We took 4 Carnival cruises in 2019 and used it on all of them. I will say that the Valor had the worst internet, as far as making wifi calls. I had to go find an unoccupied bar in order to make calls since internet did not work in our Ocean Suite. The Vista had the best service. I was bothered with multiple calls while sitting at the pool. I found my own phone ringing and vibrating to be annoying as well as those phones going off around us. Everytime I
  13. I don't think it is just a Carnival problem. We saw a RCCL ship in port in Cozumel and it looked worse than the Carnival ships. I asked a Carnival officer about it on our last cruise and he said the problem is that so many ports where they used paint the exterior of the ship are not allowing them to sand and paint due to environmental factors. He said some ships never go to a port where it is allowed, so they have to wait until the next dry dock or until the ship is redeployed to an itinerary with a port that allows it, whichever comes first. I know I was bummed out when they wer
  14. The insurance company will not process a claim until you have canceled the cruise with the cruise line. They want the exact date it was canceled. We just went through this with Princess, who also uses AON. We called the insurance company and they told us to call Princess or our TA to cancel the cruise first. They gave us the website info so we could download the form for the doctor to fill out. Then, we just uploaded the completed form. They got all the booking, cancellation info and financials from Princess. It was a super easy process and we had our check within 2 weeks.
  15. We booked for Feb. 2022 the day they announced the deployment. It was cheaper than the Carnival Vista is in Feb 2021! Snagged a hump balcony.
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