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  1. So my question disappeared? My question was only about the Caribbean, not the ocean in general like the question referred to from last Fall.
  2. I really enjoyed your review and appreciate the time you spent doing it...especially always answering everyone's questions. Here's one more question for you. Could you please describe for me exactly what it's like once you enter the Tampa terminal until you actually step foot on the ship? I'm in a Vista Suite and also have FTTF so I'm not concerned about boarding times. Basically, I'm concerned about how far I'll have to walk and whether there's an incline. I have respiratory difficulties and use wheelchair assistance at airport terminals, but I don't want to request it here unless neces
  3. I haven't cruised in several years, but when I did, I spent a lot of time on my balcony staring at the ocean and the sky. I've only cruised in the Pacific from Alaska down the coast through the Panama Canal. Seeing wildlife was one of the big highlights of my cruises: whales (and their calves), eagles and other birds, ocras, sea lions, seals (and their pups), otters, and more. Since I'll be on the Legend in February, this will be my first time cruising on the Caribbean. What might I be lucky enough to see? It'll also be my first time to Tampa and all of the ports, except for C
  4. Best review ever! Love your photos that make me feel like I'm already aboard the ship! Question: I believe the one and only electrical outlet is in that dressing area. But I couldn't see it in your photo? I bought a small un-surge power thing that doesn't have a cord but plugs directly into an outlet. It has three plug outlets and two USB connections. I'm wondering whether this will be sufficient? The outlets are close together and some device plugs are wider (like my Kindle's) so not sure if they'll fit. Do you have any recommendations?
  5. Happily following your report! I think I've read that you have a fondness for aft-wraps....me too! I've had them on the Pride and the Spirit, but this will be my first time on the Legend on February 9th. Haven't been on a cruise in eight years so I'm really looking forward to this!
  6. wardamnweagle, Thanks for the heads up about the reef. I hadn't heard anything about that. But I'll be aware of it while I do more research. Yes, it's always good to have a plan B. Fortunately, I'm always content to just stay on my balcony. And my daughter is happy to be outside...especially if it's warm and she can just swim or ride a bike! Now I think Belize is the one place that she doesn't have definite plans for. Any suggestions?
  7. crusin*tigger, Cozumel is the only one of the four stops on our itinerary that my daughter and I are familiar with. We went there for a week every Christmas during her four years in college. No cruise ships back then. You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I went to the site for the Palmeras restaurant you reccomended!! I'd been trying to research our favorite restaurant where we ate all the time, Pepe's. And it's the same restaurant!!! Definitely going there for huge grilled shrimp for lunch! Name change maybe? My initial plan was to get one of those pedicab thi
  8. skiorcruise and CRocks; Thanks to both of you for your advice. I've booked a trip to Stingray City on Grand Cayman directly with Captain Marvin for my daughter. I'd read good things about the experience. I have also read that recently the area can become over crowded with boats, which takes away from the experience. But I think my daughter will enjoy it, as long as she's standing in warm ocean water with sand between her toes!
  9. crusin*tigger: I really appreciate you taking time to share your experience with me. It was exactly the type of true-life experience I was hoping to get. Enjoyed your photos, also. No problem with my daughter being comfortable in deep water. She's a strong swimmer and has encountered dolphins while surfing off the California coast. Since I felt your response was so helpful, would you happen to have any other Western Caribbean suggestions? We're on the Legend in February. I have some mobility and health issues so I'll probably just stay on the ship. But my daughter is athl
  10. Thanks for the opinions so far. But I think I've found a third possibility that sounds better than the dolphin experiences on Grand Cayman or Cozumel. On Bailey's Key, just off Anthony's Key Resort, on Roatan, they offer a Dolphin Swim and Snorkel experience that sounds really good. First, you're introduced to the dolphins, and given time to use your own camera for photos! Then you're given snorkeling equipment and allowed to swim and interact with a small pod of dolphins! I'd love to hear from anyone who's done this trip. Thanks!
  11. Please help! My daughter wants to swim with dolphins, but my head is dizzy from reading reviews on Trip advisor and watching videos on U-tube. She has no interest in posing for photos, but would like the most natural experience possible. I think the smallest group experience I read about was 10 or 12 people. Anything more intimate? I'd love to hear your opinions/experiences. Thanks for your help.
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